3 years ago

DLNA issues, unbootable devices and Nexus S Android Market apps [from the forums]


Out with the old, in with the new. It's new years eve and time to say good bye to 2010. As we all look forward to 2011, we just want to wish everyone a safe and happy new years. If you're not one for parties well, kick back and join some others in the forums while we wait for the ball to drop.

If you're not already a member of the Android Central forums, you can register your account today.

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3 years ago

The Android SMS bug -- what it is, and what you need to do


If you're awake and have looked at the Internet today, you've likely seen the end of the world as we know it played out in blog after blog because of a bug in the Android SMS application.  It's the same bug some of you have been dealing with -- messages end up going to the wrong contact when using the stock messaging application on your Android phone.  First things first -- it doesn't do other evil things like make your alarm not work, or delete your pictures, or brick your phone -- it only causes SMS messages to go to the wrong party, which is bad enough.  So you can safely ignore all the other scary things you've heard may happen, because they wont.  There's two issues here that need addressed, and an easy fix.  Follow the break to read more. [Google Code via Engadget]

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3 years ago

MiniSquadron sequel is coming Jan. 11


YouTube link for mobile viewing

I've spent many an hour the last couple of months playing Mini Squadron. And come Jan. 11, I'm going to do it all over again with MiniSquadron Special Edition. The sequel features:

  • 8 brand new levels, beautifully drawn and each accompanied with a track by more Dead Composers,
  • Helicopters which hover - providing new gameplay opportunities,
  • Over 50 more planes to unlock,
  • 2 new pickups: "Rapid Fire" and "Freeze"
  • A new weapon - Fireballs!
  • More animals to shoot down - including Jellyfish, Vampires and Hamsters!
  • Openfeint Achievements!

The game's in final testing now. Can't wait for this one to drop.

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3 years ago

Run Keeper Pro now free until the end of January


It's that time of year where folks start making new years resolutions. One of the top new years resolutions is typically to be more fit or physically active. Some stick to that and follow through while if you're like me you'll likely forget about it in a week. In an effort to help you keep that resolution afloat the developers of Run Keeper have made their fitness tracking and measuring app available for free until the end of January. If you're looking to share your stats, stay in shape and track it all at the same time you can't beat the price here. Hit the download after the break. [Run Keeper]

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3 years ago

Android Central Podcast Episode 45


Audio-only stream below

We take a look back at 2010, a look forward at 2011 and preview the upcoming CES show. Plus, your e-mails and voicemails.

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3 years ago

More details on the Android Asus Eee Pad revealed



A few days ago, we reported on a new line of Android-based Asus Eee tablets expected to be released in 2011. Asus may be getting a little too impatient for CES to arrive because more information has now been revealed about these tablets, coming straight from the horses mouth. The Asus Eee EP102 and EP101 appear to be those exact tablets, sporting a 10-inch screen (hopefully) running the much more tablet-friendly Honeycomb.

As some of you predicted in the comments, at least one of these tablets, purportedly the EP101, will have a detachable keyboard as shown in that chalkboard demo. The EP102 on the other hand appears to be some sort of slider tablet. As if my anticipation for CES couldn't get any higher, Asus swoops in and teases us just a little bit more. Hit the break for two more pictures! [eeepc.it via CrunchGear]

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3 years ago

[Rumor] HTC Thunderbolt specs? Or just a dream made of unicorn blood?


Stop what you're doing, take a second and click the picture you see above.  If you're reading on your phone, run to a computer -- you want to see this.  Supposedly these are the specs for the European version of the HTC Thunderbolt, and they are amazing.  Almost too amazing.  According to HTCInside.de (a German HTC blog and fansite), the Thunderbolt will be released with the Qualcomm MSM8960 dual-core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz, Gingerbread, an 8MP rear camera and 5MP front camera, and support for 128GB SDXC cards.

Is it real? Heck, we don't know, and honestly, none of us thinks these specs are right.  But we offer it as-is, for you guys to dissect in the Thunderbolt forums.  Just don't go blaming us if your heart gets broken. [HTCInside.de (German) via Pocketnow]

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3 years ago

OK ... which one of you perverts returned this Coby Kyros tablet


We love these stories. A 12-year-old girl awakes on Christmas Day to find her prized present beneath the tree -- an Android tablet. And, look, Santa! It's already got porn apps installed on it! So instead of a white Christmas, they got a blue Christmas.

When confronted by the girl's father on Monday, Coby senior product manager Michael Paladino said, "There is nothing preprogramed from Coby. LIke any other internet device with an open platform, a wide range of content is available which may require parental oversight." That's true, parents should keep (erm) abreast of their kids' online habits. I know I do.

But there actually are a few crimes here:

  1. Coby should have (ahem) bent over backwards to apologize and exchange the devices. That's just good customer service. It's doubtful the girl downloaded "Boobs! Butts! Babes!" and "Undress Me" on her own.
  2. The newscaster at WSIL-TV calls the Coby Kyros "similar to the Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle." Mmmmmm'kay.

Regardless, if you're going to return a crappy tablet after (cough) using it, do the world a favor and follow our how-to for cleaning porn off the device. Little Suzie and her family will thank you. [WSIL-TV]

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3 years ago

CyanogenMod-6.1.2 for the Evo 4G -- support for newer hardware


Are you rockin' one of the newer revisions (some 003 and all 004 versions) of the Evo 4G, and want some CyanogenMod loving?  It looks like the man himself has got you hooked up, and it's only a flash away.  You'll need to be rooted (of course) and we can help with that -- head into the Evo 4G hacking forums, do a bit of reading, and holler if you need some help.  The fellas in there may seem a little gruff, (looking right at you Jerzy, igotsanevo4g, d3xn2o and company ;p ) but they have a heart of gold and the wits to match.  They'll get you up and running and point you towards the right path. 

This one isn't Gingerbread just yet, give the CM team some time, but as far as custom ROMs go, it's the creme of the crop.  So what are you waiting for?  Fire up Rom Manager and go! [@cyanogen via Android Central forums]

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3 years ago

Rumor: AT&T to announce the Motorola Olympus at CES



The unsourced rumor du jour is that Motorola and AT&T will be announcing the Motorola Olympus during CES next week. The long rumored 1GHz dual-core Tegra 2 processor has been making its rounds on the web for the past few months now. And that's basically it, not much is known about the device. Judging by the few leaked photos, the phone looks like it will sport a screen larger than 3.7 inches. 

It's also worth mentioning that this is the first time we'll see Motorola bringing a high-end Android powered phone to another carrier outside of Verizon. Head into the Rumored Devices forum to see what others are chatting about. [via IntoMobile]

Update: We've independently heard that the Olympus definitely is in testing on AT&T, with a 4-inch screen with 480x854 resolution.

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