3 years ago

Sprint giving away 10 Samsung Epic 4Gs (and did it give away the launch date?)


Our kingdom for a launch date for the Sprint Epic 4G, its contribution to the Samsung Galaxy S line. (See our hands-on with the Epic 4G) And while there's still nothing official, we've run across the following news in the Android Central Forums after a link was messaged to Sprint customers. And there's good news and bad news to go along with it.

"Going the Distance," an epic tale of adventure a romantic comedy with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long (the I'm a Mac guy), opens Aug. 27, and there's a contest to go along with it, with a grand prize of a 4-day, 3-night getaway and $1,000 spending money. Ten first-prize winners will receive an Epic 4G. (And we assume the grand-prize winner will, too?)

And that all likely means the phone won't actually be released before the movie. Or maybe at the same time. But it stands to reason the launch won't happen before then, right? Oh, and the contest ends at midnight Sept. 3, so toss that in the mix.

And add to the Evo 4G's tie-in to "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time," which opened in theaters May 28. The Evo then followed on June 4. So, yeah.

This may all be a bit of a stretch, but it makes sense, too. Feel free to throw your own conspiracy theories in the comments. [Going the Distance sweepstakes via Android Central Forums]

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3 years ago

AT&T and HTC to run another Aria scavenger hunt



Apparently, the first scavenger hunt was such as succes that HTC and AT&T want to being the fun to a new town. Residents of Duluth, Minn., will be able to get together this Thursday (that's Aug. 12) to compete for numerous prizes, including HTC Aria phones. The contest is open to all Minnesota residents at least 18 years old. Details can be found on AT&T's event page on Facebook. [AT&T on Facebook]

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3 years ago

Motorola addressing the Droid X's speaker volume in future update


Motorola employee Matt has stated in their official support forums that Moto plans to address the low volume of notifications on the Droid X with an upcoming software release.  Note that no mention of Froyo was made, so this could very well be a minor bug fix -- which nobody would be mad about.  He also goes on to say that certain ringtones are louder than others and gives a list of the loudest.  The top three are:

  • BollyWood
  • Dancin' Fool
  • Digital Phone

You can see the full list of the 10 loudest notification tones on the Droid X at the source link.  How's the notification volume on your X?  Sound off in the comments and in the forums! [Motorola support via Android Central forums]

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3 years ago

TweetDeck's public Android beta to open this week


TweetDeck has announced that it will be holding a public beta for its Android Twitter application sometime this week.  No, we don't have the exact date -- just like Froyo for your device it will come when it comes.  A few things from their announcement (read it at the source link) really stand out -- the application is not a port of their iThing client, they have built it from the ground up; and retomeier (a well known Android Developer Advocate)  has said "it's a thing of beauty."

That's enough endorsement for me.  As soon as the trial begins, we'll let you know! [TweetDeck via Android Central forums]

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3 years ago

Droid 2 specs all in one place


Update: Now we've seen these specs fall through before, but darned if it doesn't say "Global ready for use in over 40 countries." Sure sounds like a dual CDMA/GSM phone to us.

Update 2: Commenters are pointing out that the whole "ready for use in over 40 counties" is just a marketing thing for other nations that use CDMA. Might well be the case. Teases.

Let's face it, the Motorola Droid 2 has become the most leaked phone in the history of phones. Of that, we're pretty sure. So it comes as little surprise that we get Verizon's infomanager page, full of Droid 2 specs. Really nothing surprising here -- 5MP camera, 8GB of internal memory, 1GHz TI OMAP processor, Android 2.2, and so on and so forth. Oh, and look, there's that Aug. 12 launch date again. So it's pretty safe to say we'll see this guy on Thursday.

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3 years ago

Augen tablet's use of the Android market is unauthorized, Google says


My heart has officially been broken, as Google has told LaptopMag that the Augen Gentouch78 tablet's usage of the Android Market (and other Google Apps) is unauthorized.  To be more precise, Google claims that "Augen included proprietary Google software in their product via an unauthorized vendor. Google only licenses its software to partners and OHA members directly."

