While most retailers will have the Wi-Fi only Motorola XOOM ready to go on March 27, Costco is taking pre-orders now and giving and expected ship date of April 1. So what exactly is the incentive in ordering from them considering you'll be waiting a few extra days to get one? Well, Costco will only charge you $589.99 and toss in a free gel skin case to go along with it. If you're not an impatient person -- that's one hell of a deal. You can place your pre-orders at the Costco website. [Costco via BGR]


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Costco taking pre-orders for XOOM Wi-Fi; $589.99 and you get a free case


"While some most retailers will have the Wi-Fi only"

So which is it? Some or most? Geesh guys. Proof read before hitting the post button m'kay?

Lol. Those were my thoughts too.

"That is one hell of a deal"

Hell no it's not. This thing is worth $400 tops, I don't care if it's better than the iPad, any tablet more than $400 is a rip off. I guess that in two years tablets will fall in the $300 - $500 range and will have better features.

I am disappointed that if Sam's really is $540 that Costco can't match that! I wouldn't care about some gel case (has zero value to me) and I have several friends with Sam's Club memberships (as I am sure most people know SOMEONE)...

It doesn't matter what state you are in, you are still required to pay your state's sales tax (if there is one) for all new purchases. You just have to do it at tax return time instead. Otherwise, you are breaking the law.

Just an FYI.

Does the SD card work in the wifi model as shipped- or do you have to send this model back to Moto too??

Needs a better screen - low color/saturation/terrible viewing angles = a terrible experience for a $600 tablet.

This is the first that I've heard that the Kindle reader cannot be loaded on the Xoom. What is your source? And why does Wi-Fi only make any difference...??

A friend was trying to load Kindle on a Android Tab and Kindle would send them to Android Market and the market would not load due to there not being a phone number assigned to the device. Do a search and you will find this to be a problem. Now if you have a wi-fi/3g no problem.
When trying to install from android market it said this device not associated with any phone #

Which Android tablet and what version of android os? Some earlier tabs, especially those running android 1.6, had rather restrictive access to Android Market because having phone capability was part of the original spec for the market. Honeycomb was designed from the ground up to be able to access the market. I doubt very seriously that the Kindle app will not be able to run on it.

Also, it's an extremely easy process to side-load the app (if even necessary). This is a non-issue.

Um, the SD card issue never had anything to do with returning to Motorola. That was the 4G upgrade on the Verizon-only version.

The SD card not working will be corrected with a software update "in a few weeks".

Being Wi-Fi only Android will not load Kindle Reader on it....what will people think about that? Better do the leg work first before going out and buying a wi-fi only android product.

What are you even talking about? It's the same Android 3.0 on the 3G Xoom and the kindle app loads fine on there.

Does this mean that they won't have any on the 27th in stores??? Seems lame; I will have to check and see.

If not, then Best Buy here I come :)