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Off-contract pricing of $580 for the 16GB model and $630 for the 32GB model will now get you the custom colors and options

If you've been wanting to buy an AT&T branded Moto X without signing a new contract, and still use the Moto Maker customization site, today is the day. Motorola has just announced that the Moto Maker site will now let you pay the full $579.99 (16GB version) or $629.99 (32GB version) for your customized device and keep your contract status as-is. The option for AT&T's Next program doesn't seem to be available online yet, so if that's how you want to roll you'll still have to visit a store.

While the Moto X should be landing on Verizon come August 29, and Motorola has said a developer edition is coming soon, for now Moto Maker is still an AT&T exclusive. Motorola says that other carriers and wider availability of the Moto Maker program is coming soon, but we've not yet been told any dates.

We've been liking what we see from the Moto X so far, and once it becomes more available it should become a pretty popular Android device. For now, AT&T customers get all the fun. For more information, follow the link below.

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Off-contract AT&T Moto X now available through Moto Maker


Yeah, it never existed because Moto X is not a Nexus device. Motorola is still somewhat separate from Google. I think the upcoming Nexus phone will be $300. I still can't decide on which phone to buy next. I'll wait for the next Nexus phone.

the Nexus 4 perfectly shows how Moto X phones are horrifically overpriced.
350 off contact i will be proud owner of it before October.

Over price mid range shit Moto X begins price drop in Canada.Just 1 week launched. Ha Ha
Coming soon in USA. Read at

I Can not post link here.

Does it have the necessary bands for use on T-Mobile? If so, can it be unlocked?

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Yes to the first, though it's unclear if they're enabled. If you buy it off-contract, AT&T will unlock it.

The entry on GSMArena (while far from official) does not show AWS 1700/2100. Only 850/900/1800/1900, and then CDMA 800/1900 and "LTE" with no bands.

I'd be concerned if I lived in a non-refarmed area with T-Mobile. If there's T-Mobile LTE in my area, then I'd be concerned with those LTE bands, but at least y ou'd have HSPA+ for sure.

This was what I was waiting for, off-contract Moto Maker. I have LTE on T-Mobile's refarmed network. But this will also work with Metro PCS 4G as well. You can check if you have a refarmed area here (airportal dot de) that's how I was able to find it. I'm ordering mine.

Note 3 unpacked event next week. :)

A phone that people, including yourself, hyped as the next big thing and it turned out to be nothing more than a midrange phone with a customizable back cover. Look at Moto X price. !#**#%***

Just hold on. The price of the moto x is going to drop fast like a lumia:) I think that the Moto X 2 is going to be a hit though.

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After the mess that was the original Note, and the horrible experience that was the Note 2, why on earth would anyone want a Note 3? It will be just another phone I can put on the pile behind me, made of phones I never want to use again.


Saying the same thing in every comment thread about a phone you've never used is silly, and people aren't going to give you the attention you crave. Just a friendly tip.

How much Motorola pay you for cheer up,Jerry?

Look like you are brand ambassador for mid range shit,premium price, Moto X

Millions. I'm sitting on a crate of MotoBucks as a chair. 

Lesson two is to not try and troll someone who doesn't care. You'll get the hang of it eventually.


Thanks Jerry.
This phone nice ergonomic and overall a perfect phone, I want it.

Give me some buck.

Jerry is so loaded.... he has got that Google money, that HTC money, and now that Motorola money....
Man, can I get some of that internet money Jerry?

LOL, the master troller!!! On topic though, this phone has piqued my interest, but I've heard the camera isn't so hot.

While I don't believe Jerry is getting paid by Motorola, I do believe he is unwittingly being drawn in to the big machine that wants to make you believe the shiny new device is soooooo awesome you must have it. In a few months he'll be on to the next big thing and making us believe anything a few months old must be relegated to the trash bin......... MOTOROLA X INCLUDED.

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I would definitely take it, might love it, certainly won't mate with it though. :-D

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Personally I think the Note 2 is a great phone, as far as a lousy experience I disagree. Out of all the phones made last year that phone was still the most expensive phone on ever Major Carriers list. Only dropped down in price after the latest phones arrived and even now still right at the top. Wonder why, maybe because they are still selling a ton of them compared to all the other great devices. The Note 3 IMO will be the best phone of 2013-2014. Everyone has an opinion, even Jerry, he's usually wrong but hay you be the judge.

Just to clarify, Jerry's comment was a joke. It was supposed to show/teach tantai how to properly troll - not simply say the same thing in every thread about a phone he or she has never used.

From a couple responses here, it's obvious some people aren't seeing that.

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Yeah, OK Moto.

If I'm spending $600 or more on a phone, it better be state-of-the-art. Optimization be dammed. Sorry but as much as I hate using the car analogy It's like paying 60,000 for a Honda Accord because it's assembled in the US.

Pass. Note III, let's do this.

I kinda agree, but only because I already like how the HTC One looks. It would seem that it costs less to make the Moto X (even with the customizations) than the HTC One.

Here's my take on this phone (decide for yourself what it's worth).

Either the price is too high or the feature set is too low. I don't say this because the specifications are lacking. I say this because the phone doesn't really offer anything substantial.

Customization: Fantastic if you never use a case to protect your phone. Which means about 30% of us will actually care what it looks like once the Otterbox has been strapped on. There's one thing that irks me, though. Why not include a removable back cover? You could sell back covers for additional profit, you could include a removable battery, etc. Missed opportunity.


There, that should save everyone else the trouble of complaining.

Do all ATT phones have the ATT logo in the notification area all the time or can you get rid of that? What about a Nexus phone on ATT?

Nexus phones are carrier unlocked, so no. If you buy the unlocked moto x the att nag won't be there either.