We have no idea who or what the unauthorized vendor is, but I promise it wasn't me.  It certainly explains why you couldn't really download anything from the Market without a bit of hacking wizardry though.  It's starting to look like I'll never get the uber-cheap family refrigerator calendar tablet of my dreams, and this raincheck from Kmart will have to suffice. [LaptopMag]

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3 years ago

Android Case Review: Aquapac weather-resistant case


I love smartphones. And I love water. And, obviously, those two things don't exactly go hand-in-hand. But enter the Aquapac water-resistant case, and I'm no longer afraid to take my phones to the beach, on a boat -- or down a 17-foot water slide.

Check it out, after the break.

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3 years ago

Droid X overclocked


Yes, an overclocking method has been found for the Droid X, but no, the bootloader is not cracked.  Using the same method as the Milestone hackers, an injectable kernel module has been built that will overclock the Droid X's processor to about 1.15 GHz.  Yes, we realize that a mere .15 GHz gain doesn't make that much difference -- we're not concerned with the speed increase as much as we are with the simple fact that no matter how hard manufacturers and carriers try to keep us out, someone finds a way in.  Rooting and altering the CPU frequency on one of the most locked down Android phones to date is proof positive of this.

A quick read of the source link will tell you that this isn't quite ready for prime-time just yet, but give it a little time and even if a large speed increase doesn't come of it, the method looks like a good way to extend your battery life by dropping the voltage and clock cycles while the processor is asleep.  [Droidforums] Thanks Chris, for the tip and the method!

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3 years ago

Leaked Verizon roadmap shows tons more Android, LTE rollout


Hungry for more Android on Verizon? A leaked roadmap reportedly shows Verizon’s offerings into next year. Here's what's listed: 

  • Expect another Droid out this year. The new device, dubbed the Droid Pro, will have a 4-inch screen, 1.3 GHz CPU, and will be a world phone.
  • Motorola is also working on another global device that is said to be similar to the Motorola Q, but features a full touchscreen.
  • HTC and Samsung will also release new global phones.
  • Samsung is finishing up a 7-inch tablet with a front-facing camera
  • Motorola’s rumored 10-inch tablet appears to either be suited with a 1.0 or 1.3 Ghz processor, will also have a front-facing camera and come with Android 3.0 (Gingerbread).
  • The Verizon contact said that the inclusion of Gingerbread will delay the device (we're likely to see it in February)
  • Verizon’s aim is to have 75 percent of the country covered in LTE by April 2012
  • Novatel is releasing its own LTE MiFi device early next year that will support 10 users at once
  • The Verizon source has also leaked out that LTE pricing will be at $59.99/month, though they did remind that there may be data allowances

Verizon's rumored commitment to providing a global phone to customers is great news. By providing a world phones (which have been sorely missing on Android) for travelers, its network seems even more attractive. A whole lot of speculation at this point, but we’d be lying if we said we weren’t intrigued (and salivating a little bit) by these rumored devices. [BGR]

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3 years ago

U.S. Army's GD300 is straight out of Fallout



Forget Skynet, the U.S. Army seems more than content to make Android its platform of the future. Word comes from Engadget that General Dynamics has unleashed what could easily be mistaken for the Fallout series' "Pip-Boy" device. The GD300 is designed to keep soldiers on the ground in the know with a beefy GPS antenna and the ability to connect to the tactical radio system in use by the military. It is also designed to be damage-resistant, "glove-friendly" and "sunlight readable", which probably means it wont be packing an AMOLED screen. In addition, it comes with a 600 MHz ARM processor, 8 GB of onboard flash memory, and a 800 x 480 3.5-inch screen.  Basically, this thing is the Android equivalent of the ToughBook. Full press release and some pictures after the break. [GD300 PDF via Engadget]

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