CM6 fast booting

For those that don't feel like loading the Desire HD leak on their Nexus One just to take care of that fast booting (as opposed to fastboot) feating, Cyanogen has built the feature into the wildly popular CyanogenMod 6. OK, now's a good a time as any to remind ourselves that you're not actually shutting down the phone when you use this, so you're not really waking it, either. It's more of a hibernation thing.

Everyone figured it would come, but seeing it this soon is quite a pleasant surprise.  It may be a novelty at best (how often do you really NEED to reboot your Android phone?) but it's cool -- cool enough to make it into CyanogenMod.  Check the video from the man himself after the break.  [via @cyanogen]


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CyanogenMod 6 does fast 'booting,' too


This is cute and all, but how about we fix the voicemail and market issues instead so i can finally run a stock ROM on this thing?

Ok. NON-SENSE ROM... how's that?

Got another Non-sense one worth trying? Cyanogen was AMAZING on the N1. On the EVO...not so much.

Storm14K - he is referring to the Stable Cyanogenmod ROM as "stock" ... do not be a typical forums retard that tries to flame people for every little "mistake"

But I completely agree that CyanogenMod is slacking ... on another note Cyanogen cant even get 4G to work on the EVO ... till then they easily have the most useless ROM out there

I've been running CM6 on my EVO since the nightlies first started coming out.

Voicemail works perfectly. No Market issues.

Nice clean, fast ROM.

I gave up on Cyanogen 6 (stable), thing just HATES my evo! Trying to post for help on XDA has been a horrible experience, I follow all the steps (full data wipe, cache, dav, flash cm6, reboot recovery, flash google apps) and if I do it MANUALLY I get bootloops or crashs as soon as I do anything (oh and my stock keyboard is NOT THERE..nothing at all under input method). If I do it through rom manager its fine until I try to flash ANY kernel (all that work for other ppl using cm6) I suffer bootloops. Back to sense due to the FLAMERS and ppl screaming GOOGLE search it.

Yeah the forums here are a lot nicer. A lot of people over at xda are douche bags and think everyone is a programmer and even though they can't help they chime in just to get a post. Or they act like they were never a noob and popped out of the womb knowing everything about Android. But the best help comes from the developer. You should just email cyanogen or go to their site.

I agree, Cyanogen should have 4G working on the Evo, including voicemail and many other stuff. Until then I will stick with the lame "Sense"

For all of the people hooting and hollering about what Cyanogen doesn't have, let's not forget that the ROMs he creates are FREE! Noone forces you to try or use his works, and more importantly instead of the complaining, let's see you become a dev and fix the issues you are so adament in whining about...until then quit crying about something that's offered and not paid to have. Thanks Cyanogen for giving us alternatives, esp on phones that the manuf/carriers have forgotten about!

Hooting and Hollering about stuff that EVERY.SINGLE.OTHER.ROM out there has ... Every.Single.One ... I'm just sayin

So this is basically how a Blackberry "powers off." When you shut it off, it really goes into a very low power standby mode so you can wake it up in a matter of seconds. But then again, with a 7 minute boot up time for a BB, I understand why (had a Tour 9630 that took 7-8 minutes to boot). I can tolerate the 45 seconds or so it takes my Droid, so I really don't find this feature that necessary.

If you swap batteries, it would be the same as doing a battery pull. It would be a normal long startup.