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Droid 2 leaks continue, entire user guide finds its way online


Seriously, the Droid 2 might just be the worst-kept secret in the mobile industry at this point. Add this onto the pile of leaks we have already seen, but now Droid-Life seems to have gotten their hands on a full copy of the phone's user guide. They have gone ahead and posted the entire thing for your viewing pleasure as a PDF.

Some notable finds:

  • Will launch with Froyo (which of course everybody's known for a while).
  • Is running the same its-not-blur-but-kinda-is skin that is on the Droid X (PhilBlur!)
  • Comes with Swype pre-loaded.

Click on the link to get the full scoop and lots of pretty pictures. [Droid-Life]

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Another rogue app stealing data, security firm reports [updated]


Bad wallpaper appBad Wallpaper App

Update 2: We've heard back from the developer of these apps, who tells us the following:

"What the ceo [sic] of Lookout said  makes no sense. I will email you with details later."

We await the details. In the meantime, be aware that the developer listed on the suspect wallpaper apps has been changed to callmejack. We're still diving into this one. But for the time being, we recommend not installing these apps.

Original: Before we start, grab your phone and your computer and hit this link: Android apps by jakeey, wallpaper.  If you have any of these applications on your Android phone, uninstall them.

We'll wait.

Now you ask why did we recommend (nay, demand!) you uninstall any of those apps?  Lookout says that one or more of these apps are stealing your data and sending it to an unknown person or persons in China.  Yup, innocent looking wallpaper apps.  According to Lookout, the app(s) in question are collecting:

  • browsing history
  • text messages
  • your SIM card data
  • subscriber ID
  • voicemail password (if it's set to be entered automatically)

Look for Google to pull these soon, as they potentially affect at least 1.1 million users, but for now remember to read what an app can do when you install it. That's that screen you ignore every time you install an app. The one that tells you what system permissions the app has access to. If, say, a calculator wants to see your contacts list, think twice.

It's worth reminding that Android is the only OS that gives you these sort of warnings. And before any Apple fanatics get too cocky, at least these apps aren't stealing money from your Google checkout account.  We're keeping a close eye on this one, you'll hear more as it unfolds.  [Mobile Beat via 9 to 5 Mac]

Update: Lookout got back to us during the overnight to clarify a few things as reported in the Mobile Beat story. They're not going quite so far as to call the app "malicious," but questions remain. Read Lookout's e-mail to us after the break. We've e-mailed the apps' developer for further explanation.

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5 years ago

New shot of the myTouch 3G HD's backside appears


 T-Mobile myTouch 3G HD (back)

We've already seen the mysterious (and as-yet unannounced) myTouch 3G HD, which is rumored to be T-Mobile's first HSPA+ phone, from the front. Looks like the same tipster fed TmoNews the back of the device. 

No word yet on if these pictures are real or if this is in fact T-Mobile's first HSPA+ phone. T-Mobile is keeping their lips sealed on this one, so it's likely we won't know for a while. But we're likely to see more of this before release, we reckon. Does the back of the phone change any opinions you had about the device prior? [TmoNews]

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LG Optimus Z now available in Korea



LG Electronics has announced another heavy hitter into its home Korean Android market, the LG Optimus Z. This device has a 3.5-inch WVGA "Hyper" HD LCD powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and runs Android 2.1 currently, but they have stated by the end of the year the device will receive a 2.2 update. Equipped with two batteries this device is ready to power the 170 pre-equipped applications along with the T-DMB mobile TV that is preinstalled. The Optimus Z offers users some great features, and has brought a couple of amazing new features to the table with this device.

In a first for Korean smartphones, the LG Optimus Z offers On Screen Phone function that lets user display their phone interface on the screen of their PC. Using Bluetooth or a data cable, the interface will appear onscreen, letting users manage the phone’s various functions – including applications and e-mail – on the computer. In addition, any documents, images or music files stored on the PC can be easily transferred to Optimus Z using this interface. Furthermore, Drag & Shake allows LG Optimus Z users to share files between smartphones with a simple shake of the handset, while LG Air Sync lets them constantly sync the phone with their PCs or other mobile digital devices.

While the device is only available in the Korean market, this brings a glimmer of hope that we can see some of these new features on some U.S.-based devices in the future. Full presser after the break.

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Viper SmartStart launches on Android, brings remote vehicle start and more


Viper SmartStart

Directed Electronics has released its popular Viper SmartStart application for the Android platform, which allows drivers to remotely start their car, lock and unlock doors, pop the trunk, and more.

You've probably seen their iPhone app featured in an AT&T iPhone commercial.   Be aware, it does take hardware in your vehicle, which you may not have and will need to have installed.  While applications like this may not be for everyone, it's great to see developers of top tier products supporting Android, it shows that they too see the potential behind out friendly green robot.  You can download the application from the market and at Viper.com , and it would be great to hear from anyone who's converted over from iOS and is using the iPhone app -- let us know how they compare.  Hit the jump for the full press release. [Viper]

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Motorola sells 2.7 million smartphones in Q2, $162 million in earnings overall


Motorola Q2 2010 earnings

Motorola this morning announced its second-quarter numbers, earning $162 million in Q2. That's up from $26 million in Q2 2009. Overall, however, mobile sales were down 6 percent, to $1.7 billion, compared to last year. Motorola cited the Droid X, i1 and it's applications section as it shipped 2.7 million smartphones.

