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The NBA Introduces NBA League Pass Mobile for Android Phones !



Following MLB's lead of introducing their At Bat application for Android during the World Series, NBA has one upped them by delivering their official application during Opening Week and offering live streaming of every NBA game through NBA League Pass Mobile for Android. We're not kidding. Live streaming over 3G or Wi-Fi of every single game of the NBA regular season (blackout restrictions apply).

The app will cost $39.99, a significant cost to pay, but well worth it if you're an avid NBA fan always on the go. It's a whole season's worth of games! What's cool about NBA League Pass Mobile is that some games will still be available to watch after they've aired and there's DVR functionality to rewind that last Lebron James dunk or Kevin Durant swish.

The NBA also introduced NBA Game Time and Game Time Lite. The Lite version is free and comes with Live scores, player stats, standings, and team schedules. The $9.99 Game Time includes streaming game audio of Home and Away radio broadcasts, game alerts, game highlights and video recaps, and everything in Game Time Lite.

Note that NBA Game Time and Game Time Lite are available for the T-Mobile G1 and myTouch 3G with Android 1.5 or higher. NBA League Pass Mobile is available for the same devices with Android 1.6 or higher. No word on the HTC Hero or any upcoming Android device. There also doesn't seem to be any discount for NBA League Pass subscribers.

[nba via cnet]

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Numbers: Sprint Doing A Bit Better But Still Bad, Motorola Makes a Little Money



Time for the check up on some Android-related companies who've been struggling in our economic downturn. Will actually having Android devices in their stable eventually help their bottom line? Let's take a look!

First up, Sprint. The good bad news: Sprint lost 801,000 postpaid subscribers which was actually under the analysts estimate of 870,000 losses. This is still bad news but certainly much better news than the 991,000 and 1.25 million subscribers lost in previous quarters. In fact, CEO Dan Hesse says that "the sequential improvement the best in more than five years, and he expects a smaller postpaid subscriber loss again in the fourth quarter."

The bad bad news: they still lost 478 million dollars (compared to losing 326 million a year ago). Considering the HTC Hero was only released a few weeks ago and the Samsung Moment only scheduled for release in November, we expect their Q4 reports to look a lot better. [pcmag]

And Motorola. Everyone's going gaga over Moto and rightly so, they have two of the most anticipated Android phones releasing very soon. The T-Mobile CLIQ will go after the social networking, lower-end crowd with the Verizon DROID fulfilling high-end users.

So how did Motorola do considering those devices weren't available in Q3? Their Mobile Division still lost $183 million but it was offset by gains in Motorola's other divisions resulting in a $12 million profit! Score, they made money. We're expecting a lot more from Motorola in Q4 and beyond because simply put, they have their eye on Android and are banking on Android to take them back to the glory days. We think they made the right choice. [engadget]

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HTC CEO Feels Bad For WinMob, Won't Make Android Version of HD2



From our Android-influenced perspective, the most exciting Windows Mobile phone on the horizon is the HTC HD2. It has a massively beautiful 4.3-inch, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and the very familiar HTC Sense UI. There's been talk that HTC would build an Android-equivalent of the HD2 but that doesn't look like it's going to happen any more. In an interview, HTC CEO Peter Chou says:

"Technically, we could make the HD2 an Android phone, but I have to take care of Windows Mobile...We're working hard on these kinds of products to get excitement about Windows Mobile back"

So it looks like while Windows Mobile is struggling and losing followers to much more exciting platforms (read: Android), HTC is remaining ever faithful and acting on its own to drum up excitement. We guess HTC cares about Windows Mobile more than Microsoft does?

Obviously not putting a top-end device like the HD2 on Android raises questions on the relationship HTC has with Android, is it not all rainbows and unicorns? Though he believes that because Google wants to do things differently and some of Google's moves may be 'destructive, Chou believes that HTC "can work with Google for a long time".

So end of story is that HTC can make an Android HD2 but won't because of loyalty (or is it sympathy) towards Windows Mobile. Regardless of this news, we still believe that HTC will continue to deliver top-end handsets to Android. They've got to come to their senses sooner or later.

[forbes via wmexperts]

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Droid Launch Kit and Droid User Manual Leaks


Can't wait to get familiar with the Motorola DROID? Want to learn all you can about this most anticipated Android device? Well, luckily, Krynj in our Android Central Forums has got you covered. He's scored both the Motorola DROID User Manual AND the Motorola DROID Verizon Launch Kit for your reading pleasure and it's certainly a doozy.

