After a life of knocking down fortresses and shattering glass, this 8 Inch angry bird is ready to relax comfortably in your home.

Want to show your love for Angry Birds, or perhaps just console one of the avian kamikaze fighters who recently had their eggs stolen by cowardly green pigs?  Well then, my dear Android Central reader, you can.  I can't promise he won't attempt to destroy your house in search of golden eggs, so don't hold us responsible if your house is reduced to rubble.

The holiday season is right around the corner, and this would make a great gift for any Angry Birds fan.  Although the birds won't ship until sometime in December, we have no idea how many preorders they're taking.  So head on over to ToyWiz or and order yours for $14.99 while supplies last.

Slingshot and precariously built wooden fortress sold separately.

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Anyone else think dodge ball when they saw this?

Xxw0lfxX says:

Where are the pigs at!?!?

EvanGMan says:

Just preordered 2 for Christmas presents. Thanks for posting this guys.

mjneid says:

Ordered two, a Red one and Black one.

One of them is going to my 1yr old Daughter....

shotgunbelly says:

Me Wanty

dcreed says:

If I buy one of these, can I get a version of Angry Birds without the damn full-screen, full-volume ads?

mjneid says:

.99cents on iOS and Halloween Edition for .99cents...

mike340t says:

This will be my new sofa pillow!!!!

jbuggydroid says:

Angry bird dodgeball!!!!!!!!!!!!

noszero says:

Dodge ball. Totally. First thought in my head. Haha.

jamesshuford says:

I HATE Angry Birds!

eric6052 says:

How can they not have the pigs? How can you play real life Angry Birds without the pigs m