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6 years ago

Acer Liquid Android Phone Announced, Has 1GHz Snapdragon Processor



These Android devices just keep coming, don't they? After copping out with a dual-booting Android Netbook, it looks like Acer is ready to support Android in a big way. Acer just announced the Acer Liquid, Acer's first Android smartphone. The Acer Liquid (which we're assuming is the much discussed A1) will use Qualcomm's 1GHz Snapdragon Processor, marking it the first Android handset to use the chipset (which we expect to be super fast). Along with the super speedy processor, the Acer Liquid will have a drool-worthy High Definition WVGA capacitive touchscreen and run Android 1.6 'Donut'.

Other notable features include (via acer):

  • Improved power management to help achieve longer battery autonomy for intense users;
  • A new user interface with easy access to entertainment and web bookmarks
  • An optimized camera with geo-tagging, ISO, self-timer options and accelerated auto-focus performance
  • Exclusive Spinlets application providing free streaming of worldwide music and video, that can be shared with friends and family through web-posting or e-mail
  • Smart integration of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Picasa and Flickr in the address book, with realtime notification of status or content updates.

Though no date, price, carrier, or any real information was announced, we're sure that the Acer Liquid will shake up the current Android smartphone market into using faster processors (we hope). Either way, we can't wait to use one of these!

What do you guys think?

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6 years ago

Another Fuzzy Picture of the Motorola Droid aka Tao aka Sholes



BGR got their hands on another picture of the Motorola Droid aka Tao aka Sholes and it's...fuzzy. Though of course, a picture of the upcoming Verizon Motorola Android handset is better than nothing, we do wish it came at a higher resolution. BGR's sources also tell them that the ROM on the Droid aka Tao aka Sholes is getting new builds daily--maybe they're trying to reach a deadline and release this puppy? Let's hope so.

Another shot after the break!

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6 years ago

Pre-Order Acer Dual-Boot Android Netbook on Amazon !



We've heard about the Acer Android Netbook for so long that it's almost surprising that it's now a reality...sort of. You can pre-order the Acer Android Netbook right now on Amazon for the netbook-ish price of $349.99. The Acer Aspire One D250 will dual-boot Android and Windows XP and pack your typical netbook specs: 1.66 GHz Intel Atom Processor, 1GB RAM, 160GB HD, and 10.1" display. Battery life is supposed to hit 9 hours (or just around your T-Mobile G1. zing!)

There's no ship date listed but we're hoping this comes out very, very soon! Who's going to buy this Android netbook?

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6 years ago

A Tour of Motoblur on the Motorola Cliq


Here's a quick tour of the major features of the Motoblur interface and service on the Motorola Cliq. I got this tour at the Moto booth at CTIA and after fighting a recalcitrant SD card for several days, I'm happy to say I've saved the video and present it here for you slavering Cliq fans.

Overall I'm quite impressed with the Cliq - but as with the Sense UI on the HTC Hero, I worry that the proliferation of widgets, email clients, and the like will confuse new users. As a power user myself, I find them all to be a joy. Perhaps we're approaching the day where all smartphone users start to look like power users. What do you think - does Motoblur look like it would appeal to Aunt May?

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6 years ago

A Look At Quick Search Box in Android


By now, we're hoping that you guys are all enjoying Android 1.6 'Donut' and using all the new, unique features of 'Donut'. Google highlighted one of these features, Quick Search Box, in the above video and we think it's worth a look to see how powerful the Search toolbar has become.

Basically, Quick Search Box searches both locally on your phone and on the web. You can search through your own personal apps, contacts, and browser history as well as on the web for local businesses, weather, movie showtimes, etc. all through one search box. It's smart, it's fast, and it'll find you what you need.

Suggestions begin to pop up while you type and Quick Search Box even 'learns' your habits, providing faster access to items you search for and use most often. The microphone button can be used to both search and call contacts, a great new feature! But it doesn't end there, third party developers will be able to offer suggestions in Quick Search Box--greatly expanding the scope of Search. Imagine being able to search Twitter on your home screen via a Twitter application that supports Quick Search Box. This is going to be huge for Android.

What do you guys think?

[google mobile blog]

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6 years ago

Google I/O 2010 Will Be Held May 19-20, 2010



If you're into planning and saving the date, Google would like to let you know that Google I/O, Google's largest developer conference, will be returning to the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA on May 19-20, 2010. There's not much you can do for the event now, considering early registration starts in January 2010, but consider our calendars marked. Google I/O 2009 was the event where they gave free Google Ions aka HTC Magics aka myTouch 3Gs to attendees and introduced Google Wave. What will be in store for 2010?

