It's that time of year, again, folks. We're live from the spring CTIA event in Las Vegas, where the mobile industry comes together to show off the nuts and bolts that makes all this stuff work.

We'll also get a little consumer-friendly fare, so stick around for that as well.

So sit back, relax. Re-live the past, and stick around for the future, and we bring you all the Android news from CTIA.


dskwerl says:

Didn't you literally just get back from London? I guess as they say, there's no rest for the wicked (or awesome Android journalist in this case.)

Either way, as readers we greatly appreciate the work you do bringing us the latest and greatest in the world of Android.

Jordan jones says:

Get some gumbo and crayfish while you are there you will not regret it

frozencloud says:

I'm amazed I didnt see anyone holding some beignets from Cafe Du Monde in the video, it's only like 200 steps away.

Get some chargrilled oyster at ACME Oyster House. Those are pretty good.

glazedfaith says:

Eat a few beignets for your homies.

Yo Eleven says:

Crawfish, not crayfish.

Welcome to Louisiana!

cajunaggie87 says:

Thanks. You beat me to it.

BTW Phil, when you finally get back after CTIA could see about restoring the comment-rating feature back to AC's Article comments section. PLEASE........

draydentm says:

Bienvenue à Louisiane!

MrJazz says:

Yeah you right ~ mudbug season! Keep those "rookies" away from the Hurricanes!

b1gg134 says:

He's in San Diego why is everyone talking about New Orleans?

ancostel says:

Maybe 'cause them comments are from may? Whenever he was in new Orleans? :-)