We suggest you head over to the thread now and discuss your findings in the Android Central Forums! Get it while it's hot! 

Droid User Manual (pdf)

Droid Launch Kit (pdf)

a BIG thanks to Krynj!

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LG GW620 Eve Gearing Up For Ad Campaign, Site Leaks



We admit it. We're guilty of Droid-fever here at Android Central and haven't paid enough attention to other Android devices that are releasing just as soon. Take LG's first Android device, the LG GW620 Eve, which from the looks of it, is pretty much ready to launch and go head on with the Motorola CLIQ. Sadly, there has been no official word of the LG Eve jumping onto any US carrier, so this particular device might not see the light of day here in the states. If you're interested in learning more about the Eve and it's social network heavy ad campaign, head to their site.

In a separate report, Phandroid just got a tip that the LG Eve will be available to our neighbors to the north on November 3rd. It looks like the LG Eve will be offered for $49 with new 3-year contract on Rogers as early as next week!

Hit the jump to see the promo ads for the LG GW620 Eve!


thanks Yannick for the tip!

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Pre-Order Motorola DROID at Best Buy Today



Starting today, Best Buy Mobile will begin to take pre-orders for the Motorola DROID. The DROID is launching on November 6th for $199 and we expect it to be a huge success, so if you're thinking about going DROID, head to Best Buy as soon as you can! Buying your phone at Best Buy is a much easier process than going through Verizon stores because Best Buy offers instant rebates (instead of mail-in-rebates).

Who's going to get a DROID ?


thanks Toth for the tip!

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HTC Hero Will Receive Android 2.0 'Eclair' Update



Thanks to Twitter, we now know that HTC has plans to update the HTC Hero to Android 2.0 'Eclair'. After seeing all the goodies that Android 2.0 will deliver and Android users' positive response to them, HTC needed to jump on board and address the Hero's situation with Android 2.0. The one sticking point that's keeping it from happening right now, seems to be that HTC Sense needs to get updated and optimized for Android 2.0, which makes sense since the beautiful UI is more than just a tasteful theme or skin.

It's odd that HTC didn't address the Magic or Dream's situation with Android 2.0, only choosing to discuss the Hero. Hopefully we'll hear more information regarding the other devices soon. In any case, we expect HTC to fix whatever issues Sense has with Android 2.0 and have the HTC Hero ready for Android 2.0 as quickly as possible. Then it'll be up to Sprint to deliver the update to us. Cross our fingers?


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Motorola DROID Roundup: Android Central's Coverage of Droid Day



Years from now, we might look back at October 28th, 2009 as Droid Day, the day Android stole everyone's attention. It was arguably a bigger day for Android than the launch of the first Android device, the T-Mobile G1. With the unveiling of the Verizon Motorola Droid, there was so much news popping up and information floating around that it was nearly impossible to keep track of it all. Luckily, the dust is beginning to settle a little bit--the Droid looks like a winner, Verizon finally has a great phone, and Android 2.0 is going to rock--so we gathered all our DROID-related posts in one neat roundup for your reading pleasure.

Motorola DROID


Google / Android 2.0

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MLB Testing At Bat App for Android During World Series



If you're a big baseball fan, you probably already know what happened in Game 1 of the World Series (Phillies won, Cliff Lee dominated). What you probably didn't know is that Major League Baseball has released their At Bat application for Android that'll allow you to keep track of what is sure to be a classic World Series. The At Bat application has been available for the iPhone and it's a truly immersive application that pretty much sets the bar for sport-specific apps. At Bat for Android delivers live scoreboards, box scores, pitch-by-pitch updates, and video highlights. Sadly, it won't stream live games (the iPhone version does) but you'll be able to stream audio of the World Series.

At Bat for Android is only in beta and MLB is releasing it for download through their mobile MLB.com site (not available in Android Market). MLB says they're only testing waters with this app and will not confirm whether At Bat for Android will arrive next season. We would love to have the MLB At Bat app for Android next year, it'll make keeping track of next season's Dodgers World Series run all the more easier.

Test it out while you can!

[via cnet]

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Total Cost of Ownership for Motorola DROID on Verizon



One of the biggest selling points of the Motorola DROID is that it'll be on the Verizon network. We've all seen Verizon commercials--America's most reliable network, can you hear me now?, there's a map for that--Big Red likes to market themselves as being everywhere. And most Verizon customers we run into seem to be more than satisfied with their network's reception. The one sticking point with Verizon? Price.

