Tegra Tab

Leaked images from China show tablet with camera, microHDMI, stylus slot

In the absence of major tablet design wins for its Tegra 4 chip, it seems NVIDIA might choose to follow up the Shield gaming handheld with an own-branded Android slate. The images, which have appeared on Chinese site MyDrivers, show a concave chassis which shares some design cues with the NVIDIA Shield, with "Tegra Tab" branding. Around the back there's a camera — supposedly a 5-megapixel unit — headphone jack, microUSB and microHDMI ports Interestingly, there's what seems to be a stylus slot in the top left corner. A close-up of the top right corner reveals what could be a SIM slot or some kind of secondary button.

Based on the relative size of the ports in the image, it'd seem we're dealing with a smaller tablet — something around the 7 to 8-inch mark.

Tegra Tab

The Verge points out that NVIDIA registered the "Tegra Tab" moniker at the U.S. Patents and Trademarks Office back in April, so between the name and the Shield-like design, there's a good chance we're looking at the real deal. The publication also reports that NVIDIA partner Shenzen Homecare Technology was rumored to be working on a Tegra 4 tablet with a stylus, which would fit with what we're seeing in these leaked shots.

An affordable Tegra 4 tablet might conjure memories of NVIDIA's Kai program, which aimed to bring low-cost Tegra 3 tablets to market in their droves. And Kai played no small part in the emergence of the original Nexus 7, which before it was co-opted by Google was an ASUS-branded tablet. So if these images are as legit as they seem, it'll be interesting to see how NVIDIA's tablet strategy could be adjusting to focus on first-party devices.

Source: MyDrivers; via: The Verge


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Could NVIDIA be preparing its own-branded 'Tegra Tab?'


Wow... If this one have hardware similar to SHIELD but using full HD and complete with LTE, I will sell my Nexus 7 1st gen and buy this!

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I can attest to the slimport working well on the new nexus although hdmi would have been nicer. One less wire.

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Do they really help anyone?

Yes. There are many customers that have thanked me quite openly on this forum and via PM for my information and assistance.
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That's something a lot of the Kenyan writers that have appeared on this forum seem to have a problem with.

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Because that totally isn't a photoshopped mashup of both Nexus 7s, the shield, some embellishments and a realistic shadow provided by the convenience of a white table that people in a clean-room would envy....

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The name on the first picture looks fake to me. The "Tab" is much less... something... than the "Tegra".