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6 years ago

HTC Tattoo Offers Customization via


The HTC Tattoo, HTC's other Android device that runs HTC Sense, is now available across the pond. Vodafone UK customers are now able to purchase this highly customizable, highly affordable Android device and immediately 'make it their own'. By heading to, users can either choose from a slew of design options or even dabble and create their own. Basically, you can Tattoo your Tattoo.

If you want to buy a pre-existing design cover, it'll run you €11.99 but if you want to harness your own creative nature and completely build your own design from scratch, it'll be offered for €14.99. Let us know what designs you guys come up with!

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6 years ago

What Is T-Mobile's Project Dark aka Project Black?



It's no secret that T-Mobile is trailing behind its competitors as the 4th biggest nationwide carrier here in the States. In fact, it seems that no matter what they do (being Android's #1 supporter for one), they can never seem to gain enough traction on the other carriers. So it comes to no surprise that T-Mobile is prepping a game changing feature that'll allow them to skip out of 4th and completely re-ignite the wireless market. The question is, what will that game changer be?

T-Mobile's Project Dark (or Project Black) is purported to be the ace in the hole for T-Mobile. There are rumors abound suggesting that it most definitely is game changing, but no one really knows what it's going to be. Some are even speculating the spectacular--that the iPhone is on its way to T-Mobile (not going to happen). But we think even the iPhone isn't big enough for this announcement --T-Mobile will need something truly shocking.

More reasonable suggestions of what Project Dark is, is that T-Mobile is prepping successive launches for their most anticipated handsets (Motorola CLIQ, Samsung Behold II, Blackberry 9700) along with a hyper-launch of T-Mobile's 21Mbps HSPA+ super-3G network. Having top-end handsets with the absolute fastest 3G network in the US is certainly noteworthy. But the best and what we think most game changing feature would be is the report that T-Mobile is planning to launch a $50 all-you-can-eat rate plan that'll give users unlimited SMS, MMS, and data along with your usual slew of minutes. Can you imagine every other carrier scrambling to respond to that? The whole industry would be shaken up (and we reap the benefits!).

As far as we know, T-Mobile is planning to launch Project Dark by the end of this month (October 25th being the date everyone is pointing to). Is it possible to fulfill impossible hype?

What do you want Project Dark to be?

 [via bgr, tmonews]

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6 years ago

Wal-Mart Drops Price of T-Mobile G1 to $48.88, myTouch 3G to $98.88


Likely in response to the launch of the HTC Hero on Sprint, Walmart has just dropped the price of the original Android phones. Both the T-Mobile G1 and the myTouch 3G received price drops and if you're a current T-Mobile customer wanting to get a taste of Android, it's as good a deal as you're going to find. The T-Mobile G1 is now $48.88 and the myTouch 3G is $98.88 (with new 2-year contract). It's a really great deal considering how many 'dumbphones' are offered for the same price.

Though the website still lists the T-Mobile G1 as 97.77, it looks like Tmonews has received confirmation of the price drops. We suggest you contact your local Walmart to see if they are carrying this low, low price.

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6 years ago

Does Your Sprint HTC Hero Have a 'with Google' Logo ?


Check the back of your Sprint HTC Hero, does it say 'with Google' or 'HTC'? Our version simply says, 'HTC' but some users on the Sprint Users forum are reporting that they have the 'with Google' branding (like the picture above). Some pictures of the box also shows the 'with Google' branding which strikes us as odd considering earlier reports indicated that HTC Sense would not available on 'with Google' aka Google experience phones.

No one really knows why there is 'with Google' branding on the HTC Hero but there are a couple user theories floating around. Some users are postulating that Hero's without Google branding were manufactured earlier and those with the 'with Google' branding were added later (this makes the most sense). Some users are even saying that those without Google branding are stuck with EV-DO Rev. 0 and those with Google have EV-DO Rev. A. Rev A has slightly faster download speeds and significantly faster upload speeds than Rev 0. The HTC Hero was marketed with EV-DO Rev. A.

To check when your Hero was manufactured, open up the dialer and punch in ##786# to get Reverse Logistics open and scroll down to the Manufacturer's Date. The date will be listed in the d/m/y format. To see which EV-DO you're connected to go to Settings > About Phone > Status > Mobile Network Type. We're not certain there's an actual difference between Hero's branded as 'with Google' and those without but if we're all using EV-DO Rev. 0, that's alarming.