CEO Sanjay Jha said he expects sell between 12 million and 14 million smartphones by the end of the year, and Motorola should have released more than 20 models worldwide. [Motorola]

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Wii remote + Droid X + Mario 3 = best mobile gaming platform ever?


Wii remote controlling the emulator action on the Motorola Droid X.

As if the Droid X wasn't awesome enough, Android Central reader Derek, dwd3885 on the forumsshows us what gaming on the go is really about. He shows off his amazing Super Mario Brothers 3 skills on his X using his Wii remote to control the action. This goes right along with the PlayStation emulator to make Android one of the most versatile work/entertainment/communication platforms ever seen, and the Droid X is just the right hardware to really bring out the best. Check out the video after the break. Thanks, Derek! 

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Samsung's latest Vibrant commercial is another winner


Samsung's Vibrant commercial

Because one commercial for its Galaxy S line of carrier branded phones wasn't enough, Samsung has put out another Hollywood style production for the T-Mobile Vibrant (maybe you've read our review?).  It's great -- this is what commercials should be like, and 100 percent hairy palm free (ewwww) this time.  Check it out after the break.

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Nexus One strapped to a rocket takes Android to 28,000 feet


Nexus One on a rocket

Nexus One. Android. Rocket motors. You see where this is going, right? Self-described "Freelance scientific molecular evolutionary biological videographic NASA microgravitational & space education specialist" (and Phish fan) Matthew Reyes dropped word to Make: Online about the RocketMavericks event last weekend in Nevada, where James Dougherty's Intimidator-5 rocket did the deed. It was all in the name as using smartphone technology as low-cost rocket components, which is about the coolest thing we've ever heard.

Nexus One went up, Nexus One came down, shooting video all long the way. Did it survive? Well, watch the video after the break, and be sure to check out the Flickr page for the aftermath. [Make: OnlineFlickrThanks, dppatel!

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Google CEO says Android and subscription news could net $10 billion


Google considers subscription news service

According to CEO Eric Schmidt, Google has positioned itself to make $10 billion dollars or more per year in the mobile business, from things like subscription news.  "If we have a billion people using Android, you think we can't make money from that?" He went on to say that it would only take 10 dollars per person, per year, and among other things, Google might earn that money from selling access to digital content from newspapers. 

We're used to thinking of Google as a search and advertising giant, but maybe the big G has plans to expand?  It makes sense -- Google gives away Android, and they certainly know how to generate cash.  Considering the other Google services, they have the ability to do paid news right.  What else they have in mind to go along with paid news, Schmidt didn't say, but some sort of music service has been tossed around a lot lately, too.  Make it as functional and personalized as everything else Android, and you got my 10 bucks Mr. Schmidt. [WSJ via Electronista]

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Is HTC commencing its Froyo rollout?


HTC’s European representative, Mark Moons, let it slip through a tweet that there’s a chance Froyo will begin rollout to their many devices starting with HTC Desires in the Netherlands as soon as tomorrow. A Dutch tech news site, tweakers.net comments that, “the update will start Thursday, but due to a limit on bandwidth it will be a gradual rollout” again, that’s if they have all the kinks worked out and are ready to roll out this highly anticipated update. Nonetheless we can all be sure that all  Desire owners in the Netherlands will be checking for updates nonstop tomorrow. [via engadget and tweakers.net]

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Android Quick App: FlightView


FlightView for AndroidFlightView for Android

If you fly more than, say, once a year, you absolutely should look into an Android travel app. And a new one to Android is FlightView. It's got the all the basics that you'd expect from a top flight-tracking app --track by flight number, track by route, flight mapping, speed and altitude, departure and arrival info, delays at major airports, notes -- the works, basically.

FlightView is nicely designed and easy to use. You also can save flight info to build an itinerary, which is a must for frequent fliers. But that's also where FlightView's Achilles' heel presents itself -- there's no integration (yet) with a service such as Tripit. You have to manually input all of your flights, which is OK if it's just one or two, but a big pain if you have connecting flights. The developer tells us, however, such service will be added in future updates.

But for now, if you've looking to try another travel app, FlightView's a solid performer. It's available in ad-supported form, or for the low, low price of 99 cents. More pics and download information is after the break.

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Galaxy S Froyo ROM alive, kicking and handled


Galaxy S with Froyo

Remember how a leaked Froyo ROM was promised for the Galaxy S? Well, it's out, it's working (mostly) and Italian site HDblog has been giving it the what-for on camera. A reminder that this is for the international version of the Galaxy S and won't (yet) work with your Samsung Captivate or Vibrant, but hopefully we'll see that change soon. Check out the hands-on video after the break. [Samsung-Firmware, HDblog] Thanks, iNicc0lo.

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Awesome combo of Nexus One, Wiimote and bike handlebar holder


Nexus One Wiimote

What do you get when you combine a Nexus One, a bike handlebar holder and a Wiimote? The answer is a whole lot of awesome.

YouTube user baza210 made this awesome contraption and made a video demonstrating it while playing an old-school SNES ROM. See the video after the break. What makes this even better is that he is playing one of my favorite games of all time, Super Mario World!

This is what makes Android great, so keep coming up with superb ways to use these devices, and we'll keep showing them. [via CrunchGear]

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