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7 years ago

Android Bug: Type "Reboot" = Reboot!


If your T-Mobile's G1 Android firmware is version 1.0 TC4-RC29 or earlier, you have an unintended extra "feature" - open the slider, press 'Enter' to pull up the application tab, then type in "reboot" and press 'Enter' again. Your G1 will follow your command and reboot your phone.

This bug causes Android to interpret words as commands and executes them as "superuser privileges." It is not yet known which other words can be interpreted as commands, but it's best to be wary of this bug and eliminate it via the latest firmware upgrade. If you are like me and have an unlocked G1, you will have to update your firmware manually when RC30 is available (Stay tuned! We'll post it when we get it!). Until then, be careful what you type!

[Gizmodo via ZDNet]

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7 years ago

Around SPE - 9 Nov 2008


Around SPE - Round Robin Teaser Edition!

This week's Around SPE is sponsored by the the TiPb iPhone Accessory Store, which has long been your best source for iPhone accessories. A lot of iPhone 3G upgraders were left out in the cold when their car chargers turned out to not be compatible, but they've got plenty that are, not to mention plenty of headphones that are a step up compared to the standard white buds

Last week both and WMExperts found themselves on the cusp of major releases -- the BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Bold on AT&T, the HTC Fuze on AT&T, not to mention a few others on the Windows Mobile side. So while everybody has been anticipating new devices, all of the editors at SPE are anticipating something else that will be starting on November 17th. The hint is right up there in the picture!

Read on for the full skinny on what's been happening around SPE!


WMExperts made a big splash Friday afternoon with the 'net's first and only video of the HTC Fuze for AT&T! Be sure to check back Monday morning because we're also cooking up a full review of this latest and greatest Windows Mobile smartphone. It looks like the Fuze release date has finally been pinned down, too.

WMExperts also tends to cover some more general industry news, so all the action at the FCC last week definitely caught our eye. Lastly, we're more than a little proud of our writer George Ponder, who used a Treo Pro to help manage the election in his district.

Over at, thousands of BlackBerry enthusiasts rejoiced as AT&T stayed true to their promised November 4th release date and launched the Bold. Picking election day turned out to be a smart move for AT&T and RIM, as stations like CNN played the new AT&T BlackBerry Bold commercial all day long.

The BlackBerry Storm, RIM's first touchscreen BlackBerry, continues to build on the hype leading up to its launch. Vodafone has dropped word of a November 14th release, and the Vodafone BlackBerry Storm bus has been traveling London which has turned out a bunch of Storm preview videos. While Verizon has not given official on the availability of their Storm, the educated rumor points to the week of the 23rd.

You'll want to keep it locked to this week. The What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest has come to an end and the top ten finalists have been selected. In order to win their new BlackBerry, the winners have to carry out their "To Dos" which will be published on as they come in. The first one hits on Monday!

The iPhone Blog

According to JD Power, the iPhone is absolutely destroying the Blackberry in *business* satisfaction due to it's drop dead ease of use and killer UI, but does Apple just not "get" the Four Pillars of PIM, something Palm nailed way back in 1997? Probably not, as the latest iPhone OS 2.2 leaks focus on over-the-air podcast downloads (admittedly super sweet!) and yet more App Store tweaks.

Speaking of the App Store, turns out Opera Mini was NOT denied (but probably would be), WeightBot's developers aren't done innovating on the iPhone just yet, and Shazam wants a piece of Midomi in our App vs. App battle royal for music mastery. (Leave a comment and you just might win an iTunes gift certificate). Of course, if you want to win a whole slew stuff -- an Ultimate iPhone Accessory Pack no less -- check out the Phone Different to find out this week's way to enter (hint: requires @theiphoneblog and rhymes with "sweet".)


Over at TreoCentral, we learned via a Barron's article that analysts at Avian Securities and Morgan Keegan downgraded PALM due to the belief that Palm's cash position will significantly erode ($248 million at the end of the latest quarter to $75 million over the next year) which leaves "little room for error." The downgrade was also due to a U.S. retailer survey resulting in the belief that smartphone sales will come in below expectations for the next several quarters.

