Only just a few days ago we saw RC3 of CyanogenMod7 rolling out, and today they are releasing RC4. Since RC2 we have seen mainly bug fixes in each update, but this time they have brought a big fix for Open GL (EGL specifically) from the AOSP. Additionally, the Nook Color version has gained hardware acceleration, but unfortunately the Nexus One still may have the call audio bug, and the EVO still has minor GPS issues. Enough of the jabbering, get to downloading, hit up ROM Manager, or CyanogenMod to get your download started. [CyanogenMod]

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EvanJ18 says:

Flashing on the INC right now.


Flashed, after 5 minutes of use not a whole lot different lol. to be honest i thought it was perfect before except the battery was a little weak it seemed. so hopefully that got a little boost.

birdturbo says:

Still no Epic support?

Dperks17 says:

Just flashed it on my inc. Looks good

Android_Lee says:

Ditto on the Inc.

mr_ceepee says:

will the mt4g be able to make wifi calls?

Flur says:

So compared to stock, what functionality is still not working?

gospodinjuha says:

I'm wondering the same thing. I was also wondering, if there was a way to link contacts like with sense and have the facebook calendar populate the stock calendar... aka Full FB sync. To be honest, that is THE only reason I don't stay with CM.

snedwardq says:

Why not do it at Gmail/GCal level and then pull the calendar into the phone that way? Have a look on FB for an app called "fdCal", it works a treat and will export your birthday/event things to a Google Calendar of your choosing.

gospodinjuha says:

I appreciate the idea. I'll give that a try. Is there any way to manually link contacts? The reason I ask is that I have a friend that uses a fake name on FB and it obviously won't sync with his real contact name saved in my gmail? Any ideas? Thanks.

Jerzyiroc says:

"Minor GPS" issues with the Evo? GPS has been 100% useless on every single nightly and release candidate. Id hardly call that minor

NYC Dude says:

I got it to work by doing the ##GPSCLRX# on stock then getting a lock on the GPS through any GPS app. Proceed to turn off the phone witout leaving the app. Flash CM7 and GPS will work fine

briankurtz79 says:

To sync fb contacts go your pb contacts. Choose a contact not synced. Hit edit contact/menu/join. Then choose the contact to join on fb. You have to sync each one individual. Kind of a pain but once you do its done. Also if the name your looking for isn't in the list its because its not close enough to fb to recognize. Ie. I had my mom in as mom. When I changed it to her name she was populated in the list and I synced it. Hope this helps. Also the above fix for GPS on the evo worked flawlessly for me. I use turn by turn everyday to find job sites.
EVO out!!!

gospodinjuha says:

Thank you!

DNicolasL says:

+1 (can we still do that) EVO GPS is embarrassing

NYC Dude says:

Doing what I suggested you do. I got 12/12 satellites on GPS status and a instant lock in Google Maps

For the trick you need you MSL number

jorian85 says:

I had no gps on my Dinc because I was running an old radio(worked with cm6 but not cm7). Once I flashed a new radio(baseband) it started working fine again.

ttriplett1 says:

Ditto on Epic support!

MowDownJoe says:

The Droid skipped RC3 and went to RC4... Are we only going to get even-numbered RCs?

renzi555 says:

I think @cvpcs will not compile a RC if he knows there is a sizeable bug. Then when he fixes it, he aligns the RC number with that of the other devices.

Adamd1169 says:

Can't wait for cm to be available on my thunderbolt.

shhon75 says:

Flashed on my N1. I haven't notice any audio bugs. At least not yet.

serpico says:

What's this audio bug? I'm waiting for the final version before flashing my phone. Seems it's very close since this RC4 just came out a few days after RC3.

sookster54 says:

I think they're referring to the call audio bug where your voice takes 2-3 seconds to reach the other end's handset and the same goes for you receiving from the other person, it's random between models and radio versions and roms. There's a call delay fix app on the Market.

ricbon says:

downloading right now on my end of life droid inc(sarcasm people)!!!!!cyanogenmod7=win!!

mukarram1 says:

When do these updates typically go up on rom manager? It's not up as of this posting

serpico says:

Showing up on mine right now.

