The Dell Mini 5, which is a sleek and sexy MID-styled device we've seen before, just got hit with some new news. It's expected to release in the US on both AT&T and T-Mobile and will maybe, hopefully run Android 2.1.

To expand, the exact wording is that it'll be running "something newer" than Android 1.6 which means either Android 2.0 or 2.1 (or maybe something even newer?), and with Android 2.1 being all the rage right now, it'd be almost foolish for them to release the Dell Mini 5 without it. The AT&T and T-Mobile news is interesting (but not unexpected) because we're not really sure who would use this as a phone. Sure, it comes with your typical phone functionality but is it practical to use a device that packs a 5-inch touchscreen as your daily driver? Would people buy it with a contract? We'd imagine more people would buy it unlocked for use as a MID or tablet-styled device. But what do we know.

Overall, the Dell Mini 5 looks amazing and looks to run just as amazing with its 1GHz Snapdragon processor. Dell would definitely have to hit the right price point for this device to succeed and we're definitely hopeful for it. We'll try to get our own hands on soon!

[via slashgear, engadget]


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Dell Mini 5 Update: Headed to AT&T & T-Mobile, Maybe Runs Android 2.1


if its a quality build (always skeptical of id pimp that as a phone all day long. finally a touch screen that would be big enough for a usable verticle keyboard! lol.

When they first announced this as a phone, my first thought was, "Finally, exactly what I've been waiting for." I'm thinking more and more, wow, I wish it was thicker with a bigger battery. Oh, yeah, and not the rumored $1100.

The Compaq running android is way more desirable than this thing. At least the Compaq would have a real keyboard, and is more like a laptop than just a blown up phone. Plus, the Compaq is touch screen as well.