We also found out in that same Barron's article that we might not (corrected, thanks Scott!) be seeing the Treo Pro on AT&T and the Treo 800w on Verizon in time for the holiday shopping season.

Plus we learned that Apple almost bought Palm back in the summer of 1997. Jean-Louis Gassée noted in an article over at Monday Note:

A perhaps little known fact: in the Summer of 1997, Steve Jobs called Eric Benhamou, 3Com's CEO (the company owned Palm). "Give me the Palm and come and join my Board of Directors. Only Apple can make Palm a true consumer brand." Nothing happened. Apple's foray into the product segment had to wait ten more years.

Android Central

We've settled in over at Android Central, now that the G1 seems to be out there and getting used by a surprisingly large number of people. Just check out these download statistics for the Android Market to see what we mean, or check out some the backstory behind Android Apps.

Our favorite new app: the Android Gameboy emulator! A close 2nd favorite use for the G1 might be the newly discovered tethering method, though. Meanwhile, we're keeping our eye on the just-discovered Android Jailbreak and security risks that have popped up.

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7 years ago

Android Central's Answers to Google's G1 "Questions" Commercial



p style="text-align: center;">

By now, you’ve certainly seen the T-Mobile G1 commercial that poses everyday questions from everyday people. We at Android Central were initially noncommittal about the “Questions” commercial’s effectiveness but after a few weeks of run, we’ve changed our stance. We like it. It just works.

But did you guys ever wonder what the answers were to those questions? Some of them have been on our minds here at the Android Central headquarters for the past few weeks so we decided to put the G1 to the test!

If any of you had been curious enough to type in all those questions in the Google Search toolbar on your G1, the predictive search would have popped up for each question! A very nice touch by Google. And if you were too lazy to search, don’t worry Android Central has the answers to the G1’s questions

Read on to see after the break!

Do Shark have eyelids?

Yes, shark have upper and lower eyelids but the lids don’t move and don’t close over the eyes. So in short, they don’t blink. Some sharks protect their eyes with a third eyelid called the nictitating membrane.


What’s my carbon footprint?

Sadly, the G1 doesn’t support flash so the first search result which is a calculator for your carbon footprint doesn't quite work. Though if you did want to know what kind of imprint you’re putting on our planet, this is the first result:


Which way to the convention?

This search points to an article detailing the confusion about where the Republican National Convention was. Heh, doesn’t matter now since the democratic candidate Barack Obama is our president-elect.


Do we have the same fingerprints?

Fingerprints are unique to each individual. The fingerprints may be more similar with relatives but everyone has their own set.


Can we get this cheaper somewhere else?

Boo. First fail of the day. The search for this on the G1 doesn't exactly answer the question. I was hoping to reach a great search engine for products or even a deals web site that listed new deals, instead I got a forum post asking how to get the cheapest vacation.


Do monkeys make good pets?

No. Monkeys do not make good pets. The commitment is long (20-40 years), they don’t manage well without full attention, they get jealous, they’re expensive, and illegal in some areas.

Still not convinced? Monkeys bite, are messy, mischievous, destructive, and can’t be effectively potty trained. In all, thanks to the G1 commercial we at Android Central will never house a pet monkey.


What’s really in a hot dog?

First, did you know that the US population consumes about 20 billion hot dogs a year which calculates to be 70 hot dogs per person, per year!

And to answer the age old question of what’s really in a hot dog:

"All hot dogs are cured and cooked sausages that consist of mainly pork, beef, chicken and turkey or a combination of meat and poultry. Meats used in hot dogs come from the muscle of the animal and looks much like what you buy in the grocer's case. Other ingredients include water, curing agents and spices, such as garlic, salt, sugar, ground mustard, nutmeg, coriander and white pepper."


Not so bad right?

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7 years ago Launches Android Optimized Website

0 just announced that their website is now available in Android-optimized glory. Directing the browser on your G1 to should pop up something similar to the image above. From there you can do a basic search for homes for sale in any zip code. Cool huh?

Not that we're complaining because we would love to see as many Android-specific web portals as possible but We at Android Central would expect ESPN or CNN to have stepped up their pages before Well, as soon as Android gains more market share and people continue to use the highly usable browser, we'll expect a lot more Android optimized websites.

In the meantime, go see what homes are available in your area!

