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What's the Difference Between Android and Google? And Why Does it Matter?


In the same article where Samsung revealed their plans for Android, they dropped a very interesting nugget regarding the status of Android. Samsung gave a clear distinction between the Android OS and "Google Experience" devices, lining themselves more with Android than with Google.

To quote:

[Samsung] drew a distinction between devices built on the Android platform and "Google Experience" devices, which not only use Android but are also Google-centric, packed with the search giant's own applications. "Our commitment is more to the Android phone than the Google Experience device,".

This whole time, we've been lumping Android and Google together, believing that they were one and the same. Android was Google and Google was Android, the lines were blurred, there was no difference. Could we have been wrong?

Read on to see what Android Central thinks the phone industry thinks about Android and Google!

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5 years ago

Samsung's Android Plans Revealed -- Several Android Devices This Year



We've been speculating for months, trying to determine what Samsung's plans for Android were. We thought we would see something at MWC, wrong. We finally caught a blurrycam pixelated image of the Android device, which is to be followed by three others. And now finally, we're getting some more official words from Samsung regarding Android.

Samsung is going to launch their first Android device in June of this year. Celebrate! Not so fast, because it's going to be released on a European Carrier first. After that, Samsung will release TWO Android Devices here in the US on TWO different carriers (T-Mobile and Sprint are where the smart money's at) in the second half of this year. Supposedly, the two US Android devices are going to look completely different due to carrier preference (let me guess, the T-Mobile version will have a 'chin').

So wait just a little bit longer kids, Samsung will eventually come to the Android party.


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5 years ago

Documents To Go Released for Android



Dieter already gave Documents To Go and Roadsync a hands on back at MWC and we all came away pretty impressed. Now, you'll be able to get to see for yourself how great DataViz is because it's been released to Android Market for $19.99 (regular price $29.99).

Docs to Go allows for creating, viewing and editing Office documents. If you've used DataViz's software before, you're probably aware that it's pretty much the best in the business. 

Did anyone take the plunge? How do you guys like Docs to Go? You can read our initial impressions here.

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5 years ago

T-Mobile Releases T-Mobile G1 Numbers and Statistics



T-Mobile has just released some pretty interesting statistics regarding their flagship (and only) Android device, the T-Mobile G1. According to their numbers, among T-Mobile customers who've purchased a G1 "roughly half have traded up from a basic handset". Here are the rest of the numbers:

  • Approximately 80% of T-Mobile G1 users browse the web on a daily basis
  • The majority of T-Mobile G1 owners use Facebook and Youtube at least once a day and access Wi-Fi on a daily basis
  • On average, T-Mobile G1 customers have downloaded more than 40 applications from Android Market
  • Four out of five G1 customers download applications at least once a week

Taking a look at those numbers what pops out is the amount of apps being downloaded via Android Market. We can half-expect T-Mobile G1 users to use their phones more than other T-Mobile phones so accessing the web or using Youtube isn't suprising but downloading 40 applications (on average) from Android Market? That must mean these Android users are some sort of savvy! Keep it up Android Users!

What do you guys say? Were you surprised by the numbers?

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5 years ago

Google Allowing Tethering Applications for Non T-Mobile Users



Remember how we told you that Google was banning all tethering applications from Android Market and didn't look so "open" while doing so? Well, we might have spoke too soon. Google has backtracked and is now allowing tethering applications for users outside of the T-Mobile US network.

According to Google:

“We inadvertently unpublished your application for all mobile providers; if you like, we can restore your app so that all Android Market users outside the T-Mobile US network will have access to your application” Google statement to WiFi Tether for Root Users developer

This is a sigh of relief because Android isn't supposed to represent banning, denials, and closed (that's for the iPhone). Android is supposed to be the cute little green robot, the open source system, and the friendly--you come to Android expecting a certain amount of freedom and allowance.

We understand that if applications violate T-Mobile's Terms of Service, it's a no go. Thankfully, Google has allowed other Android users on other carriers access to the tethering applications.

[via androidcommunity]

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5 years ago

Germany and Austria's Android Market Launches Paid Apps



According to reports, Germany and Austria's Android Users can now download paid apps in Android Market. We've had paid applications for a while now here in the States but now you guys get to enjoy them!

