CM 10.1

A 'small, incremental change' over RC2

As the road to a stable CyanogenMod 10.1.0 release continues, the CM team has today started pushing out RC (release candidate) 3 builds for phones, tablets and other devices. If you're running any earlier build, you'll want to update via the download hub or CM updater app.

A Google+ post by the team reveals that it's a "small, incremental change" from the previous RC2 build, with fixes for issues including camcorder preview bugs, launcher icon alignment in tablets, disappearing widgets, along with a bunch of translation updates.

CM 10.1 RC3 is available for some 37 devices at the time of writing, so your best bet is to hit up the source link and check the list for your model's codename.

Download:; Source: +CyanogenMod


Reader comments

CyanogenMod 10.1 RC3 now available


But shouldn't RC2 at least show up? I am running RC1 and when I search for all it only shows a few nightlies.

Downloading now onto my VZW GS3. And so continues the slow march to Stable (hopefully it'll be marked stable before 4.3 is released). Honestly, to me, RC2 might as well have been marketed Stable. It's been great!

Shepherd, have you noticed any issues running CM10 on your VZW GS3 (cell signal/wifi/gps)? I'm thinking about making the plunge, bit a bit nervous. Any insight would be great.

The only issue I had with CM10 is the hit or miss data connection. I get a much better signal on stock than I do on CM10 with my AT&T GS3.

RC2 was good while a while on my Bionic. Then started to get sluggish and Screen of Deaths unfortunately. Hoping RC3 will be promising

I had so many problems with RC1 and RC2 that I ended up going back to the M3 build. I'll wait and see how this works out for people before making the jump.

I wonder if it'll fix the overnight overheat and crash when on the wireless charger with the nexus 4? Really annoying.

I have had CM, now I got the AIO ROM PAC-MAN so I get the best of 3 worlds on my Note2 and would never think twice of moving back..

I have a Galaxy S3 on the Rogers networks and I was considering moving from the stock rom to CyanogenMod. Is this the best Rom to move to ?

I have rooted my phone already.

Can some tell me what the benefits of moving to this Rom is and since The S3 has not been updated to 4.2.2 , does this rom take care of the upgrade and have all the features of 4.2.2 ?