[via AndroidGuys]

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7 years ago

SMobile Systems to Provide Security for Android


Worried about security on Android? Afraid that malware might leak into your G1? Think you need some antivirus software? SMobile Systems has announced that they're releasing SMobile VirusGuard for Android to protect your G1 "from the attack and proliferation of mobile viruses, spyware and other malware". Currently, VirusGuard for Android is available either at their website or through Handango for $9.99. When Android Market supports paid apps they'll move VirusGuard over there (Q1/09). 

In the coming weeks and months, SMobile plans to adapt the remainder of the SecurityShield suite to offer firewall, anti-spam and lock, wipe and backup for the Android platform. SMobile will also be able to offer parental controls that will allow parents to closely monitor their child’s cell phone voice and messaging activities to ensure they are safe. 

As crude as it may sound, we at Android Central doubt that the G1 and Android will need any sort of antivirus software. We're fairly certain that the foundation of Android is sound and the marketshare of Android is too small to warrant any attacks. Who knows, maybe we're wrong but we're going to pass on this.

So what do you think, is anyone going to buy antivirus software for their G1? Who's really worried about security on Android?

[SMobile Systems via Android Community]

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7 years ago

Fake Like You Run Android on a Sidekick


We definitely feel your pain. Who really knew that the T-Mobile G1 was going to come out. And who knew it would be so great? Certainly not you Sidekick user, you're stuck with that "kid toy" while the G1 is being considered the "grown up" version of a Sidekick. Luckily, you can pose like an Android user with some G1 themes created by CubanitaStylezz.

Hey, it's not exactly what we're using but it's as close as you'll get for now. Don't worry you can still read Android Central and we promise not to look at you funny.

G1 Themes for Sidekick I

G1 Themes for Sidekick II


[Engadget Mobile]

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7 years ago

How To Factory Reset Your T-Mobile G1


Ever wanted to know how to factory reset your T-Mobile G1? Don't worry Android Central has got you covered. Doing a factory reset is a fairly easy process on the G1 and is immensely useful for those returning units, selling units, and/or just want a fresh start.

Here's how it works:

  1. Power off the G1
  2. Hold Home Key + End key for 20 seconds or until you see a "triangle with an exclamation point and a picture of the G1"
  3. Open the QWERTY keyboard and hit Alt+W
  4. Restored!

To do a soft reboot, simply hit the Home+Back buttons when you reach the "triangle with an exclamation point and a picture of the G1" screen.


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7 years ago

T-Mobile 3rd Quarter Results


T-Mobile USA has reported their 3rd Quarter numbers and they're decent, to say the least. They got 670,000 new subscribers which is better than the previous quarter but is down year-over-year. 32.1 million users, 7 million use MyFaves, and thousands of towers are being added.  Also, they released news that by the end of November 120 cities will be blanketed in the T-Mobile 3G Network. Specific G1 numbers weren't released.

We at Android Central can't particularly number crunch with the best of them but we do know a couple of things. Android and the G1 will only get more popular and T-Mobile 3G can only get better. These are good things. If you want to see all the numbers that T-Mobile reported, feel free to click this link.

[via TmoNews]

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7 years ago

Firefox Mobile Not Coming to Android


In a bit of disappointing news, it looks like Mozilla has no plans to bring Firefox Mobile to the Android platform. Instead, they'll be focusing on a Linux version for Nokia Internet Tablets and touchscreen/non-touchscreen versions for Windows Mobile. Argh!

According to Mozilla's director of Mobile Engineering Christian Sejersen, Mozilla has no plans to bring Firefox Mobile to Android "now or in the near future". What that exactly means, who knows. Maybe Mozilla's still bitter and feeling the burn about Google's release of Chrome. Even though being without Firefox Mobile isn't ideal, we still have the luxury of a great browser to fall back on. Ah, the benefits of Android..


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7 years ago

T-Mobile Updates Data Plan, Now In Line With G1


Well, the days of T-Mobile being by far the cheapest option on the block is over. Tear. Now we have to settle with simply a wee bit cheaper. T-Mobile's brand new 3G network is continuing its roll out and with the recent release of the G1, what better time to raise prices?

