Dell Venue tabletPowered by Clover Trail+ processors, these are very interesting budget tablets

Traditional PC maker Dell has released two new Android tablets, and starting today at their web shopping portal you can pick up the Dell Venue 7 for $150, or the Dell Venue 8 for $180.

Other than the screen size, the tablets are identical. Under the hood you have an Intel ATOM Z2580 processor, which is the high-end Clover Trail+ version that features Hyperthreading and VTx technology. This is paired with 2GB of RAM, and Intel HD graphics adapter, support for 802.11 b/g/n wireless and Bluetooth 4.0. The screen resolution is a mild 1200 x 800 on both the 7-inch Venue 7 and 8-inch Venue 8, and both tablets will ship with Android 4.2.2.

On paper, they appear to be solid consumer-grade offerings, which should have excellent battery life thanks to the Intel CPU. We've ordered one, and we'll have a look ourselves. At $150, it's certainly worth a good long look as the holiday shopping season approaches.

For more details and ordering information, see the source links.

Source: Dell. Thanks, Heath!


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Dell Venue 7 and 8 tablets now available online, starting at $150


Waiting for the review, for sure.

Why *wouldn't* this sell well? Is there an issue with them going with an ATOM CPU? I mean, are there any crazy app incompatibilities or something?

I own the Asus MeMo FHD 10 which uses the Atom processor ( The Z2560 ) and I've found 2 incompatibilities.. Six Axis & Xposed Modules.

I may snatch one of these just for the hell of it at $180.00 just to see how it plays out.. Even though my main squeeze is going to be the G Pad 8.3..

will these run all of the apps that normal android processors run (normal as in arm processors)?

It's hard to tell. If apps are in 100% Java the answer is yes. However Android allows apps to install native libraries in in which case it's up to the app developers to support multiple platforms

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With the exception of certain games, I hear, almost all apps work. Many manufacturers are moving to these Intel chips due to great performance and good power consumption. Intel has been working hard on their Android strategy.

I work at Intel and I can tell you with 100% certainty that these will run just about every google play app you toss at it that 4.3 can run on any arm device. We have software that converts the arm code over to x86 on the fly much like Rosetta did on the Macs when they moved over to X86. Its fast too and works amazingly well.

If you look at the reviews on Newegg and Amazon for the ASUS Memo Pad FHD 10 tablet, it uses nearly the same specs, with higher resolution and larger screen. If that tablet performs as well as people say it does, then my thoughts are that the Dell Venue tablets have the perfect resolution for performance and readability in that screen size. At least for my own uses. I like the Venue 8 in red. Can't wait for the review!

I currently own the FHD 10.. and it does not use the Z2580 CPu.. it uses the Z2560 clocked at 1.6 Ghz with 2 Gb of Ram.. and it is snappy but what kills the Tablet is it's Nits of brightness (250) where something like the Samsung 10.1 has (450)Nits.. and what you see is not a lot of change from say 50% to 100%..
And I've found 2 incompatibilities so far Six Axis & Xposed Modules.. Price is fantastic with the Dell 8 incher but, I'm going $180.00 deeper and going for the LG G PAD 8.3 running those Quad-Core Kraits & 1900 x 1200 display..

No doubt the LG G Pad is a WAY better device, besides the obvious price difference. I'm hoping the Dell Tablets do good on the screens. I worry about that. On the flip side, you can't go wrong with that LG Pad 8.3 screen. I've seen detailed reviews on that thing and to me its the iPad Mini/Nexus killer and smack in the middle of both their prices.

For the price, those are awesome. I don't know of any other 8-inch tablets being sold for under $200.

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These Dell tablets have cameras and 2 GB of RAM. But the nooks have those crazy high-rez screens

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@Jerry, there are some other small differences between the 7" and 8" - the 8" is available in 16 or 32GB versons (32GB for $20 more), and the cameras are better (or at least higher resolution) on the 8". And you can get the 8" in red.

The Intel Clovertrail+ chipset is awesome (disclaimer: FORMER employee) in terms of performance AND battery life. This is the killer price point Intel has been hoping to hit. This may be the tablet for me.

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Ive always wanted a good 8 inch tablet. I was thinking of compromising with the Nexus 7... But now I'm wondering if I should get the Dell Venue. Which one would be better? Your thoughts?

It depends on what you want. The Nexus is more expensive, but has a higher-resolution display,a faster processor, a better camera (if that's your thing), NFC, wireless charging, and fat updates. The Dell tablet is cheaper (a 32 GB 8" tablet for $199?!?!), has a micro SD card slot, and has an Intel chip, which could make it possible for more hacking and running other operating systems.

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Awesome. Defiantly interested in the 8 incher one. And a bang for your buck for sure!

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What the Hell.. Ordering a Black 8 inch 32 Gb.. 2.0 Ghz CPu, 2 Gigs of Ram, SD Card Slot, for $199.00.. These specs are almost too good to not at least try it. That's a minimum of 64 Gb of storage and it may support 64 Gb SD Cards..

A 32 GB tablet for $200 is an amazing deal, but the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HDX have much better hardware and screens.

I'm more interested in HP's upcoming Tegra 4 tablet, the Slate 7 Extreme.

The HP Extreme looks pretty nice with Front Firing Speakers and all.. but now, 7" inches seems somewhat small.. with 8" being most folks "Sweet Spot".. price with be the key for HP as well.

Still trying to figure out whether it has any sort of HDMI output. All I can see for sure is WiDi on the Venue 8 PRO Windows variant.

No HDMI output if you check the spec sheet but the device does have Miracast support. All Android 4.2+ devices have support for Miracast.

One of the cuts that they made to make it so cheap was the lack of an ambient light sensor so there's no automatic brightness. I verified this with Dell directly. Other than that seems like a decent deal.

I have a venue 7 and there is an option for automatic brightness and it does work. there is no vibration but this might be common on recent tablets? my last tablet was the galaxy 10.1 Tab from 2 or 3 years ago which has vibration. the 7 has a slower processor than the 8. the screen color seems to be a bit off as well. but so far for a $149 tablet I am impressed.

Mine was delivered last Friday. It is quite the snappy and fluid tablet.
I made a thread on the forums showing off some pictures of it.