The legendary (or is it mythical?) Dell Streak (Dell Mini 5) is finally almost here. However, what you might not have known is that its screen features the uber-resilient Gorilla Glass, which can take some ultra-heavy punishment. This 5-inch slate beauty is certainly a viable option for anybody who’s accident-prone, or anyone who wants to stab their screen frantically with sharp objects. The folks over at Engadget went with the latter, and from the looks of things, this MID's only weakness might be kryptonite. [via Engadget]


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Dell Streak's screen has no problem taking a beating


Damn...that shit bout gave me a heart attack watching it but tripped me out! That is one amazing screen...why can all phone be made that tough?

Looks to me like there already is a crack in the bottom-left part of the screen...

What's with the HTC Desire on the table anyway?

Give me a hammer and we will see how tuff it is LOL , no big deal many phones today use Gorilla Glass, its nothing new

1ghz Snapdrag - check
5.0inch screen - wow, I'm impressed. As a soon-to-be-EVo owner either I'm jealous or my pockets are intimidated
5mp Cam? - While nowhere near 'cutting edge' it's certainly livable.
No 4g? - Aside from the select Sprint locations it's gunna be a while for everybody, so no big deal.
16gb Internal memory - Hot shit!

....ANDROID 1.6!???? Sick-fucking-joke. Nothing to see here, move along. The fetus is already rotting.

lol, android 1.6 can be corrected. dont forget more than half the phones still run 1.5 and 1.6..

my cliq has the tough screen as well (i think they called it diamond coat). someone brought one in a few days ago all smashed up and said it did it on the first minor hit. i called him on his bs and slammed mine down. not a scratch. lol. use ur damn insurance! :)

How reliable is the antenna for phone and data strength over 3G? So far thats the only reason I'm hanging onto my BB bold.