Here it is folks. The release dates of the LG G-Slate, Dell Streak 7, and Samsung Vibrant 4G have all been revealed. TmoNews got their hands on a couple of screens which outline when all three of these devices will be in consumer's hands. The Dell Streak 7 has a release date of Feb. 2, which confirms previous rumors, and has a price point of $299 after some sort of rebate. Meanwhile, the LG G-Slate will be the last of the three available, releasing on March 23. Finally, the refreshed Samsung Vibrant with 4G capabilities will be in stores February 23. Anybody running out on launch day for these devices? Let us know. Hit the break for one more picture. [TmoNews]


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Dell Streak 7, LG G-Slate and Samsung Vibrant 4G release dates revealed


Kudos to T-Mobile for announcing release dates this far ahead, even if they have to push them back. Dear Verizon: take note, this is how it should be done.

workin hard on getting froyo to Galaxy S arent ya Samsung.....or are u just going to screw us AGAIN by using silence. In other words no Froyo.