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Devious Dungeon, an action-RPG platfomer game that was released for iOS earlier this year, made its Android debut this week in the Google Play Store, which gives gamers a chance to level up and kill lots of creatures while collecting loot.

Developed by Ravenous Games, who previously released Random Heroes and League of Evil, the $1.99 Devious Dungeon combines the look of a 2D platformer game with the features of an action-RPG like the Diablo series. There are five worlds to explore in the game. The developer adds:

Fight your way through randomized dungeons locating the key to open the portal. Slay enemies, collect loot, earn experience, and level up! Only a true champion will be victorious!

Keep in mind that Devious Dungeon also offers in-game purchases as well. Does slaying monsters, collecting treasure and gaining experience sound like a fun time?


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Devious Dungeon levels up for its Android launch


If the controls are mappable to a controller I may be interested.

Up front costs and IAP are only acceptable if the IAP content is also unlockable via normal game play and not just available as premium content, a la "Plague Inc."
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I agree with that. I don't mind IAPs if it doesn't make the game 'incomplete' without buying them, aka cant be unlocked through normal gameplay. especially if i paid some up front anyways.


Here is an update on the game.

The IAP is just for 2X coins being dropped from the enemies and in game currency, nothing special. The game is fun and yet difficult. There are no control mapping options for physical controllers and it suffers for it. Thankfully it doesn't punish you for dying, which you will, a lot.

Overall Devious Dungeon is a retro side scrolling dungeon crawler that is interesting enough to keep playing and worth the $2.

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These developers have made some games I really like (League of Evil was fantastic), but their recent games are so heavy on the IAPs that I usually don't even bother.