Draw Something

Draw Something has amassed many users in its time on Android and it has now made the leap onto a device that is suggested to of have captured half of the US Android market share. Yes, Draw Something is now available in the Amazon App Store for the Kindle Fire. You get two options to choose from, the free ad-supported version or you can pony up the $1.99 and go ad free. Hit the source link for the downloads or just go ahead and load up your Amazon Kindle Fire and get to drawing something fun. If you're looking to learn more about the game, check our full review.

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Draw Something arrives in the Amazon App Store for the Kindle Fire


Good thing most of us with non-Fire tablets can choose to use Google Play, Amazon Apps, or sideload...

The fire is proof of how stupid people are. The worst software ever! No Google apps or customization. Its like the iPad but even worse cause the apps are so limited. I know first hand trust me. I have a gt 10.1 and an sgs2. As much as I've tried to show my girlfriend the things they can do she still got an iPhone and a kindle fire. She's a stupid person. Just sayin.

Don't worry she doesn't read this forum. Like I said she's stupid. Does the fire even have the AC app?

So i'm stupid because I got a pretty kick ass e-book reader along with a device I can play games on, watch Netflix on, browse the web and run Android apps? All for $200? Okay then.

If I wanted to spend the money on a Galaxy Tab 10.1 or an iPad, then I would.

More like Uninstall Something. IMO, this app is terrible and needs a tremendous amount of work to make this game worth playing.