5 years ago

AT&T Denied Motorola Android Phones



Though Android users don't have the same complaints with AT&T as iPhone users, that may change after the report of AT&T denying Motorola Android phones on their network comes out. By denying Motorola Android devices, the Death Star network is inhibiting their customers from enjoying all the smartphone world has to offer.

MKM Partners analyst Tero Kuittenen reported that AT&T determined that the Motorola Android phones expected to launch on the network were too "out of date" for the quite obviously "cutting edge" product portfolio of AT&T (sarcasm). We think it's a big mistake on AT&T's part because the smartphone world has been expecting a "last hurrah" effort from Motorola and what better network to launch it on than AT&T?

So we guess we can rule out AT&T being a part of Motorola's September 10th Android event. Looking on the bright side, at least this report indirectly gives more credence to a Verizon Motorola Android Phone. Verizon Motorola Sholes for the win!


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5 years ago

SPB TV Launches TV Streaming Application for Android


Streaming digital TV channels hasn't become commonplace for US smartphones but that's more likely due to the lack of quality offerings on the major platforms rather than the lack of demand. That's all about to change because SPB TV, a popular TV streaming application on Windows Mobile, is now available for Android in Android Market.

For a one-time fee of $9.99 (no subscription whatsoever), Android users will be able to watch TV directly on their handset via a 3G or Wi-Fi connection (Wi-Fi obviously works best). Available channels span from local networks from major cities to international news channels. We've briefly tested SPB TV and came away pretty impressed. There's a 'Lite' version of SPB TV so those wary of the $9.99 startup fee can test the application for free (albeit a limited version).

You'll need an Android device running Android 1.5 and an HVGA screen resolution. We're fairly certain most of the Android community qualifies so go ahead and head to Android Market to check out SPB TV!

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5 years ago

Best Buy Starting Pre-Orders of Sprint HTC Hero September 13th ?


We've been hearing so many rumors and reports pointing the HTC Hero in Sprint's direction that it's pretty much become the absolute truth. At this point, to hear anything other than Sprint getting the Hero would be almost shocking. With an expected October release date, it looks like the HTC Hero will begin to take pre-orders at Best Buy a month earlier: September 13th.

$50 down will reserve you a spot for one of the more anticipated Android phones of the year. If this report is true, way to strike while the iron's hot Sprint! (kind of)

Who's going to pre-order the HTC Hero?


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5 years ago

Archos A5S and A5H Android Tablet Leaked by FCC



Archos has been rumored to release an Android Tablet for as long as we can remember and with an official Archos event planned for September 15th, the prospect of an Archos Android tablet became realer by the moment. Though we weren't exactly sure how the Archos Android Tablet would look like, leave it to the Notorious FCC for leaking what we believe to be the official device.

The FCC tested the Archos A5S, which has a touchscreen, Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth, FM transmitter/receiver, microSD slot, and microUSB port. 3G connectivity is reportedly available but the FCC did not test it (perhaps that's what the A5H has). The A5S is also using what we believe to be a custom build of Android (a la HTC Sense).

We're definitely excited about the Archos A5S but wonder what kind of market it will find. Are you guys interested in the Archos Android Tablet?

[via engadget]

hit the jump to see more angles of the Archos A5S Android Tablet

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5 years ago

T-Mobile myTouch 3G Commercial Features Celebrities, Emphasizes Personality


T-Mobile will soon be launching a huge ad campaign for the myTouch 3G, one they claim to be "the largest product launch advertising campaign in T-Mobile history". Stars such as Whoopi Goldberg, Phil Jackson (Lakers Head Coach), and Jessie James will be featured in the ads that stress the unique customizable nature of the myTouch 3G.

You can see the first commercial up above and it's got a fairly catchy thing going on. We don't know how successful the whole "personalize your phone" is going to be but at least they're letting folks around the country realize a new T-Mobile phone with Google is available!

What do you guys think of the ad?

[via techcrunch]

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5 years ago

Android Users Ban Apps from Android Market, Not Google



Apple has been catching a lot of flack for their draconian app approval process, and for the most part, it's a well-deserved takedown. On our grass is greener side, Google has been looking pretty nice throughout the whole he-said, she-said battle between the FCC, Google, Apple, and AT&T and it's looking even better now that details about how Google deals with Android apps in Android Market have been revealed.

To date, Android Market has only banned 1% of the applications from its virtual shelves and none of those banned applications have their blood on Google's hands. Namely, the banning process begins with users flagging specific applications and then Google investigating the applications--there is no pre-approval process for developers to jump through. We, the Android users, decide what gets cut. The most common reasons for removal are apps that contain adult content or violate copyright laws.

Though not having a pre-approval process can lead to a lot of shoddy and useless applications being passed through, we'd much rather have it the Android way than Apple's. Plus, Apple still has just as many fart apps as we do.

[via moconews]

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5 years ago

Motorola Sholes to Launch on Verizon in October



BGR got his hands on some Verizon internal documents and it details estimated release dates and costs for upcoming Verizon handsets. There's Blackberry, Nokia, and other devices in there but we don't care about that. Not at all. We have our eyes locked on the Motorola Sholes Google Phone with an October launch date. Yep, Verizon users--you'll be getting your Android soon enough!

This confirms previous rumors pointing the Sholes in Verizon's direction but surprises us by launching a wee bit sooner than expected. October is going to be exciting times for Android. We can't wait to get our hands on all the new Android devices expected to hit by the end of the year!

No pricing information has been reported but we're sure it's all going to make sense come September 10th.

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5 years ago

Motorola Holding Android Event on September 10th



It's official. Motorola is going to be announcing their first Android phone (or phones) on September 10th. Which device will it be? The Morrison? The Sholes? Or another one of the slew of Android devices we have heard about? Can we expect Moto's custom Android UI, Blur, to show up? It's all questions right now because the invitation only showcases an Android logo and nothing else.

We're hoping for the trifecta--Morrison, Sholes, and more details about Blur--what do you guys want to see?

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5 years ago

Rhapsody Music Application Coming to Android Too!



The big news yesterday was that Real Networks had submitted their Rhapsody application to the iPhone App Store for approval--the application will give users streaming access to over 8 million songs. Granted, it requires a $12.99/month subscription, the ability to listen to whichever song you want at the moment is certainly a dealmaker for many.

Though iPhone users will have to wait for Apple to reach a decision on the Rhapsody App, us Android users should be aware that, Real has been "working diligently on an Android app" which we expect to be available in sooner rather than later. The Rhapsody app for Android would be a no-brainer download for current Rhapsody ToGo subscribers and an extremely enticing option for music lovers across the world.

Anyone interested in an Android Rhapsody app?

[via gdgttheiphoneblog]

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5 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Lite Passes Through the FCC



The Samsung Galaxy is one of the more under-appreciated Android phones on the market, mostly because of its European-only status. Though it has been out for months overseas, we've heard very little about any potential launches or carrier support--so it's been sort of swept under the rug here in the States. We've been aware of the Samsung Galaxy, but it's been other Android phones that have got us going.

Well, it looks like that may change because a Samsung Galaxy 'Lite' has made its way through the FCC and it looks like a presumably budget version of the Galaxy will be made available for US consumption. Though the details of the Samsung Galaxy 'Lite' are shrouded in mystery, we do know that it'll be offered by a GSM carrier (T-Mobile?) and that it'll have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (of course).

We're hopeful that the Galaxy 'Lite' won't be too different from the Galaxy because if we've waiting this long for a less capable device, well we won't be too happy about that. What do you guys think?


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