Droid 2 Global

Just in case there was still any doubt about the Droid 2 Global coming in two different colors, the latest details to leak out of Verizon by way of comparison sheet, totally confirms that information now. The Droid 2 Global will come in dark sapphire and winter white. The color options shouldn't throw anyone off though, in fact you've seen them before on the Droid 2 and Motorola Cliq. The comparison sheet does cover some of the other details, such as some of the exclusive features that only the Droid 2 Global will have in addition to the outlining of the specs.

All in all, a nice comparison sheet for those of you on the fence about which device to choose. I guess the biggest choice here, really, will be down to what color you'll be getting if the Droid 2 Global is already on your "Do Want!" list. [via Droid Life]


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Droid 2 Global confirmed in two colors; comparison sheet revealed


Thats a good point i didnt think of. But i think that they added it just for the sake of trying to put down the iphone 4. idk i could see it going either way.

I have a regular Droid 2 and the processor on it is plenty fast. I honestly don't think that the extra 200mhz is going to make a difference. Unless you just want bragging rights it is kind of a waste of battery at this point in the game how about instead of amping up the processor we work on battery life. I have to carry a charger with me everywhere I go because of the barely livable battery life. That was the one great thing with my blackberry was the battery life. The rest of the phone sucked but the battery life was amazing. Here's to hoping I guess.

Got to agree with everything "nfalbo" said here. Coming from BB myself I can agree with this comment. I too have a D2 and its speed is fine. No complaints on the speed. Looks to me like the only difference is 200mhz, global calling, and you can get one in white. WOW....doesnt look to me like it was worth it.

Yeah, last time I checked the DInc didn't come with Swype and it did come with a 2GB MicroSD card (contrary to the flyer).