We first heard about the HTC Magic aka the T-Mobile myTouch 3G way back in February at Mobile World Congress. And now finally after waiting half a year and seeing the Magic launch all over the world, the myTouch 3G is available stateside. Go out to your local brick and mortar T-Mobile store to get your hands on the Second Android Device for the US and don't forget to bring $199.99 (with new 2 year contract)!

Who's getting one? Who already has one? And who's waiting for the HTC Hero?


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Don't Forget: T-Mobile myTouch 3G Available Today


I'm frantically waiting by the window waiting on the UPS to deliver my MyTouch today, its killing me lol

HERO for me. being on Sprint, this has been a very long and painful process. I'm glad we finally have something coming. Of course now I'm trying to not be disappointed with the hardware on the HERO. That UI is something though. Looking forward to getting one in my hands.
Interested to see what the Samsung Q turns out to be...

Waiting for the Hero. Was considering porting to Tmobile but the MyTouch isnt worth losing my employee plan.

Hero for me, the GSM ones will come out eventually. Besides, I don't by phones on contract anymore (this iPhone excepted)

My parents both bought the Mytouch on Friday. My mother wanted the iPhone but my father talked her into getting the Mytouch and she loves it. They are both a bit older and needed some help with getting use to a phone that does so much more than just make phone calls, but my mother hasn't put the thing down yet...