CyanogenMod 7 has reached the final version, after having gone through the alpha/beta/release candidate phases, and uploads are in process.  CyanogenMod 7 has support for more than 30 devices, including:

If you're daring and want to download the package and install it yourself, you'll need a link.  I just so happen to have one of those right here.  You also might need some GApps.  The more patient (or lazy) types can just wait for Rom Manager to populate, which shouldn't be far off now that the final version is rolling out.  No word about the status of any RC4 bugs, like GPS on the Evo or the "wonk" on the Nexus One, but rest assured the team won't rest until CM7 is the best it can be.  [CyanogenMod]

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atomicdog21 says:

Sweeeeeet! HDMI and WiMax up and running I hope. Get a bluetooth stack that lets me get my Wiimote on! Still love Warm 2.2 and if it didn't keep the sense based BT stack I might never leave.

demontooth says:

I just switched to a different rom because the gps is crazy wonky on my evo.

sumyunguy says:

Don't forget to backup all your stuff.
- Titanium Backup your apps.
- Backup any SMS or other messages.
- Backup ADW settings and ADW configuration.
- Do a Nandroid backup.

THEN download and install CM7. I would do a full wipe too.

After CM7 installs, flash gapps before your reboot your phone.

briankurtz79 says:

Yes mother

adamweish says:

Why no droid x???

Mr.Froyo says:

Because the Cyanogenmod team does not own one, and they only work with phones they own. AND THE eFuse bootloader is to tough to crack to put a rom like cyanogenmod on it.

mjneid says:

According to a few of the members @ Cyanogen a droid X variant is being worked on as of currently.

BrianTufo says:

Just loaded it onto my HTC Inspire over Nightly 38! Seems to be running fine and bugs from the nightlies have been fixed from what I've seen so far.

ssethv says:

SO Sad.... NO more nightlies :( what to look forward to every night now?


gtg465x says:

There will still be nightlies. Work will begin on 7.1 now. Actually the nightlies will get more exciting now because they will shift from bug fix mode back to new feature mode.

ssethv says:

SO Sad.... NO more nightlies :( what to look forward to every night now?


tim242 says:

Link isn't working.

Edit: It is now!

sumyunguy says:

Also, if you use CyanogenMod and have not yet donated to the cause, you really should. That whole team has spent countless hours getting this up and running for all of us! scroll to the bottom of the page and donate a little something!

Mr.Froyo says:


tim242 says:

It's in ROM Manager now.

fkpalm says:

So far it is very smooth don't see any problems

cujoe says:

Just installed it on my Evo... first thing I tested was the GPS.. seems to be ok..

andyp714 says:

I flashed it over rc4 on my evo and now beautiful widgets isn't workin anyone else have this problem?

Bestphonever says:

I've been using Fancy Widget with no problems.

Please edit the list. The Motorola Droid 1 has not received CM7-Stable.

balthuszar says:

i would second this, however, it doesnt say that cm7 has support for the droid, but that Cyanogenmod has support for droid...

Just updated to this most recent version. My quadrant standard score is blazing!

mjneid says:

Quadrants mean nothing.... you know that right?

Any recommendations for a Droid X Rom?

Jaymil says:

Liberty is probably the best one imo.

Droid_Evo_8 says:

No love for the Thunderbolt yet? :(

EvanJ18 says:

follow @LayherDaddy on twitter. he's the man in charge of CM7 on TBolt. I guess the LTE is the issue

gatorlee says:

Still no gps love for me

Jaymil says:

Droid x wont get it because you can't flash custom kernals due to the encrypted bootloader. Thunderbolt will have it probably as soon as they work out issues with the RIL (radio interface layer) from what I understand that part of the code is not open source so they're having to reverse engineer it. Slayher and co are making progress on that front I hear.

huskers15 says:

I got beautiful Widgets to work but can't get to the menu to change the set up.

pDoG says:

I'm still lacking gps...which sucks because it seems everytime I need it I have to reflash a different rom to get it to work. What's the easiest way to get gps to work?

mjneid says:

Since Cyanogen's wiki goes by their Trade names i think you guys should incorporate that into your blog post for updates like this.

Puertorecon says:

When are you guys going to hook up some Samsung phones with CM7? I have an Epic 4G,...all these phones hooked up with CM7 and I am feeling left out. LOL!!!

Puertorecon says:

I know know about the CM7 Alpha 4 release,...but you guys are dragging on the samsungs!!!

JDubs says:

the CM7 Stable list does NOT include the Motorola Droid

IRepTheKing says:

Did they change that awful 1972 camera interface yet? That was my only negative from the last build.

MarkMcCoskey says:

Loaded CM7 onto my rooted Nook Color this afternoon. Went flawless. I'm really loving it. This $250 WiFi Nook Color is now a full fledged 7" Android tablet AND ebook reader, all with no contract. Thanks all!!!

TimeHunter says:

I've tried several times, but could never get it successfully loaded on my Droid Incredible. I gets to the boot animation, and then just stays there.

I've cleared everything and still get the same result. Several other ROMs load just fine, so I have no idea what is missing for me.

marcg611 says:

Wow! The final is so silky smooth on my Inc! Been running nightlyies for months and they always had alot of ADW force closes and random lag, but this is just smooth!!!!!! Thank you cyanogen team!

adamf663 says:

If you try this ROM, be sure to backup your ROM and copy SD backup(s) to a pc!

I tried the rom and it corrupted my SD card, killing my backup. A day later the ROM quit being able to complete the boot process, hanging up at the cyanogen rotating arrow logo. Phone is an HTC evo. Perhaps some driver isn't quite ready. Or perhaps I needed to clear the phone (cache, etc.) more thoroughly before installing cyanogen.

It's a .0 release (despite the .1 after the .0) and .0 releases universally are buggy as hell. I'll wait for 7.1.x

I"m now using VaelPak and although it's not gingerbread, it works great.