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6 years ago

Evo 4G overclocked to 1.2GHz


Evo 4G overclocked

If modding the Evo 4G to work with the Palm Touchstone isn't warranty-voiding enough for you, take a look at this. XDA member coolbho3000 has cranked his Evo's Snapdragon processor up to 1.267GHz, up from the stock 998MHz or so. Meltdown risks certainly grow as you get that Snapdragon processor to work harder than was initially intended, and this isn't a DIY project for the noobs, so handle with care. But for everybody else, happy overclocking! Check out video of it in action after the break. [XDA Developers] Thanks, Mike!

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6 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S slides through the FCC - next stop T-Mobile


Samsung Galaxy S

We don't suppose the Samsung Galaxy S will be a part of Saturday's "All phones free" promotion at T-Mobile (which is now official, by the way), but it's will on its way to the U.S. carrier, having just made its way through the FCC. Exactly when we'll be able to get our hands on all that Super AMOLED goodness is still anybody's guess, though the Sammy event late this month hopefully will shed a little light on things. [FCC via Unwired View]

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6 years ago

Evo-Touchstone conversion takes a steady hand, little fear of warranty


Evo 4G on the Palm Touchstone

There it is, folks. The Sprint Evo 4G rewired to work on the Palm Touchstone inductive charger. No more plugging in the phone to keep it juiced -- which with the Evo you tend to have to do a bunch. All it takes is a Touchstone, Palm Pre back cover, a bit of wire and a few simple tools -- oh, and no fear of voiding your Evo warranty. But it may well be worth the risk just to up your Evo cool factor and nerd cred. Full instructions are now available, and it actually looks fairly painless. [Good and Evo]

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6 years ago

Vodafone gets into the Android development game


Vodafone 360 Shop

U.K. carrier Vodafone today announced the launch of its Vodafone 360 Shop for Android, which is geared toward helping developers design standard widgets, widgets for Opera Mini and direct-to-carrier billing options. It's yet another option outside the Android Market, which has seen explosive growth but continues to experience growing pains, including slowdowns, and, over the past week or so, disappearing apps and mis-reported download numbers. Check out Vodafone's release after the break. [Vodafone]

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6 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Beam projects video starting in July


Samsung Galaxy Beam

Pico projectors were (or is it are?) supposed to be all the rage, allowing you to do video straight from your phone. Previously, though, you've needed some sort of external attachment. That changes with the Samsung Galaxy Beam -- previously known as the Halo -- which sports a 3.7-inch Super AMOLED screen along with tri-band HSPA and quad-band EDGE, 802.11 Wifi, an 8MP autofocus camera with flash, a front VGA camera, aGPS, 1800mAh batter (nice!), and some bit of internal memory, though the amount is a bit up in the air. This little guy will be available in Singapore in July. [Engadget]

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6 years ago

Monday night mayhem: Comment at will!


Monday night mayhem

So much for easing back into the work week, huh? We started off today with the announcement of the HTC Aria on AT&T. Followed that up by another Motorola Droid X sighting. You all got your knickers in a twist over doubleTwist (and many of you missed the phone -- it's about design, not function). And to top it all off, the Samsung Galaxy S Pro made an appearance.

Quite the Monday, indeed. Let's wind down with a little free chat. Got something you wanna get off your chest? Do it here in the comments.

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6 years ago

Android Cup kicks off today, Incredible versus Behold II first round



Well folks, it’s time to break out the pom-poms and start the trash talking  – the Android Cup has begun. This event, sponsored by Laptop Mag, brings all the older Android classics together and even ties in the newest heavy-hitters in the Droid world -- but in the end, there can be only one. The carnage began today with the the ominous Droid Incredible going head-to-head with the classic Samsung Behold II in a bout of bloodthirst and horror.  Now, we know that the first tier matches may seem kind of predictable, but it’s really all about you, the fans, supporting your personal favorite devices so get out there and start voting!   [via Laptop Mag]

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6 years ago

Tether beta goes public with a trial



Tether, a company many of us are familiar with, announced today that they have finally released their Android beta to the public. For many this news is warmly welcomed, since the beta that was announced a while back was limited and not everyone got to get in on it. If you are not familiar with Tether, they are a company that offers a paid tethering application which on the Android has seen speeds around 40 percent higher then their competition offers. Many of you that are converting to Android from BlackBerry may already have a license for this application, and Tether has provided a statement about transferring these license's and how they will handle these customers.

The number one question we've been asked is will existing customers need to purchase a new Android license.  Our team has decided, after much debate, that existing Tether customers will be able to get the Android version with a huge discount. The pricing will also be different than our current BlackBerry solution, for a number of business reasons.  Keep in mind that your Android version will be transferable to any other Android, should you upgrade, change or lose your phone in the future for no cost.  Exactly how our BlackBerry version currently operates.

But for now the Android Beta is available at no cost until we officially launch it.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Tether and sign up for your free trial of the application now!

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6 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S Pro looks to bring QWERTY Android to Sprint


Samsung Galaxy S Pro

You'll have to excuse the upside-down picture, but what you see here reportedly is the Samsung Galaxy S Pro, with a mondo-QWERTY keyboard and a heavily skinned Android OS with TouchWiz 3.0 (same as on the Galaxy S), all headed for Sprint. Icons for Sprint TV, Sprint Zone and some other video on demand app are present, as our a plethora of alternate buttons on the keys. No word on if and when we'll see this guy launched, but remember that Samsung's having a little shindig at the end of the month, so we'll be on the lookout. [Android Community]

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6 years ago

Sprint employee reportedly fired for leaking Evo 4G launch figures



The story goes like this: Sprint employee posts Evo 4G launch sales figures at XDA Developers. Sprint finds out. Post is killed. Employee is invited into a back room by a "forensics" team, which proceeds to show said employee all of his online transgressions, which may or may not involve videos of cute kittens. Regardless, dude was summarily let go, but not before MobileCrunch snagged the numbers out of a Google-cached page.

