Delta Charging

If you fly, you likely know how tough it can be in certain airports to find anywhere to charge your phone and computer. It's 2010, people. It's a little ridiculous. The good news: Delta just announced that it's installing charging stations at 19 airports, including seven domestic hubs. There will be two stations at each gate, with six 110-volt outlets and two USB ports at each station. Airports to be included: Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Memphis, Minneapolis/St. Paul, JFK, Salt Lake City, Boston, Columbus, Hartford, Indianapolis, LAX, Nashville, Norfolk, Omaha, Pittsburgs, Portland, Seattle and St. Louis.

That's all well and good. But what really made our cold hearts warm up a little was the picture you see above, with the Google Nexus One and the Apple iPad charging together. What a wonderful world. (And we bet the guy on the left was enjoying a nice Flash game. [Delta]

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BSG75 says:

I haven't done it yet, but I keep meaning to buy a small 4-outlet extender or powerstrip to easily share the juice with the other travelers.

I do like that delta offers USB charging, too, in case you don't get a real outlet.

JGarrido says:

That looks like a flip phone to me; so unless it's that new overseas Samsung SCH-W899 monstrosity, it's most certainly not running Android.

uansari1 says:

As an owner of a Nexus One... I can say with 1000% confidence that is indeed what that is.

CyberThreat says:

Really? Looks like a vertical slider to me, but obviously you all are the pros. Looks like he has his left hand wrapped around the base of the phone. Must have small hands.

On an unrelated note, great casting. The iPad guy looks like a smarmy douche.

It isn't a flip phone. Its a Nexus One, see the soft touch then the metal band

uansari1 says:

Plus the headphone jack and the identical camera with metal ring and LED flash...

I'm literally looking at the back of my N1 and the picture and it's the same phone.

pattavino says:

Maybe the guy on the left is tethering his WiFi for the iPad.

jdgoldie says:

This speculation is actually funny to me b/c I know the guy on the left... pretty confident that's his Nexus One

dacp283 says:

Uhm that is most def not a nexus one. You can clearly see his left thumb wrapped over the top of the back which is def a different depth than the upper portion. Vertical slider.

sandtiger says:

Look at the image in its standard resolution (1500X1200)

You can see its clearly a Nexus One with the custom engraving on the back.

JGarrido says:

Ah indeed, I stand corrected. In fact, is that a custom engraving on the metal band?

hfm says:

I own one as well.. definitely a Nexus One.. Maybe the people who don't own an N1 should stop speculating. :-)

And a few angles:

dacp283 says:

Oh and where is the google branding on the back? Unless it was edited out...

I stand corrected lol. Powers out here so looking at this pic was a little washed out due to asl the windows being open. Right on with the larger res pic def brought it into perspective :).

jonesdavide says:

Seriously, you do not know your phones if you can't take one look at this photo and tell that is a Nexus One.

XEOD says:

WOW! I'm not even an owner of a Nexus One yet I can tell from the picture within this post that its a N1!

BSG75 says:

You know what this shows me? 7" is the right tablet size.

gtkwatkins says:

I don't see an Apple logo on the back of the tablet. Maybe it is one of the new Acer tablets.

verks says:

Just look how smug that iPad guy is....

joshuat says:

I noticed you didnt mention Reagan National Airport in DC. I flew out of there after thanksgiving and noticed the samsung chargers in the Delta waiting areas

Paladin says:

Phil! It is PITTSBURGH not Pittsburgs! :)
We get no respect! :)