If you own an HTC Thunderbolt, and rooting is not your thing, but you still want to be able to change the look of your device beyond the options already available, you will be happy to know that more HTC skins have shown up. The process for downloading these skins is pretty simple, and in only a couple of minutes you should be all set and have the ability to change them on the go. The instructions are quite simple:

  1. Download Astro File Explorer from the Market
  2. Head over to this thread on XDA
  3. Download the .apk of choice
  4. Use Astro to navigate to the downloads folder of your SD
  5. Select the .apk, click install
  6. Go to home screen, press menu then personalization
  7. Select new skin from list
  8. Share your screen with us in the forums

While this doesn't allow complete control of the theme of the device, and there isn't much you can do to customize beyond what the theme brings, it certainly adds more options for those of us who wish to avoid rooting and flashing custom ROM's and themes. [XDA via Android Central Forums]

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Interestting... are there more available from HTC yet? Other than the pre loaded ones?

Swavek says:

wow! those themes are awesome! thank you!

berisberis says:

why not just install another launcher like ADW Ex or launcher pro? you dont need root for that!

NickF227 says:

Because then you lose the purty HTC widgets.

Fishbelly says:

Color me impressed. I'm enjoying my first android experience with my Thunderbolt (now that my battery is tweaked and working great), but I found the provided HTC skins lacking.

These are an awesome addition!

darse11 says:


What did you do to tweak your battery? I'm trying to figure out the best settings.

Android in general needs skins. It shouldn't take an added UI layer to get this kind of customization. Regardless, it is awesome.

I have an HTC Desire HD (canadian version of Inspire 4G), I was just wondering if these skins would work on that as well or if they're just for the thunderbolt? thanks

aloha6 says:

Were you able to figure it out cause I'm in the same situation as you. How do u install? I see it in my astro file but I really need step by step guidance. Help....

mxwill#AC says:

I can't get these to work. I downloaded Astro File Manager and the .apk but when I go to the file in Astro there's no option for "install" and it says it can't read the file type. I'm trying to get the Carbon Espresso skin, any help would be greatly appreciated.

the first 4 are .apk's and can be downloaded thru the phone browser, installed using Astro or ESFile Explorer

the next batch of .apk's, when downloaded thru the phone browser, appear as .bin's (these won't be able to be installed)--the solution is to visit the XDA page on your computer, download those themes (carbon fiber included) and then transfer them to your SD card and install them using a file manager.

am i sure? yes. i had the same problem.
the first 4 would download, the other 26 would not, they'd be in .bin extension. downloading thru the computer browser kept them in .apk file extension

intheb0x says:

what clock widget is that?

some are .apk's, some are .bin's----i could only download 4 (.apk's), the other 26 .bin's aren't available to me. blast it all.


Figured it out. Phone can't recognize the .apk's in the second&followup posts by the creator--

go to xda on your computer, download the second&followup .apk's of themes, transfer to 'download' folder on SD card, install from there.
did it & mine work! this is awesome

nickmatteis says:

YES you can sideload these onto the INSPIRE, or any sense 2.0 device for that matter

tropper says:

Im not calling you a liar on your experiance.
I never had a prob with any of them. when download time came it popped up with [.bin] as the name I just renamed the file ie. glass_sense.apk and astro found it one tap gave me the opt for file manager then chose install.
that worked for the six different ones I installed

nickmatteis says:

can i use SWM on my mac to sideload these themes to my inspire??

Dottom22 says:

Worthless.. it says I don't have permission to download the .apk file as I am NOT and authorized "developer". what gives?

tropper says:

are you an XDA member at all?
because you have to atleast be a member of the XDA developers forum to download.

tpx3 says:

Why wont this work for me i followed the steps and everything!