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5 years ago

HTC Sensation available to pre-order from Vodafone UK for May 19 delivery


Vodafone UK is now listing the HTC Sensation for pre-order on its website, along with its first firm information on pricing and availability. Pre-order right now and Voda will "aim" to have the dual-core device shipped to you for May 19. That's not quite a promise, but at least it's a little more specific than the previous "mid-May" release window.

As far as prices go, Vodafone will give you a free Sensation on 24-month contracts of £35 per month or more. 12 and 18-month contracts are also available, though you can expect to pay a little more up-front (up to £200, in fact) if you opt for a cheaper or shorter contract.

Vodafone has a short head-start on the other major UK networks, which will begin offering the HTC Sensation sometime next month. We recently got to play with the Sensation at HTC's UK Roadshow, so be sure to check out our hands-on coverage to find out more.

Source: Vodafone UK

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5 years ago

Anybody else get a Droid Charge early?


Read our Droid Charge initial review

It's the feel-good story of the year. Boy calls Target. Target has Droid Charge. Boy drives to Target, buys Droid Charge, but it won't activate. Target/Radio Shack dude does a little magic, and the Droid Charge is up and running.

And that's just one of many stories floating around the Android Central Forums -- the greatest Android Forums around, by the way.

We still don't know exactly when the Droid Charge will officially go on sale -- a Tuesday re-launch following last week's postponement due to an LTE outage seems to have fallen through. But handfuls of you are getting them. And that sort of thing makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.

Source: Android Forums

Droid Charge SpecsDroid Charge ForumsDroid Charge Accessories

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5 years ago

US Cellular CDMA price sheet leaked


An anonymous tipster has sent us the latest price sheets from US Cellular, and it has it's fair share of Android phones.  From the low end Samsung Gem, to the holy grail of the HTC Merge, it lists all US Cellular has to offer. 

A couple things of interest --

  • The LG Apex ($249) and the LG Optimus U ($199) both have a prepaid option
  • The $55 dollar monthly plan for a Galaxy Tab will save you $200 on the up-front costs ($299 versus the $499 cost with the $15 monthly plan)
  • The LG Genesis checks in at $450 off contract, and $250 with a two-year smartphone plan.

All these prices are before the standard rebates, if any apply.  Makes you realize -- our toys are awfully expensive, aren't they?  The full price sheet is after the break.

Thanks, Anon!

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5 years ago

ColorNote 3.0 brings new functionality and bug fixes



Popular note-taking app ColorNote has been updated to version 3.0, which adds new functionality and a host of bug fixes. New features include the ability to double-tap to edit notes and select words, wiki-style markup for linking to other notes, and a re-vamped UI.

ColorNote 3.0 is available now on the Android Market, and will be rolling out on the Amazon App Store shortly. Join us after the break for a video showing off some of the new features in the latest version, along with the all-important Market link and QR code.

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5 years ago

LG Genesis specs -- every last one


Just a little bit ago we broke the news of the LG Genesis, a clamshell device that appears destined for US Cellular. And now we give you full specs on the device. While the form factor won't appeal to everyone, this device could certainly make a lot of folks happy, and put Android in the hands of even more users. So, will this be your next device? Hit the break for one more image, and then be sure to hop in the forums and start some discussion!

Thanks, anon!

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5 years ago

Android Central's Annual Twitter Client Poll

Android Central Twitter

It's no surprise at this point -- Android lovers are huge fans of Twitter, and even bigger fans of variety in applications to use. No one wants to be forced to use a particular application, and everyone likes different applications for various features. Whether it's the name, the icon, the features, the colors, or just because it is all you have tried, we want to know, what is your favorite Twitter client for Android? Hop in the forums and vote, but also be sure to let us know what your choice was, and why that application is best for you!

And while you're at it, make sure you're one of our nearly 78,000 followers!

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5 years ago

ThunderBolt software update rolling in waves; who's got it?


According to a tweet sent from Verizon's official @VZWSupport account, beginning today, HTC Thunderbolt users will start receiving that software update we've all been patiently waiting for.

@VZWSupport: New s/w update being pushed out to Thunderbolt devices, in stages, beginning today. Visit for details *JB

To freshen your memories, the update will bring the Thunderbolt's software version up to build number 1.13.605.7, and will bring with it improved 3G data connectivity, SMS and MMS messaging fixes, and more. (The shot above has the full list of fixes and improvements.)

There's a massive conga line of people awaiting the update in our ThunderBolt forums, so sound off if you've got it.

Source: @VZWSupport. Thanks, Drootz!

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5 years ago

Google Voice integration with Sprint now live for all


When news first broke about the partnership with Google Voice and Sprint, many were wondering how it would be pulled off, and others were left jealous that it wasn't with all carriers. Either way, we took a look at it ourselves a few weeks ago, and now it is available to all Sprint customers. You'll have the option to either keep their current number and use it as Google Voice, or use their Google Voice number on their Sprint device. If you haven't already, be sure to check out all the details, and get yourself enrolled today!

Source: Google Voice Blog

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5 years ago

Motorola Atrix updates rolling out; how's it going for you?

A few days ago we got word that the Motorola Atrix was to be expecting an OTA update that would bring many enhancements and fixes to the device. And today's the day, folks, with version 4.1.83 rolling out now. We would love to hear your thoughts and experience so far in the forums, and if not be sure to manually check for the update now!