Edit... To better answer your question, have to root a phone to remove the att nag on an att branded phone.

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There isn't an unlocked version yet. Just the $579 with no contract. That means all the ATT Bloat and locks...but retail price.

Dev edition should be different

Unlocked sim and unlocked bootloader. I read article on Androidcentral,No.1 Moto X online authorized reseller.

Ask Jerry.

The developer edition won't allow customizations of the actual phone. One of the main selling point of the phone.

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Your thinking Google play edition. There talking dev phone. Dev is sim unlocked and bootloader unlocked. All carrier crap still there.

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Damn, they won't ship to Canada off contract. I guess I already knew that. I want a Cabernet back, black front, blue accent one :(

...and with that, Motorola's chance at a T-Mobile Style revolution dies (for now). The nexus will continue to be the only quality price competitive phone in the business.

Don't worry though, The manufactures won't hold out forever. Eventually someone will price a flagship lower to try to capture the market and the price wars will start. It will just take longer than we were hoping.

This is idiotic. Let's see, I give Google/Moto $580 for them to give me a phone with sub-par specs that comes with AT&T crap/restrictions that would prevent me from unlocking it, SIM unlocking it and from tethering via the standard Android tether app. On the other hand, I can give Sony $550 (which I did) and in turn they give me an Xperia ZL which is superior in every way, comes SIM unlocked, comes with a light OEM skin and allows me to tether on AT&T for free.

Notice I only mentioned the ZL because of my can still have your choice of the S4 or HTC One for the same amount of scratch.

So you can better understand your options, my friends:

Nexus 4: $299 8GB/$349 16GB
Moto X: $579 16GB/$629 32GB
HTC ONE: $599 32GB
GS4: $599 Carrier OR $649 GPE

The G2 will more than likely be priced where the GS4 is, and the Note 3 will probably be priced where the Note 2 was at $699/$749. Which makes the Moto X the cheapest flagship device.

Your pricing argument is invalid :)

And see, for those that crave specs, that's fine. I need a phone that can handle my multitasking, multi-texting, game playing, email writing, music listening, voice commanding, face booking, video chatting, google hangout-ing, candy crushing, shadowgunning, dead spacing, notificating and call taking without feeling like im using a G1 with more than 30 apps and a custom launcher installed.

And if the Moto X can hang with the big boys I'm down for it.

You are correct on that one. The Moto X will be a fine phone for many a people. Hell, I would even be happy with it. Its just that the price seems a little high to me for the specs that it has. I think that the Nexus 4 spoiled a lot of us.

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The combination of Google owning Motorola, the Nexus price and people expecting that just because Google owns Motorola that all Moto phones were going to be pure vanilla for $50 is what did it. Throw in the carrier exclusives and it is a perfect storm of sorts.

If this was treated as it should be, a Motorola phone with some innovative features, there would still be some hate but nothing of this pitch and tempo. Might have lasted 2-3 threads.

I feel you, brother. I was super skeptical about it when they did the launch event, and my biggest worry even today is the competition and how we can get past the numbers and look at the phone as a whole.

But everyone who reviews the phone says the same thing: It just works (camera flaws aside) and even with the 2012 specs keeps pace with the One and the S4 in terms of everyday use.

And remember the Nexus 4 doesn't have a "supported" LTE chip. It doesn't explain the $230 price difference with the X, but factor in software and X8 processor and i can understand a little bit more why.

Moto X is mid range shit with premium price.

Outclass for Galaxy S4,HTC One,LG G2,Sony Honami,Note3

Motorola is the same class with Huewai and ZTE.


One more week until IFA, then we can really have multiple "Your phone sucks!!" threads going on at the same time and we can finally put Tantai and the Motorola X behind us.

Note 3, Honami, One Max! Lets get this party started!

Side note, is the One Max going to be announced then?

Still so much vitriol because of two missing little processor cores (of which phones that have them never/seldom use) and teeny tiny screen pixels that nobody can see. However, the touchless controls/active notification will be used by many people all the time - but I guess that doesn't count for much to everyone. People are still so disappointed this phone didn't end up costing $300 off contract, even though nobody ever said it would. I was also very disappointed with the Moto X at first, but now that I've actually used one I get it. To each their own I guess - I thought that was what Android was all about.

I think we are beating a dead horse on whether or not the device is "worth" 580-620 outright. To some it is, to some it isn't. My issues with the X are the hoops they want you to jump through or rather the way that Motorola wants you to think that the X is the 2nd coming. They are now graciously "letting" consumers buy it outright through Motomaker but it is still only for AT&T. They are also nice enough to offer a developer edition except it isn't available yet, but when it is they will only offer it in a half black and half white option and it will come with no warranty at all. Releasing the availability of this device a little at a time is designed to make people want it more but it's just not that great. Sure it's a nice phone and if I was in the market for a new device, and could go to Motomaker and build a royal blue back with black front and gray accents UNLOCKED carrier free 32gb version I would totally look past the price and order one. Motomaker is such a neat idea but so far it's looking like a missed opportunity.

I am holding out to see what's happening on the 4th but I have to admit that when I see this phone and actually get to play with one, if it is half of what all the reviewers say it is, it may be my purchase.

I do wish the off contract was was a little cheaper. I never expected it to be Nexus priced but I didn't expect it to be so close in price to some of the others with the hardware that's in it. I was hoping for more of a $499 price.

And call me crazy but I love the moto maker idea. I mean how could something so simple take so long for manufacturers to implement and try out? I've been playing with different designs for the last 1 1/2 hours.

So tired of ALL device makers pricing these things with a 100% markup. The Nexus 4 is a smoking deal at current pricing and is the least ripoff of devices currently.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4