Tell us how your experience went in the comments!

[via androidguys]

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5 years ago

Vodafone Launching HTC Magic May 1st


We had previously pegged the release date of the HTC Magic on Vodafone UK around April but new reports are pushing the date back to May 1st. So in a month's time you can expect the Second Android Device to be finally released! And *only* 8 months after the first Android Device! *sarcasm*

According to the reports, the HTC Magic will be given away for free to customers with a £25 or higher plan per month. As always, there are no specifics and nothing is really concrete in regards to price. With that said, we can surely expect the HTC Magic to release sooner than later and it's probably safe to say that Cupcake will be released to Android users within the same time frame.

If you need a reminder the HTC Magic is supposedly the G2 which is pretty much the same as the G1 except it's a full touchscreen with no sliding QWERTY keyboard. The styling and design of the Magic is definitely more drool-worthy than the G1 and of course, the oh so adorable chin is still around.

[android community]

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5 years ago

HP Considering Android For Their Netbooks ?



You could make an argument that the two biggest technology stories of 2008 was Android and netbooks. Android is a potential game-changer in both the wireless world and the mobile industry as a whole. Netbooks are an increasingly popular option for those who simply need the bare basics for their computing. So what could the biggest story of 2009 be? Perhaps, Android-Powered Netbooks? Netbooks running Android? We think so!

HP is reportedly looking into Android as the potential OS for its netbook line and honestly, it can make sense. Windows is currently too beefy for the netbook spectrum and Android is free, open-source, and extremely versatile. HP definitely should take a long and serious look into seeing if it is practical for a netbook to run Android because the potential is off the charts.

If this happens, and it still is a big if, Android is certainly going to be bigger than even we anticipated. HP is one of the biggest computer manufacturers in the US and having Android on their netbooks would put Android at the forefront of the revolution. Android in computers? Cool! Android in everyday life? Even better.

What do you guys think? Do you think Android would make a good OS for netbooks?

[wsj via engadget]

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5 years ago

Android Central Is At CTIA 2009! Viva Las Vegas!



Yup. Just like Mobile World Congress 2009, Android Central will be reporting live and on location from CTIA Wireless 2009. The show is typically one of the biggest mobile/smartphone/wireless events of the year so hopefully we can get some Android related announcements and heaven forbid, actual Android devices.

We had already speculated that the HTC Magic aka T-Mobile G2 will show up at CTIA but other than that prediction, we don't have much else to base on. So we'll go with our gut and expect 4 Android Devices to be showcased and a few others to be simply announced. Let's go with one from Motorola, one from Samsung, and 2 from HTC (fingers crossed).

Android can't possibly make it two quite tradeshows in a row can they? What do you guys think will happen for Android at CTIA 2009?

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5 years ago

Google Bans Tethering Application From Android Market



Uh oh. Is this a sign of Google turning all evil and Apple on us by banning applications from Android Market? Because according to a developer for the application WiFi Tether for Root Users, their tethering application got banned. Officially they've been banned from Android Market for violating the Developer Distribution Agreement.

According to the developer:

"Google enters into distribution agreements with device manufacturers and Authorized Carriers to place the Market software client application for the Market on Devices. These distribution agreements may require the involuntary removal of Products in violation of the Device manufacturer’s or Authorized Carrier’s terms of service."

"Your Data Plan is intended for Web browsing, messaging, and similar activities on your device and not on any other equipment. Unless explicitly permitted by your Data Plan, other uses, including for example, tethering your device to a personal computer or other hardware, are not permitted."

Hm. This isn't particularly good news for anyone hoping that Android will be different and allow for more freedom, I guess that "open" platform concept might be put to the test. The developer goes on to wonder aloud if Android Market will always follow T-Mobile's Terms of Service and thus have the world's Android users feel the wrath of an American Carrier (albeit the friendliest American Carrier).

We don't know what this exactly means for Android and Android Market but we would love to hear an official statement from Google. Hopefully, they can let us know what happened here.

[via androidcommunity

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