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Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and we just had to share this one.  BlackBerry fanatic, Mobile Nations chief media officer, and all around wild-and-crazy guy  CrackBerry Kevin bought one of the most expensive apps in BlackBerry's app catalouge -- a $500 bit 'o code that places a clock on the homescreen.  Yes, it's a $500 clock widget. 

Nobody is telling whether or not there was any Campari involved, but it's certainly possible.  I'll let Kevin tell his side of the story himself.

Source: CrackBerry

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Glenuendo says:

OK. That is officially insane.

drhere says:

Hey, if RIM has a 15 min return policy, the clock is ticking...might want to re-think that purchase.

onthewhole says:

lol i dont think they do. Kevin is awesome though, I wish he would wander on over to android central.

jcastag says:

I think there is more to it. You get the clock widget, and what is left of the entire company. Kevin is now the majority owner of RIM. Congratulations.

This is a sure sign of the end times.

Oh, and I thought this is for 50.000 shares.

rrivera192 says:

At $500.00 that's still a bum deal.

ilaifire says:

"Oh my god, everyone call Bill, somebody just bought his app, we're all going to be rich!!"

frozencloud says:

sigh...that's just depressing. He could have bought a phone with that money.

dannyjd says:

I triple-dog dare you to give me $500.

MazoMark says:

New name for site should be

Gekko says:

these canadians are a brilliant people.

dimsdale says:

On a blackberry no less.

d3c509b says:

ah yes, reminds me of my old bold 9650 on Verizon. 4 minutes to install a 3MB app.

wyldemf says:

And 10 minutes to reboot as recommended.

The clocks 1 thing but why the BlackBerry??

sk102704 says:


Replace "clock widget "with "Brazilian prostitute" and this article makes a ton more sense.. :-P

TheBigFerret says:

Blackberry is an embarrassment, and so is the clock app.

Gekko says:

lame. you're in friggin Vegas. if you're going to blow money - "make it rain" at Spearmint Rhino. it's much more fun and a lot less douchey.

Always thought blackberry users were morons ... this proves it ... I don't care how much money someone has in the bank, this is still the biggest waste of money and the most proudly idiotic thing I've ever seen anyone do! Good work buddy

captobie says:

Since he's Chief Media Officer I'm guessing he gets to approve his own expense reports...

crxssi says:

Although this is funny, I am not sure how it is at all Android related...

captobie says:

Haha, the joke's on us. It's $500 Canadian dollars. That's like what, $0.50 US dollars? :)

Hand_O_Death says:

Following the Canadian Bacon Movie conversion, yes it is.

stockkid07 says:

Um captobie for ur info. A Canadian dollar is worth more than an American dollar right know. Haha

rexdeaz says:

Wastes $500 dollars on an app....while a security guard probably not making more than $12 an hour sits in the background. America.

trenen says:

People self-proclaiming what is waste and not. America.

olorin says:

Then the security guard smokes a pack of cigarettes during his breaks, swings by the bar & drops $30 on beer & shots (while starting another pack of cigs), goes home in his has guzzling 1996 Camaro, orders pizza (doesn't tip... hey, he's only making $12/hr), decides to head out to the casino & drop $150, finishes his 2nd pack of smokes, while drinking one last beer, drives back home, has a shot of Grey Goose to"relax" (the cheap stuff gives him headaches), as he looks over legal documents & bills from his recent DUI. Finally, he watches late night TV on his brand new 54" LED TV, as he uses his brand new iPhone 4S to troll Android central, where he is shocked & outraged that someone would waste $500 on a widget when people like him have so much need...

ScottJ says:

Your rant of wasted money is hypothetical. The spending of $500 on a clock is not.

olorin says:

The implied accusation that downloading a $500 program means Kevin does not care for the poor and needy it's also hypothetical. You have no idea how this guy spends the rest of his money, nor how much he has. I know millionaires that give away more than most people would make in 10 lifetimes, yet are criticized for buying a huge house (or dropping $500 on a whim).

I'm willing to bet that if I looked at the finances of those complaining, in most cases I'd find a complete lack of charitable giving, & room for improvement in the rest.

If you drive a car that you are still making payments on, if you own a big screen TV, if you paid $200 for a smart phone, if you go to the bar on Friday nights, if you have a cable bill, if you purchased an Apple product, if you buy beer our wine, if you buy weed on the corner, if you buy plane tickets for vacation, if you live in a home with multiple bathrooms/bedrooms, if you have a porch light (most of the world does not), if you own a high-end stereo system, if you barbeque steak, if you smoke cigarettes, if you own a garage, if you eat out at restaurants (even McDonalds), if you go to the movies, if you have a gym membership, if you go to concerts (even U2), if you have time to watch Oprah reruns, if you buy name brands because they taste or smell better, if you buy organic, if your outfit cost more than $100 (really $50), if you bought birkenstocks, if you purchased a suit, if you drink vodka/tequila/whiskey or rum, if you take vacations that involve leaving town (especially if you don't stay with family), if you have credit cards & use them, if you have any "friends" working hard trying to get ahead but you simply ignore or even mock them, if you subscribe to playboy or internet porn, if you have time to browse & comment on this site with your own computer or smart phone or, dare I say, tablet... if you do any of these things then you have no credibility in telling this man how to spend his money. Not one of those things are necessities (don't tell me about your glaucoma) and every single one takes up time or money... money YOU could give to help others & time YOU could either volunteer, or use to make more money to give away. You are so smug and self righteous. If you recognize the need, then do something about it, rather than criticizing others for not doing what you've already failed to do.