“according to sprint we as a [company] have sold 66,483 theres a whole bunch of stores though that dont have any more inventory i dont think any major city sprint does”

So if that's true, the Evo 4G sold more than 65,000 units at Sprint's branded stores, and who know how many more at other outlets, such as Radio Shack. Of course, there's no telling just how true any of this may be. But it may add a little clarity to Sprint's slightly confused boasting of sales numbers. Now the question is how long the Evo will ride the wave. [via MobileCrunch]

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6 years ago

Euogo's M7003 Android tablet -- Why? Just, why?


M7003 tablet

Let me start by saying I have not seen, held, or fondled this unit in any way.  And frankly, I have no desire to.  But when this post popped up in the forums about a $117.30 Chinese monstrosity, one of us had to react.  Since I've been closely following the development of a few Android tablets, I gleefully volunteered :)

This has so many warning flags I'm not sure where to begin.  The 300 MHz VIA 8505 processor should ensure sluggish performance and poor battery life, the 128 MB of ram will likely make you scream and kick your cat even when attempting the simplest tasks, and I won't even start on the Android 1.7 system that a magic OS fairy must have built -- because Google sure didn't.  Add in a TransFlash micro SD slot that only supports cards up to 16 GB, and the absence of all the standard Google apps, including the Android Market and you don't have something that's crippled, you have something that's dead and just doesn't know it.  The only thing this has going for it is price, and even that isn't spectacular -- spend 50 more dollars and get a used Droid Eris off eBay.  I promise you'll have a better Android experience.  Simply put, I wish I had more hands so I could give this four thumbs down.

Anyone see any reason I should spend a hundred-and-seventeen bucks to give this one a second look?  Holler out in the comments! [ via Android Central forums]

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6 years ago

Why the doubleTwist Android app looks so good


doubleTwist for Android

It's pretty much agreed upon that the new doubleTwist music app for Android is one of the better looking players on everybody's favorite smartphone. But how did it come to be? Designer Sebastiaan de With explains on his Cocoia blog:

We wanted something that actually advanced the state of the art. I sure as hell wasn’t going to use an entirely new platform for months just to ape another. It was a mixed blessing to have so little limitations on what constituted a ‘native’ user interface.

Android has its guidelines, but most apps (even the Google-sanctioned Twitter app) have a very ‘custom’ appearance. We opted for a look that works well on the various devices and custom ‘shells’ (notably, HTC’s terrible “Sense” interface) and arrived at this muted, native-looking yet polished visual scheme

By no means is the doubleTwist app the only well-designed piece of software on Android, but it's certainly a shining example of what can be done with a minimal set of guidelines, and no sticky concerns about duplication of functions. [Cocoia BlogThanks, Rene!

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6 years ago

Evo 4G case review: Golla Grape Pouch


Evo 4G Golla Grape Pouch

The Evo 4G is a big phone, with a big, bright screen. And it needs to be protected. The Golla Grape Pouch offers soft and stylish protection while adding a bit of storage. Let's take a look, after the break.

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6 years ago

Rom developers get stock Android 2.1 on the Motorola Cliq


Android 2.1 on the Motorola Cliq

Motorola Cliq owners, you haven't been forgotten.  A group of developers has cooked up some Eclair love for you.  In what sounds like a herculean effort travisjames, along with fellow developer barakinflorida have taken otabbb's work with building AOSP (Android Open Source Project) for the Cliq and turned it into a functional ROM.  It's not 100 percent complete, but the latest Alpha build looks pretty promising.  I asked for some info from travisjames and he was happy to reply:

Eclair2CLIQ is a ROM that was started after ModMyMoto (now ModMyMobile) user otabbb, figured out how to build Android 2.1 from source for the CLIQ and posted what he had created for other developers to build off of and "for someone who wants this like a starting point to make a great 2.1 Cliq ROM."

So, I decided to take it on and within the first few days, fixed half of the problems the ROM currently had including, WiFi, GPS, etc, included some applications from Cyanogen's 2.1 build, and released it as Alpha1.

Now, coming up to Alpha3, which is completely build from source and should be released soon, me, along with fellow developer barakinflorida, have managed to fix Data, Vibration, and a few of the more "essential" parts of having a daily driver.

If you're using a Cliq or a Dext, hit the source link to follow the development.  A few more screenshots are after the jump. [ModMyMobile] Thanks Chisle41!

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6 years ago

Droid 2 has 1GHz processor, according to commercial script


Motorola Droid 2 commercia script

Good news for all you Motorola Droid fans who have had to keep repeating over and over that "processor speed isn't everything." You're getting a 1GHz processor in the Droid 2, if this leaked commercial script is any indication. That still doesn't really change the fact that processor speed isn't everything, but you'll be able to wave the 1GHz flag like everybody else.

A second script focuses on the Droid X. The commercials apparently are a mix between "The Matrix" and "Gattaca," and the Droid X is said to do "live streaming NFL games on a 720 dpi screen so big ..." We're pretty sure the screen's not actually 720 dots (or pixels) per inch, but you see where they're going -- TV out. Plus, there's an NFL app, and you'll be able to watch games live. Peep the Droid X script after the break. [Droid Life]

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