After Thanksgiving comes Black Friday and after Black Friday comes, Cyber Monday! Celebrate Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year, with us at the Android Central Store and we'll give you a 10% off coupon code off everything in the store.

Yes, we're talking about 10% off bluetooth headsets, cases, batteries, screen protectors, docks, chargers, cradles, memory cards and more. If it's Android-related, we got it. Just head over to the Android Central Store and type in the coupon code MONDAYAC at checkout. The 10% discount ends Midnight PST.

If you've got a Motorola DROID, you can't go wrong with the Multimedia Dock to extend the DROID's functionality or a Car Cradle to take advantage of Google Maps Navigation. The Android Central Store has accessories for every Android device so don't be afraid to poke around!

Happy shopping!


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Cyber Monday! 10% Off Everything At The Android Central Store


I am Android publisher "Finer Mobile", and I am offering Cyber Monday deals on my apps "StatusNotes" and "CallBack Pro".

Android Market does not allow me to offer my apps for cheaper than $.99, so I am offering a $.30 refund to anyone who purchase either (or both) of my apps through the Android Market, rates and comments in the Market, and then emails me with their Google order number and username of their comment.

This offer is only good until 12 AM EST December 1, 2009, and all criteria above must be met for eligibility.

Happy shopping!

iPaul Pro
Finer Mobile

dont even bother with this site ! Ebay !!!!! no one beats there prices, even with the shipping. Someone always trying to beat good people out of getting more for there buck. Goto Ebay !