Documents to Go is one of our favorite mobile applications ever and most certainly one of the top flight Android applications available. We've showcased how it works before and were extremely excited to announce its 1.0 launch back in April but now Docs to Go gets even better.

DataViz has launched Documents to Go 2.0 for Android and it'll include viewing, editing, and creating PowerPoint files along with viewing PDF files. Editing, creating, and viewing Microsoft Word and Excel files have been improved in this version as well. The full version of Docs to Go 2.0 will cost new users $29.99 and will be offered as a free upgrade to previous owners. There's a free version of Docs to Go which will offer viewing for Word and Excel files.

Any big users of Documents to Go?


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Documents To Go 2.0 for Android Released !


I'm curious about one thing but don't know if anyone can answer this one. I this software entirely written in Java for the Android VM ? I was always wondering if apps with native code or parts of native code will be released for Android.
Seems like a huge effort if you have a C++ app to rewrite it entirely in Java.

Be careful when upgrading from 1.0. For me 2.0 crashes every time I try to launch. Working with support to figure out why.

Why are there no simple instructions for transferring files to Droid DTG? I email myself, but it won't let me open the document.