ScottJ says:

We have a right to label his spending as frivolous just as he, or you for that matter, are free to think otherwise. I feel the same way about people who blow their money in Vegas on gambling. They are equally dumb.

We'll just have to agree to disagree, I'm afraid. It's such a shame. I bet that unhinged rant took a long time to type up.

olorin says:

Nah, it was pretty quick. I actually don't disagree that it was, in my opinion, waste, but it's crazy that we think we can judge someone by a 2 minute clip. There are so many bigger fish to fry yet we continue to judge others over petty little things without any real knowledge. Yes, you have the right to say or believe whatever you want, but that doesn't make it right. Rant over. Back to fun technology!

ScottJ says:

We can judge anyone we want for any reason we want. You are free to refrain.

dacp283 says:

Looks like someone was just trying to impress the girl. Funny she looked so blown away.... Lol

rbracht says:

BlackBerry is still around?

solomonjets says:


Hand_O_Death says:

How long is BB App Worlds return policy again?

BenjaSands says:

The funniest (saddest) thing about this video is that he has what is supposed to be the Best Blackberry Phone right now and it is lagging when he is trying to install an App that is a couple of MB. Just look at the process to install one app. Imagine he tries to install something that was 500MB or something? The Phone would probably blow up...Wow...

solomonjets says:

so sad...

plunder says:

Kevin you mad boy! Get Phil and Jerry (if he's there) to hold you down before you spend any more money.

You need help Kevin!

kinster02 says:

Hey, just because he loves his crackberry doesn't mean he has to take crack.

dan4patriots says:

so this is what he has to do now that avn is not there during CES

jaydee311 says:


Mepaphoros says:

Possibly the biggest waste of money I've ever seen! I hope you don't have kids to feed son!

Sonicaholic says:

Two weeks later it gets withdrawn from the market by the vendor..........

...or for $500 you could've bought a decent Android phone and downloaded one of hundreds of FREE clock widgets! Oh, and nobody gives a shit how exclusive that $500 widget is since you're the only one who's going to be looking at it!

camilozano98 says:

Real News is: There's still 1 Blackberry user.

Jet300 says:

Wow. Watching this video just blows my mind. The look of the BB OS is BRUTAL. Downloading a 2.8mb app took forever, granted the cell site at CES is most likely slammed. But even the install was laggy. Unreal. We take alot for granted with our Android devices. Same thing goes for our friends with fruit phones....

Sad part about it was Kevin is using the best RIM has to offer... WOW

camilozano98 says:

Not even. If you see he is on wifi....

Trun says:

178 dollars per megabyte. That's intense.

KahneFan says:

I see he uses ******* for his password too.

IcebergMike says:

He's a jerk. Many good people and many children are barely making it, not to mention starving and the idiot thinks he's funny and cool wasting $500 on a useless POS. Shame on him. He should instead have donated $500 to a worthy cause, or the application developer should.

olorin says:

That may be true, but the same could be said for you for spending money on a high end smart phone... or do you just come here for the articles?

ScottJ says:

So? The same could be said for anything. Buying a $500 app is about equivalent to lighting the money on fire. Buying a phone, though a luxury, if anything is a lesser evil.

olorin says:

Evil is evil. Nothing lesser about it. But that's just another area we can agree to disagree on. I do enough stupid things that I'm not about to call either evil or good today, though!

ScottJ says:

Then why bother commenting at all, if judgment is beyond your grasp? Anybody who claims that they don't judge anyone is a liar.

olorin says:


boriqua2000 says:

the stupid things that geeks do to try and impress a pretty girl. what if she would have tripled dog dared him to shave his head?? he probably would have done that too. hopfully she gave him a handjob after the's the least she could do for the fool.

camilozano98 says:

Not even. If look at the description of the video it says "I just blew $500 in Las Vegas and didn't get a happy ending"

Ronnie2 says:

Kevin is on crack

davidwal83 says:

You all are just hatting he made it rain on app world dog. He is doing big things with his bold. This is the same guy that flosses with a playbook on a gold chain.

an_icon says:

Who cares how he spends his money.

leftheodo says:

He could have bought a high end android device with $500 and get thousands of clock widgets for FREE in the android Market!

jedimstr397 says:

I triple-dog-dare you to throw your BB in the garbage and go buy and activate a Galaxy Nexus!

ScottJ says:

Buying a $500 app for a Blackberry is like spending $1000 on rims for your beat up Pinto.

olorin says:

Finally... something we can agree on....

olorin says:


dkny2kx says:

Tax the rich

anthony2558 says:

and she's still not gonna sleep with you..... dumb arse... haha.

hairball45 says:

Hey, it's his phone, his (most likely expensed out) money, and his business. There's really no reason to think he should have given the money to some homeless guy hanging out by the fountain someplace, or feed starving children in Lower Slobovia. Again, his money and pretty likely done for S&G. At that level, Win.

ScottJ says:

"There's really no reason to think he should have given the money to some homeless guy hanging out by the fountain someplace, or feed starving children in Lower Slobovia."

Yeah. There are plenty of reasons.

Bwild says:

I hope he nailed the chick that dared him later that night...

wow 500.00 for an app?
were there 500 people at RIM's booth all week?

olorin says:

I bet the girl who dared him was the developer!


Lol wow!!! I hope he did smash that girl!!! Or at lease a hand job lol

Sawerin says:

D'you know what irony will do with him? She would still his BlackBerry)