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5 years ago

Android April version numbers stay relatively unchanged from the previous month


Google just released the latest batch of numbers showing us how many devices are on on which version of Android.

The big picture didn't change much in April -- Froyo still dominates, growing to 65.9 percent, up from 63.9 percent a month ago. Gingerbread -- in this case Android 2.3 and 2.3.3 -- climbed a tad, to 1 percent and 3 percent, respectively. Honeycomb's up one-tenth of one percent, to 0.3 percent. The only version of Eclair -- Android 2.1 -- on the list is at 24.5 percent, down a few percentage points for last month.

Meanwhile, legacy versions Cupcake (Android 1.5) and Donut (Android 1.6) continue to wither, at 2.3 percent and 3 percent.

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5 years ago

LG Genesis: Verizon's cast-off enV Pro finds new life on US Cellular


What's this? A clamshell Android device? that's right, folks, it's the LG Genesis, apparently destined for US Cellular. If it looks familiar, it's the old enV Pro that once was destined for Verizon but, like the HTC Merge, never saw the light of day.

But it's back, and it's kept that dual-screen form factor we've traditionally seen on feature phones. Here are the specs as we know them: (Update: No, make that the full specs)

  • Android 2.2 Froyo
  • 1GHz Snapdragon processor
  • 3.5-inch external touchscreen at 480x800
  • 3.2-inch internal touchscreen at 480x800
  • Five-row QWERTY keyboard
  • 5MP camera, max video resolution 640x480
  • 430MB of internal memory
  • 8GB microSD card
  • DLNA multimedia sharing
  • Size: 4.72 inches x 2.43x0.66
  • battery: 1500 mAh
  • Weight: 6 ounces

No word yet on pricing or availability, but we're more than a little curious to get our hands on the Genesis, especially with other dual-screen phones like the Kyocera Echo already on the streets. We've got one more pic after the break.

Thanks, anon!

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5 years ago

Google IO 2011 app now available



Google IO starts in just six days, and the official app has finally hit the Android Market. It's a must-have if you're going to be at Moscone West next week (hey, that's us!), as it has a schedule of the keynotes and sessions, map of the venue (all three levels of it), sessions lists, bulletins, real-time tweets and more. Heck, even if you can't be in San Francisco next week, check it out just to follow along. Download links are after the break.


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5 years ago

ThunderBolt case review: Mobi Products Crystal Case


Want a hard case but want to still show off your phone? The Mobi Products Crystal Case for the HTC ThunderBolt does just that. It's your standard hard-shell case, same as we've reviewed previously. But the big difference this time is that you can see through it -- making sure your ThunderBolt can see and be seen.

It's the same plastic two-piece construction we're used to. And save for a tiny serial number and a couple of lines, it's a perfectly clear case. Same cutouts for the ports and buttons (and the kickstand).

Just like its colored counterparts, the crystal case gives you basic protection with minimal thickness. It'll keep the camera lens and touchscreen from touching when it's left face-up or face-down on a tablet.

Putting the case together, and removing it afterward, were simple procedures -- everything locks into place nicely.

The Mobi Products Crystal Case for the HTC ThunderBolt is available for $12.95 in the Android Central Store. We've got more pictures after the break.

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5 years ago

Bump Charging: What it is and how to do it


HTC Thunderbolt Battery

Ever since the Droid Incredible was first released, we have heard about bump charging, and many of us are left wondering what is it, and how does one accomplish such a thing? If you have ever taken your Incredible or Thunderbolt off the charger and noticed that nearly instantly you were down to 90 percent showing on your battery meter, and were puzzled.

Well, the device charges itself fully, but does not maintain that full charge, instead keeping around a 90- to 95-percent charge and showing full. So, people have begun bump charging their device to gain that last five to ten percent back. There are a few developers who are taking stabs at making custom kernels that will combat this, but that requires root, and flashing files, and all that jazz, so they have an alternative bump charging method, which goes as follows:

  1. Power up (if not already) and plug your device into a power source. As the battery is being charged, the notification LED shows a solid orange light.
  2. Wait until LED is solid green, indicating it is fully charged.
  3. Unplug, press and hold the power button, and select the option to power off.
  4. Once powered down reconnect power source.
  5. The LED will show a solid orange light again, indicating it is charging.
  6. Once it's green, unplug the device and use the power button to power up the device.
  7. Once Sense has loaded plug the phone back in again. You will notice that the LED is now orange again.
  8. Repeat steps 3-7 process until the light is green immediately upon plugging it back in (approximately 3-4 times).

So, if you want to ensure that you are starting your day out with truly 100% battery life, follow the simple steps above, but you will unfortunately have to do this each and every time the device needs to be charged.

Source: Android Central Forums

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5 years ago

How Android works on BlackBerry [video]


Youtube link for mobile viewing

So you really want to know how Android's going to work on BlackBerry? Sure thing. First off, apps look like apps, so far as the BlackBerry PlayBook home screen is concerned. App icons look like app icons. And from there, it all starts with the "Player" application. That provides the framework for the Android app to run, much like loading the Adobe AIR app on Android allows AIR apps to run. Same principle. If the Player's already open, apps will run immediately. If Player's not running, opening an app will fire it up first. Either way, it's seamless.

The demo this morning at BlackBerry World was, actually, pretty darn smooth, and it's starting to look like a pretty smart move on RIM's part. Question remains how many developers will hop on board. But after seeing this demo, we have a feeling the number's going to quickly grow.

More coverage: CrackBerry

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