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5 years ago

Foursquare app updates to version 2.0


Everyone's favorite stalking application just received an update. The new Foursquare 2.0 update allows users to access foursquare's "Tips and To-Dos" much easier within the app than previously before. "Tips and To-Dos are now out in the open, making it easy to share and plan your outings." Having these features out and more present to the user, should allow more and more people to add content to the service. The more people contribute to these lists, the more foursquare will become a useful tool in getting around the neighborhood -- and not just some app you use to stalk your co-workers. [Foursquare Blog]

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5 years ago

Hands-on with the Samsung Continuum


Innovative screen design is coming to Verizon

Samsung Continuum -- SCH-i400
The Verizon Samsung Fascinate, left, and Continuum, right.

Behold, the Verizon Continuum -- aka the Samsung SCH-i400 -- live and in person. It's an as-yet unannounced Android 2.1 phone from Samsung, destined for Verizon, and it's got a few tricks up its sleeve.

We knew a few things going into this thanks to a previous leak. So let's start with what we don't know: We don't know when it's coming. But judging by the build quailty, it'll be soon. We don't know how much it'll cost, but you can imagine it'll be in the usual $150-200 price range, after subsidy, of course.

And we don't actually have official specs just yet. OK, we've dug up some, and surmised others. But as with things of this nature, specs are subject to change, as are software features, we imagine.

So now that we have those bases covered, on to our initial thoughts of the Samsung Continuum!

Be sure to check out our video hands-on, too!

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5 years ago

TaintDroid -- realtime privacy monitoring for your Android phone



Everyone should take their personal data seriously, and the people behind TaintDroid are about to help us all with that.  It's a joint project between Intel, Penn State University, and Duke University that monitors the private data that third party applications request from your Android phone, using a scientific technique called "dynamic taint analysis".  In a nutshell, TaintDroid will monitor applications and alert you when one tries to send personal identifiable data from your device.  It won't tell you that this is good or bad, just what is being sent and where it's being sent to.  You can then use the information and make that determination for yourself -- it's all nice and neutral in a very clinical way.

While Android does tell you what sort of permissions an application will have access to, many users ignore those warnings or simply don't understand them.  That's where a service like TaintDroid could be very, very handy.  They have a very nice FAQ and video demo of TaintDroid in action at their project page, which you can find at the source link.  Thank goodness Android is a platform open to this sort of application, rather than not approving it to protect developers, then preventing most to install it since it's not "endorsed" by someone in California.  Be sure to check it out, and as soon as it's made available for the average Joe (hey that's us!) we'll let you know.  [AppAnalysis]

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5 years ago

PSA: Podcast pushed to Friday this week


Just a quick heads up, folks, that this week's Android Central Podcast -- normally on Thursday night -- will instead be live Friday at 7 p.m. EDT / 4 p.m. PDT.

We were trying to come up with a really cool excuse but decided that, in the end, truth and openness are the best: Jerry's doing some antiquing -- and nobody gets between Jerry and his antiques.

So we'll see you Friday, rested and ready to go. In the meantime, go read a book or something.

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5 years ago

Epic 4G OTA specifics [From the Forums]


Sprint already announced that they will be rolling out another maintenance release update for the Epic 4G, starting today.  It wasn't too long ago that we saw an update, so it's good to see Sprint staying on the ball with this one.  As promised, Sprint has released the change log (after the break) and it looks good.  Most major concerns are being addressed, and hopefully everyone can get back to enjoying their Epic 4G's instead of fighting the bugs.  Any of you guys got your OTA yet?  Sing out in the Epic 4G forums! [Sprint via Android Central forums]

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5 years ago

Samsung I-400 breaks cover, coming to Verizon


Big Red really likes Android phones (probably a true fact). The dude, or rather, the guy, over at The Droid Guy, has posted a blury image of the new Samsung I-400. You're probably already looking at this phone and saying, "meh." Sure it may look like a basic phone, but look a bit more. It probably doesn't help the fact that there is a huge glare across the bottom -- but look closer. This new Samsung phone is shipping with two displays: the main large screen and the lower mini-screen. This design reminds us of the Barnes and Noble Nook. No word on launch date or pricing just yet. All we know is that it will ship with Android 2.1 and carry Bing as the primary search engine. Go ahead -- sound off in the comments section. [The Droid Guy]

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5 years ago

Fennec re-versioned to bring it in line with desktop Firefox


 Fennic on Android

Fennec, the codename for Mozilla's mobile version of Firefox, is getting a bit of a name change to bring it in line with the current version of Firefox. Fennec 2.0 is currently in alpha and is still being updated with nightly builds, but the "web rendering engines used in both browsers are the same" according to lead developer Mark Finkle. As such, Fennic will be now have its official name changed to "Firefox 4 for Android and Nokia N900" for it's eventual release. The current 4.0b1 version is identical to the 2.0b1 version apart from the version number change. These changes should help Mozilla out with marketing the browser so people aren't confused as to why Firefox mobile is only 2.x, but their desktop version is 4.x. [Mark Finkle's Blog]

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5 years ago

Swiftkey spends 7 days at the top, catch it before the sale ends



Swiftkey, an Android keyboard replacement that many of us have grown to love, has spent the pas week since its official announcement as the No. 1 downloaded paid application in the market. As you can imagine, with all the various paid applications in the market, spending any day at the top is a huge success, let alone seven in a row. Swiftkey is currently on sale in the market for 99 cents, but the sale ends tonight. Effective Friday morning, the price will jump up to $3.99. 

