Androidified TPU Skin Case

OK, OK. We couldn't wait any longer. We picked up five of these "Androidified" TPU Skin Cases from Cruzerlite -- and these are for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus -- just to give away to you fine, upstanding readers of Android Central. Not a fine, upstanding reader of Android Central? Well, you should be. Just saying.

Anyhoo. What you see here is your basic TPU skin case, meaning it feels like a cross between rubber and plastic and fits snugly around your phone. This one's got some nice ribbing along the edges, to help with grip, and there are cutouts for all of the buttons and ports, as well as the secondary microphone. (That's important.) It fits our GSM Galaxy Nexus just fine, as well as Verizon's LTE version.

And we're giving away five of them. In fact, we're giving away the five you see here. How to enter? Just hit the link below for all the deets. Good luck!

Enter to win an "Androidified" TPU skin case for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus!

Androidified TPU CaseAndroidified TPU Case

Androidified TPU CaseAndroidified TPU Case

Androidified TPU CaseAndroidified TPU Case

Androidified TPU CaseAndroidified TPU Case


Reader comments

Contest: Win one of five Androidified TPU cases for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus


would love the red or purple one for my mom's (to be delivered today) brand spanking new galaxy nexus! (Netherlands!)

I hope I can show off a Androidified TPU case (I currently have a plain black TPU case) to the other guys at work.... 6 of us have a Nexuses, but NOBODY'S has a HOT case like this.

I was ---> THIS <--- close to pulling the trigger on one of these yesterday but my TPU case has been working fine for me. But I really, really want one of these so hopefully that happens!

i definately need a case for my new Nexus.. Dropped it and cracked the corner off the screen within a week of ownership..

this would help (PS .. love the RED case..)

I just ordered 2 unlocked Galaxy Nexus's 5 minutes ago. Had to get away from Sprint's 2G data during hours people are actually awake. One for me and one for my girlfriend. I could use one of these cases to protect one of them!

these cases are so nice, even if i won a pink one id still sport it, they are unbelievably beautiful cases!!!!