I guess this is a testament as to how many people out there love CyanogenMod 7. The latest Release Candidate hasn't even fully populated in ROM Manager as of yet and already our inbox has been slammed with people letting us know CyanogenMod 7 RC3 is now available for some devices. Hit the source link for the downloads to see if your device is listed. In the meantime -- if you're looking for any sort of change log and such you will need to hit up the CyanogenMod forums for complete details on each device. [CyanogenoMod] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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angermeans says:

I so want this on my Thunderbolt. It is the only thing I miss from my Droid Incredible. It sounds like we might get one soon, but I have yet to hear if they have had any problems getting LTE to work once its done. I love CM and it will be a hard decision but I think I will stick to sense 2.0 if it means losing 4G.

* Hey stupid spam filter I understand you are trying to do a job and keeping spam out of our beloved AC posts but not everything I post is spam, in fact I have never posted spam at all. You remind me of the rent-a-cop at my old high school that would chase us around attempting to keep us off the grounds from skateboarding. Annoying and take your little job way to seriously.

Dhamp2g says:

hey man im not being a smart ass but why get a thunderbolt with all the dual core phones on the way.

jtowndawg says:

I hope they make one for the merge. Can't wait to get it!

Animus_3.0 says:

My Evo is ready, let it lose.

Dperks17 says:

Awesome! so smooth and now with the updated launcherpro even better ahh cm7 rulezz

romma says:

Flashing now on the Dinc!

Quick question. Can I just update this in Recovery?

cujoe says:

For all you with Evo's .. here are the files for RC3 http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/topic/15766-cyanogenmod-7-for-evo-v700-rc3-...

baliriot says:

i agree with dannyseed... my thought exactly the same... RC3 + launcerpro plus updated at the same time...

baliriot says:

@romma... you can update through recovery or rom manager... do nandroid backup 1st, to be safe...

dually says:

This is great! Now we just need cyanogen to buy Verizon.

gemini19th81 says:

Why isn't the Epic supported?

romma says:

Running smooth. Yes I had a nandroid already baliriot. Thanks. O'ced to 1036 and this thing is flying.

I know I'm gonna get killed for this, but where is the "source" button?! I keep reading about people sayin, "just hit the source button" but I don't see anything on the page with "source" on it.

agraceffa says:

source = story link at the bottom of the article.

Mattykinsx says:

They already have a new nightly out.
Nightly 32.
Likely to fix an obvious bug in RC3

aldrydd says:

Nightlies are auto-generated (on a nightly basis), and may or may not have any changes at all. Best way to tell is to look at file size and changelog.

I doubt it was pushed early for a bug fix, at any rate.

Mattykinsx says:

That's not completely true, there are times that a nightly is not generated.
At any rate, the nightly 32 is bigger than the RC3 and was posted hours AFTER the RC3 was released therefore something was changed/added.

dwhitman says:

Looks like one tiny change that won't affect functionality.

Fix authorship for boobies wallpaper (android_packages_apps_CMWallpapers)

Per the nifty autoparsed changelog.

Fms4Life says:

What's the estimated time that RC3 will be available on ROM mgr as i am new to this "Root" thing, and don't know how to do it manually via my PC. any ideas?

Fms4Life says:

Nevermind. got it. Lol

bloo0153 says:

Do you have the Premium version of ROM Manager? Mine still lists RC2 as the newest version available.

eahinrichsen says:

Updated via ROM Manager without issue. Bootup time seems about the same, but I had data just about immediately, which took about 30 seconds with RCs 1 and 2.

I know I'm gonna get killed for this, but where is the "source" button?! I keep reading about people sayin, "just hit the source button" but I don't see anything on the page with "source" on it.

BrianTufo says:

The soure will always have [ ] around it. For example [Source Link].

cujoe says:

So since theres no real changelog anywhere .. anyone who installed it notice any difference?? Are they not using ADWLauncher anymore?

bloo0153 says:

Here is the change log, if you can make sense of it.


Have they fixed the GPS issues? I was getting crappy, and then nonexistent GPS signal on my v3 EVO.

MAD WIL says:

The GPS is my only complaint (EVO). It goes in (for a minute) & out (for 3 minutes).

bloo0153 says:

Did you try the fix?


It worked for me on RC2 and seems to have carried over to RC3.

sookster54 says:

I'm going to wait until CM7 goes official, had too many problems with the CM7 RC's and nightlies. I had almost no issues when CM6 were on nightlies and RC's several months ago.

IRepTheKing says:

Did they change that horrible looking camera interface??

frcollier#AC says:

Might be too soon to answer, but has anything been done with battery life?

burende says:

Can anyone post some pics of the changes from RC2 (for Evo)

bloo0153 says:

WTF is up with the spam filter?

spongebok says:

Faster web browser and responsive screen for rc3 on HTC desire

fractalbit says:

Hello, Where do i find the latest gapps? Has the rom manager been updated to download the new ones?