Our Hero at Android Central does not have the 'with Google' logo, was manufactured on 4/9/2009 (Sept. 4, 2009), and currently reads EV-DO Rev. 0.

What about yours?

Update: According to Sprint, the Rev. 0 issue is a mere visual display bug. Even though your Hero says you're connected to EV-DO Rev. 0 and only EV-DO Rev. 0, if you live in an EV-DO Rev. A area, you'll be connected to that Rev. A network no matter what the phone says. We'll have to take their word for it and hope this visual display bug gets fixed in the future!

a big thanks to Andrew Starr & tom for the tip and the Sprint Users forum for the info!

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6 years ago

Sprint HTC Hero Available Now, Did You Get Yours ?



We're receiving a lot of tips from our readers confirming that the HTC Hero is available for purchase right now. We've previously reported on Best Buy offering the Hero to their Reward Zone customers before the October 11th release date and that Sprint Telesales was selling them as well. But it now looks like Sprint Retail Stores are joining in the fun in offering the HTC Hero early. Some customers are receiving phone calls telling them that their Hero was available for pick up while others are simply walking in the store and being offered the phone.

If you're really interested in getting a HTC Hero we suggest you call your local Sprint Retail store for more information. We're crossing our fingers for you guys!

a BIG thanks to Maroot and all our readers for the tip!

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6 years ago

Sprint HTC Hero: Hardware Review


There’s no question that the HTC Hero has been the most anticipated Android device in Android’s short lifetime. Though the T-Mobile G1 and myTouch 3G are both wonderful devices that will still be relevant years from today, the G1 had a (undeserved) “beta” rep it couldn’t shake and the myTouch 3G had such a delayed release in the US, it couldn’t maintain the initial hype (deserved).


On the flip side, the HTC Hero is on a brand new carrier, with a brand new custom UI built by HTC, and an all around, brand new feel. Launching on Sprint on October 11th for $179.99, it’s priced competitively and offers a clear alternative to competing smartphones.

We guess you could say that the HTC Hero is Android re-imagined or even re-defined--we like to call it Android all grown up. So how does the HTC Hero perform? Can it live up to the hype? Read on to find out!

Read on for Android Central’s hardware review of the HTC Hero!

*we've decided to split our HTC Hero Review in two--one review for the hardware and one review for the software. The hardware review is today and the review of the software (HTC Sense, Sprint apps) will come tomorrow!*

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6 years ago

Android 1.6 'Donut' Coming to Vodafone UK October 19th



T-Mobile US has already begun its rollout of the Android 1.6 'Donut' update to T-Mobile G1 and myTouch 3G users but what about the rest of the world? It looks like Vodafone UK customers will be able to enjoy their 'Donut' on October 19th because according to a Vodafone Forum Moderator, that's when Vodafone is going to start pushing out the update. Enjoy UK HTC Magic owners!

We still haven't heard official word from Rogers in Canada, so if any of our neighbors to the north hear anything 'Donut' related, be sure to let us know so we can pass it along!

Though it's very convenient to have Android OS updates pushed OTA to our handsets, we're wondering if a manual option would be more efficient. Instead of relying on carriers to decide when we can update, couldn't they offer users the option to download the update off their website? Makes sense to us. What about you guys?

Thanks Carl C for the tip!

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6 years ago

Want to Get a Hero Early? Best Buy and Sprint Telesales Your Best Bet



If you can't wait 'til Sunday for the HTC Hero to officially launch on Sprint (and who can?), you can grab a HTC Hero as early as today at Best Buy! Granted you have to be a Best Buy Reward Zone Member and bring the above coupon (which can be found in our forums) to your local Best Buy in order to get the Hero before everybody else, it's well worth it! (plus it's not that complicated). We suggest you call your local Best Buy to confirm availability.

Another route to get the HTC Hero early would be to order it via Sprint Telesales. Yep, the good ol telephone still works wonders. Though we're not sure when Sprint will ship your Hero, the comfort of knowing that the latest and greatest Android phone is en route is always a plus.

And finally, if you have the patience (bless your heart) you can still wait for Sunday, October 11th to purchase it at any Sprint retailer for $179.99 with new 2-year contract. Good things come to those who wait (like the ability to read our upcoming two-part HTC Hero review today & tomorrow!)

a BIG thanks to esanger02 and JayTV for the tip!

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