A survey released this week suggests that mobile developers are picking Android to succeed over other Operating Systems, most notably iOS, in the long-run. The survey was conducted by Appcelerator and IDC asked more than 2,300 developers about the short and long term outlooks for various platforms. 

Apple's iOS won for offering the best short-term revenue opportunities, with 76 percent of developers supporting that platform. In the long-run, however, 59 percent stated that they thought Android had the best long-term outlook, compared to 35 percent who said iOS. 

This support from developers is not solely focused on the phone platform, but future mobile devices as well. When asked the question "which OS is positioned to power a large number of connected devices in the future," a glaring 72 percent voted for Android compared to 25 percent for iOS.

This is exciting new for the Android world; it's always a good thing to hear developers betting on your platform for long-term success. It is looking more likely that the OS race will be fought between Google and Apple. Microsoft has high hopes with Windows Phone 7, but we have yet to see a product yet and there hasn't been much talk of tablets; until then, they are playing major catchup. RIM has always been strong, but the numbers are showing that BlackBerry OS is likely to remain stagnant at best with the onslaught of Android devices hitting the market and the upcoming Microsoft products. [Computer World]


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Developers are betting on Android in the long run


That sounds about right. Apple comes out of the gate first with something innovative, but keeps things so closed off and proprietary that an alternative (android) comes out which is open and free and has more functionality, eventually takes over as number one, and apple disappears into the dust. It's like the 80's/90's with Macintosh and Microsoft all over again. You'd think Apple would've learned by now.

That's the exact same scenario I was thinking in my head. I mean seriously its all happening again play by play. Apple practically brought this new era of phone design with the iPhone, everybody started copying them. They bask in the glory, but soon everyone is not just copying but they are adding and improving greatly and then the competition really heats up. The consumers are the real benefactors though because for awhile Apple will drive some great innovation, but so will the competition, Google, HTC, etc and eventually Apple is going to lose steam because people are going to hop over the very tall walls of their walled off garden when they see how much fun our little tea party with Android is. Because we've got cupcakes, donuts, eclairs, frozen yogurt and soon even some gingerbread and maybe some honeycomb!

I agree. They have made lots of money from their innovations, you'd think they'd wanna extend those profits longer before they have to make something else innovative

I can agree with both responses. Innovations on mobile market is due to Apple's iPhone, the closer they keep it, the sooner they will loose top spot, just like over-protecting a child, will get away from you at the first opportunity. On the developers's side view, everybody likes open source, everybody loves free, no license fees, no agreements, liberty to develop for the long run without an approval process from Job's conditions, offering a lot more features than the king of the hill now (iPhone). Android is taking a good route, but not up to par yet according to the brain washed Apple fan boys that believe that there is nothing better than the iPhone out there, there is one, ANDROID OS, of course some developments are in the works and expected to surpass market share. The advantage of Android phones is that many devices are running the software, compared to IPhone OS which only one mobile phone is running it, bad news for the one that wants change, option and choices, not good on a long run.

Forza Android!

tthis is exactly why I'm ditching webOS for Android. As good as the platform is, there's just no interest in it. Apps are 95% of the reason I even have a smartphone. There's some great apps available for webOS but I'm afraid their time has passed. Developers will go where the public is going and at the rate that Android is growing you can't blame em.

I'm a huge Android fan, but I wouldn't count MS out too easily... After all, they have a TON of money to throw at developers (and to sign exclusive deals with), and they have a tendency to stick around in a market 'till they figure it out. If anything I'd say it's Blackberry who's in trouble, BIS and business/security features are not gonna keep them afloat forever unless they start to innovate. Palm's obviously a darkhorse at this point, I don't have much faith in HP turning them into a major competitor at this point tho (they just don't have the carrier relationships to do it, or the vision). I think there's room for three OS tho, the question is whether the third competitor will be WP7, MeeGo (lol), BB (meh), or a future WebOS iteration (longshot, 'specially if they don't launch any new phones before the end of 2010).

Not surprisingly, I think freedom of choice is one of the biggest things Android has going for it... Despite the critic's cries of fragmentation and what have you, the average consumer doesn't care all THAT much whether the UI of his new phone is identical to his last one or just resembles it... The average user just cares whether he can run the same app and achieve the same functionality in the end.

This is something that neither Palm/HP, RIM, nor Nokia will even enjoy to the same degree... WP7 has a chance of scoring big in the same way (multiple manufacturers, all sort of different form factores) while avoiding some of the drawbacks (more unified control over the UI, etc.), and that's probably why it'll be a WP7, Android, iOS race in the long run. As hard as it is to fathom Nokia slowly losing market share (and it'll happen, as smartphones get cheaper and cheaper).