As prices for unlimited voice+messaging+data plans are shrinking thanks to the likes of Sprint and T-Mobile, rate plans on Verizon are still sky high. So with Android finally coming to Verizon with the DROID, how will the price look when compared to Android phones already in existence such as the T-Mobile myTouch 3G and the Sprint HTC Hero? Why let's find out!

In order to level the playing field, we're going to use two different rate plans for each device. The first look will be given to the overall cheapest rate plan (with 2-year contract) we can find on their respective websites. The second chart will show the price of unlimited voice + messaging + data plans for each device on their respective carriers. We know that T-Mobile just introduced their Even More Plus (contract-free) option but since it doesn't include a 2-year contract, we chose to ignore those plans for the purpose of this study.

Who has the best bang for your buck? Who's the most expensive? Who's the cheapest?

Hit the jump for the full results!

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Motorola Droid Accessories: Phone Holder & Multimedia Stations



If you're interested in taking full advantage of the Motorola DROID, you might consider purchasing the two DROID accessories that extend the functionality of the DROID.

The first is the Phone Holder for DROID which can provide a great place for you to store your Motorola DROID while you drive and mimics a typical standalone GPS-unit. This is obviously great for using Google Maps Navigation in Android 2.0 (Droid ships with 2.0) and the unique aspects of Google Maps. The Phone Holder for DROID doesn't have any pricing and is not available yet, with only a vague 'Coming Soon' date listed. In the mean time, the Android Central store has great options for car docks that you might be interested in.

The second accessory is a Multimedia Station that can best be described as a dock that turns your DROID into an all around multimedia powerhouse. The Multimedia Station allows your DROID to display photos and movies, play music, shows the weather and time, and works as an alarm clock, all while charging your phone. We have to say, the Multimedia Station looks like a very tempting purchase and could be highly useful on either a desk or a nightstand.

You can find the Phone Holder & Multimedia Station and all other Motorola DROID accessories here!

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Official Specs for Motorola DROID



If you're interested in knowing the official specs of the Motorola DROID, look no further, we rounded them up in a neat little package for you to easily read. The quick highlights:

  • 3.7-inch WVGA (854x480), 16:9 touchscreen
  • Arm Cortex A8 550 MHz Processor
  • 5-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash
  • DVD-quality video capture and playback (720x480)
  • 16GB microSD (32GB expandable)
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS (with Google Maps Navigator)
  • 1400 mAh battery
  • 6 oz (169g)
  • 2.4 x 4.6 x.5 inches (60x115.80x13.70mm)
  • Android 2.0

The full spec sheet after the jump!

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Screenshots of Google Maps Navigation



If you're not interested in Google Maps Navigation, you should be. It's been one of the most requested features for Google Maps for quite some time and to finally have it in Android 2.0 is an absolute game changer. Just check out the stocks of standalone GPS makers like Garmin and TomTom, it speaks for itself.

We've gathered some choice screenshots of Google Maps Navigation for your easy viewing. GPS navigation is about to permanently change with Google Maps Navigation. Imagine how limited previous GPS devices were with their search. Now you search with the power of Google. Remember how expensive GPS devices were. Now it's free with Android 2.0.

We think that the change is good and we love that the change is falling in our direction.

Hit the jump to see more screenshots of Google Maps Navigation with our commentary!

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Verizon Taking Over Times Square with Motorola DROID ?



BGR has an interesting report that Verizon Wireless will launch an all-out, ad onslaught for the DROID in one of the busiest intersections in the world, Times Square New York City. But this is more than just advertising, Verizon has plans to make this an interactive experience for DROID users. BGR's source says that two of the biggest digital billboards in Times Square, the NASDAQ and Reuters signs, will be controlled by DROID users through voice commands.

It sounds mysterious, ambitious, and borderline crazy but we're excited to see what comes out of this. The picture above is a 'sneak peek' of what's to come. There's no if's or but's about it, Verizon has absolute faith in the DROID.

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Motorola Droid Gets Unboxed



The rite of passage for all highly anticipated gadgets, the unboxing, has happened for the Motorola DROID. Unsurprisingly, the Droid/Terminator theme of the DROID is splashed on the box with the expected Verizon branding. Google gets some love on the outer box as well, with Motorola showing up only in the product photo and the inner box. The DROID only comes with a microUSB charger, the accessories like the dock and car dock are sold separately.

Hit the jump to see more pictures of the DROID unboxed


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