EvanJ18 says:

what phone? it may not be supported with this release. mine was available immediately.

serpico says:

Nexus One

ioioi210 says:

I'm running RC2 still... Was about to put on RC3 but glad I didn't now..

EvanJ18 says:

i was gonna wait for a stable build but it takes 5 minutes so its worth just doing.

sedracer says:

Running rc2 on the evo and literally just downloaded rc3 when this was posted. Didn't realize rc3 had gps issues because rc2 works flawlessly for me. Guess I'll stick with it and wait for a stable or rc5.

fillossofer says:

Anyone know where to get the Nook Color version?

Go to and select devices - then nookcolor and experimental mods.

fillossofer says:

Got it, thanks. They call it the "encore", which is why I didn't make the connection originally.

sookster54 says:

Install Zeam Launcher on that Nook Color and set the dockbar's alignment to small and see how awesome it is to put tons of apps in one screen on the dock.

downloading now for both MT4G and NookColor!

mr_ceepee says:

Did they fix the wifi calling on the mt4g?

cebronix says:

I took my Nexus One back to stock specifically because of that stupid call audio bug. 9 times out of 10 I would answer, the caller couldn't hear me. It got really irritating. When they fix that, I'll put it back on.

jblake1030 says:

Evo still has wifi and gps issue :(

oldpueblo says:

Are the intermittent sync exchange issues fixed?

jorian85 says:

Anyone try this without a factory reset yet?
Nevermind, it worked. Dinc.

hybrid86 says:

I went back to sense for now. RC1 was great, but RC2 seemed to be full of bugs not present beforehand. I've decided to wait until 7 Final; I rely on my phone too heavily to be beta testing with it :/

BrianTufo says:

Loaded RC4 on my Inspire everything seems to be working well so far.

blacjac30 says:

Minuit is better than CM

blacjac30 says:

Miui is better than CM

davidnc says:

LOL, nope your just confused :p

turbochef says:

I flashed CM7-RC-4 today , seems to run much even better than the RC-2 , especially when using ADW Launcher EX , very very happy with my HTC Desire running CM7-RC-4 , great work gang!!

ssethv says:

If anyone has questions about this for their Droid Incredible or any phone. head over to the forums for your answers :) CM7 is the Answer!!!

ronniesonger says:

can anyone tell me what radio i SHOULD be running useing this on my droid inc?? thanks in advance

ssethv says:

head over to droid inc forums on CM7 and nightly forum for the answers. :) youll get way more help there

ssethv says:

I'm running the Stock radio with no problems. Some folks like the newer EVO radio. I just never had a need to upgrade.

ronniesonger says:

thanks much updated radio :-)

inyrules says:

Not flashing until they actually fix the GPS issue on the EVO.

jimmyk0789 says:

Does anyone know any find for the thunderbolt I had the cyangonmod rc3 but it didn't have Google apps like the market

ssethv says:

You have to DL and Flash this with it for your first time, it contains all the standard google apps that you need :)

jonyah says:

Man, the only issue I've had with RC2 is the GPS one with the EVO. I'd really like to see that fixed. It takes forever to get a lock, if ever.

sookster54 says:

I'm waiting for official release of CM7, had a handful of problems with nightlies and RC of CM7, never had trouble with nightlies and RC of CM6 and CM6.1.1 runs like gold.

Actually, pretty much every Gingerbread rom I've used has a share of these weird problems, I'm sticking to Froyo roms for the time being so I can actually use my phone without running into something everyday.

PhilipC#AC says:

On my Nook Color CM7 RC4 is MUCH better than froyo that previously ran internally. With the 1.1GHz kernel and the new CyanogenMOD settings set to “1100/300 Ondemand” I’m getting a quadrant score of over 1700 (highest number I got was 1739)!!! Remember to disable SetCPU to take advantage of the CM7 speed.

mrice32 says:

Flashed CM6 for my Evo and the front camera stopped working, forced closed every attempt. My buddy tells me to flash 7 I wont be sorry. Flash it and now my camera works but not wifi tethering. I'll be good on 6 until they finish up 7.