If you've taken matters into your own hands and use custom ROMs on your Android device, you've surely heard of CyanogenMod.  Version 7 is the initial Gingerbread build, and it looks like we'll be seeing nightly builds in the near future.  No word on exactly which devices we're talking about to start with, but the Nexus One, T-Mobile G2, the Nexus S are good bets.  The rest will follow as the developers get things closer to working, so hang tight and you should be seeing the build bot at work shortly for your phone.  [@cyanogen]


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CyanogenMod 7 nightlies in "a few days"


I hope the hardware on the Evo Shift really is similar to the G2. That would mean these ROMs would make it to the Evo Shift pretty quickly also right?

There are already builds for the EVO built off CM source, but just not official CM nightlies. I just hope the wake-lock bug that has plagued the final 2.2 builds is no longer present in CM7!

They do outstanding work and my EVO has never had better performance/battery~

I've been on CM 6.1RC2 - 6.1.1 Stable and loving it....the control and performace is simply great. I looking forward to a 7 RC2 and above....a few more weeks/months is not so bad of a wait.

CM does amazing work!

I'm hoping that they have nightlies for EVO. I'm running CM6.1.2-wimax (for the WiMax) and I'd like to be able to swap between Wifi & WiMax a bit more easily. Hopefully, CM7 brings this.