It looks like all unlimited data plans across the board will hit the G1 price points of $24.99/$34.99 depending on which messaging plan you choose. Also, T-Mobile HotSpot Access should be available to all. The less smart smartphones are priced at the old data plan point albeit with some data caps.

Either way, T-Mobile still offers good deals -- just a bit less good.


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7 years ago

Unlocked G1s Selling Like Hotcakes in Asia-Pacific Market


Not only are unlocked G1s selling well on eBay (yours truly snagged one there), but the Asian market, particularly China, is gobbling them up with a voracious appetite. Apparently, HTC has taken notice, and it's likely the G1 Android handset will officially become available in China and it's Asian neighbors sometime in the first half of 2009.

How may this affect availability in the States and other markets already carrying the G1? Will a foray into Asian markets have a positive effect on popularity and app development?

(Photo and story via Engadget Mobile)

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7 years ago

Hop-On Reveals Android Plans, Future Devices


Hop-on recently revealed their Android roadmap detailing two devices for Android. Specifically, one will be a multimedia based with GPS tracking and the other will be a standard Android phone. What standard Android phone actually means, remains to be seen but I assume expect a touchscreen and some decent horsepower.

What is more interesting is that both phones will utilize a UMA-esque type technology that allows for free calls over modems. The details are so blurry right now that we can't give you guys exact information, just know that more Android devices are coming and some will push the envelope even further.

[via Android Community]

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7 years ago

Hop-On Questioning Sprint's Dismissal of Android


Hop-On, a company who has committed to Android, is questioning Sprint's lack of Android device and Dan Hesse's comments on Android not being ready. What does Hop-On blame? Sprint's fear of losing marketshare. They feel that Sprint invested a ton of money in their own network that they're fearful of losing all that hard work by going open source. Hop-on thinks Sprint is reneging on their promise as a founding member of the OHA. 

To quote:

“Why doesn’t Sprint find a way to embrace the Android platform and find another revenue stream from it? Sprint has made it difficult to bring CDMA technologies from smaller vendors onto their network. CDMA is the best technology in the world, hands down. Hop-on could have brought in a low-end $10 CDMA, minimum, subsidized phone for Sprint, but they didn’t allow it. Hop-on is embracing advancing technology, Sprint is not!”

We at Android Central believe Sprint desperately needs an Android device. Android could be your golden ticket Hesse, use it!

[Stockhouse via Android Community]

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7 years ago

T-Mobile G1, Android Jailbroken !


Boy do these Android Users move fast. We have news that the T-Mobile G1 has been jailbroken. Meaning full system access and read and write capabilities have been obtained. We have yet to try the method but its supposed to be quite easy.

Here are the basic steps (via modmygphone):

  1. Turn on WiFi in the G1 (Settings > Wireless Controls > Wi-Fi). Make sure you're connected to a network.
  2. Start up PTerminal (search in the Market) and you'll get a prompt once its launched.
  3. Enter cd system and hit Enter.
  4. Enter cd bin and hit Enter.
  5. Enter telnetd and hit Enter. You've now started telnet on your G1.
  6. Enter netstat and hit Enter. You'll now see your G1's IP address. You can also find this in the Settings > Wireless Controls > Wi-Fi > and click on your network you're connected to. It will show you your IP.
  7. Start up Terminal on your OS X machine, or bring up a command prompt on your Windows box. Type telnet[your.ip.address.we.just.found] and hit Enter/Return. So, if your IP was, you'd type telnet and hit Enter/Return.
  8. You are logged in as root now. To remount the system file as read write, type mount -oremount,rw/dev/block/mtdblock3/system from the Terminal/Command Prompt and hit Enter/Return.

This method will obviously be for those eager to explore the inner workings of your G1. But if you still want to jailbreak but aren't so confident in your hackerish talents, the G1 jailbreakers are expecting more major breakthroughs on the jailbreaking front. Check this space for updates!


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7 years ago

OpenMoko Running Android Already


Remember our report on OpenMoko adopting Android? Well, it's looking like it'll become a reality sooner than later because some pictures have popped up showing Android running on the Neo FreeRunner - an OpenMoko device. We'll be on the lookout for a potential video that will surely pop up to show Android running on the device. These pictures coincide with our initial report of a November Release.


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