Find more in the Swiftkey Developers Forums

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5 years ago

Motorola Cliq 2 'Begonia' specs trickle out



Originally we had reported UMA support may not be coming to Android, but then we saw some interesting news of Wifi calling appearing on the G2, and it appears as though the Motorola Cliq 2 may follow the same path. The Cliq 2 has been codenamed the Begonia, according to an Engadget tipster Nov. 1 is a rumored launch date, and it could launch with a Motoblur'd Android 2.2, and apparently will have a unique keyboard. Stay tuned. [via Engadget]

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5 years ago

Introducing the Android Central App


 Android Central App

You begged. You pleaded. You yelled at us. (More than usual.) And so we now present you with the Android Central Android Application -- or ACAA for short. (Hey, it's better than Sideload Wonder Machine.) It's developed by Notice Software and powered by the same people who bring you your daily dose (and then some) of Android news every day, free of charge. We'll walk you through it and provide download links after the break.

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5 years ago

Samsung Vibrant update available on Kies, but T-Mobile says don't install it


T-Mobile tweet

While getting everything ready to write up the obligatory How To manually update your Samsung Vibrant post, we stumbled across the above.  We're not exactly sure what these known issues may be, but T-Mobile is warning users NOT to do the manual update through the Samsung Kies program, but to patiently wait for the OTA. 

If you haven't already updated, don't.  Carriers don't have to help those who jumped the gun, so it's better to be safe without a GPS fix than to be sorry with a bad update that makes things worse.  If you have already updated, hopefully T-Mobile can get you back on track, or maybe the unofficial Vibrant developers can.  Don't worry, Phil checks every three minutes or so for the update on his Vibrant, so as soon as we see it, we'll holler.  [@T-Mobile_USA]

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5 years ago

Google aggregates its 'official' Android devices in a sleek re-design


Google phone gallery

We all remember the last time we saw; we were brought to a Nexus One page that showed Google's flagship device as well as links to buy one. 

Well, sadly the Nexus One has been commissioned to be solely a developer phone, abolishing the need for a site dedicated to it. Google has done a sleek redesign, which brings together many of the available Android devices in the market today. 

From the announcement:

Here at Google, we’re thrilled with the global adoption of Android and with the high quality of devices that are coming to market around the world. Since there are so many great phones, we wanted to make the selection process a little easier for people who are in the market for a new one. Today we’re rolling out the Google Phone Gallery -- a showcase of Android-powered devices that deliver the best Google experience today

The site aggregates all of the devices that are Google-powered and can be sorted by newest or alphabetical. You see a picture of each phone, followed by a short description underneath and a link to buy from whichever carrier has the device. If you click on the phone, it will bring you to a new window that will present much more detailed specs.

Another great feature is Compare, where you can select three devices and it will bring up a side-by-side detailed comparison of them.

There are 16 countries, including the US, that are searchable with more to be added later. This is a great idea by Google to do as it brings clarity for people who don't necessary spend all day keeping up-to-date on the slew of Android devices that continue to hit the market. [Google Mobile Blog]

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5 years ago

R2-D2 Droid 2 on sale today!


 R2-D2 Droid 2

Couldn't make it to one of the R2-D2 parties last night? Want your very own Star Wars edition of the Droid 2? Just hit up Verizon's website and part with $249, and you can be the envy of all your nerd friends. And you can't put a price on that. [Verizon] Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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5 years ago

Sprint 4G goes live in Pittsburgh, Minneapolis-St. Paul



Sprint's 4G data service just went live in Pittsburgh and Minneapolis-St. Paul, meaning you Steelers fans with the Samsung Epic 4G and HTC Evo 4G can get the latest as old man Charlie Batch leads the Steelers over the Ravens on Sunday, and you Vikes fans can fret about whether old OLD man Brett Favre will actually come back from the bye week or go back to Mississippi where it's safe and warm. Yeah, it's like that. [Sprint]

Full list of Sprint 4G service in the Android Central Forums

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5 years ago

Sprint getting the Samsung Transform, another Galaxy S phone?


Samsung Transform

The Samsung Transform has surfaced in a picture that displays some of Sprint's upcoming phones. Little to no information has been released relating to the Transform, which is intriguing enough. To make the leak more interesting, however, the device looks exactly like the recently released Epic 4G

Sprint is the only U.S. carrier to release its version of the Samsung Galaxy S with a QWERTY keyboard, so perhaps it wants to release a touchscreen-only option? The timing seems strange, but we'll keep our ears open. Until then, anyone's guess is as good as ours as to possible specs and potential release date of the Transform.

Oh, by the way, there's another look at the Kyocera/Sanyo Zio with Sprint branding that we first showed you at Radio Shack. [Engadget]

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