Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3

The unlockable developer version of the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3, which just went on sale yesterday, already is on backorder. That means it either was popular as hell, or there weren't all that many available in the first place.

Both the 16- and 32-gigabyte versions are no longer available. There's no telling for how long, but the good news is if you just can't wait, the retail version can be hacked open pretty easily.

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Developer version of the Verizon Galaxy S3 already on backorder


That is the situation I am in. I have been told by Verizon that I will be able to put a new off contract phone on my account and the account will continue as is. I use about 7 GB a month in data and would pay twice the rate if I "upgraded." The S3 off contract would be my choice at this moment in time but alas I am not able to pick one up yet. When I am ready with the cash I will make a choice of what is available. The unlocked boot loader is a very good thing for me.

Since they waited until 2 months after someone hacked the bootloader to start selling the thing, they only made 11 of them. They have 18 orders.

I was thinking they made one of them and someone bought it as a collectors' edition just to snub stupid Verizon's policies.

Verizon is screwing w/ the Android ecosystem by blocking the sale of this. They mucked w/ the Samsung GNex by delaying everyone else's release until it was pretty superceded by other phone announcements :-P

It was never actually on sale. I'd been watching that page for weeks and it went straight from coming soon to back ordered on Friday morning. I get the feeling they're never going to really sell that phone.

Exactly, all the blogs yesterday announced it was available and yet it was on backorder the whole time.....

I took a screen cap yesterday to refute what you said, but it is right there...backordered right away. Looks like that got past me too. I should have noticed that it was backordered from the get-go.

Are Samsung & Verizon really that much in the dark about the retail version already being unlocked? It was only on the front page of every mobile tech site when the unsecured bootloader was leaked weeks ago.

Who the hell is dumb enough to buy one now? Using the bootloader unlock app from the app store is easier than using Fastboot to unlock the device.

This goes about showing how money grubbing Verizon is and the low level they're willing to stoop. I have not followed this story, but I doubt Verizon made any. Even if you did, it doesn't make any sense. I am not a programmer, but considering someone is a developer, I assume they would get the international unlocked version with the latest SDK, not a bootloader locked device on a CDMA network.

Secondly, let assume this model was real, it would have only been a ploy for Verizon to sell an unlocked bootloader version to make extra money, which if one were smart enough to develop wouldn't fall for the ploy in the first place, which in turns mean Verizon is pretending they are "community" friendly by releasing a "developer version" showing how much of a greedy liar they are by even contemplating doing this.

I was able to get one. It's a used phone that has Build number IMM76D.I535OYALG1 Baseband version is I535OYLG1, Hardware version is I535.10.

I came with a small scratch on the back cover but the screen is perfect.

How do you like it? Am considering getting the Note 2 Developer Edition for Verizon, as (though I appreciate the effort made into unrooting software) I don't really trust a 3rd party unrooting solution (no offense). I dont trust my friends with my phone, they could drop it and not intend to.. but besides that, I have no idea what is being put on the phone, I don't know the developers personally, the manufacturer could come up with another a way to view if its been rooted or unrooted and get me into trouble, have security exposure concerns, glitches, update issues, the potential of bricking which I can't afford to deal with etc. In light of that, I'm wondering what the benefit is and if it's worth getting a developer edition.

Would LOVE to be able to overclock, install apps to the SD Card and uninstall bloat, and would feel more comfortable if it came unrooted from the manufacturer.. but I have several questions.

For one thing I was wondering if it came unrooted from the manufacturer or if it just came with like a software from the manufacturer that made it easy to unroot. If the latter, Im thinking even if it came from them, it would warn that it voids your warranty. So in that case I'm thinking would one only want to do that after owning it for a year so you're covered for replacements up till that time, then can do whatever you like with it by then? Or is it that because it's a developer edition, even if subsidized or not, its not covered under warranty for replacements?

I guess I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to be covered under warranty AND have and use a rooted developer edition which they'd know for sure was rooted and has no support.. or should I get it and just wait the full year to root it? Hope my questions make sense. What would you say lead you to get one yourself?