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3 weeks ago

Google Pixel in white leaked by Canadian carrier


Made by Google, leaked by Bell.

In the lead up to the October 4 announcement, it seems someone at Canadian operator Bell has pulled the trigger a little early on Google Pixel marketing materials. First spotted by Steve Hemmerstoffer, the carrier seems to have mistakenly put a Pixel render and promotional blurb up on its Galaxy Note 7 business order page.

The render in question shows the Pixel in white and silver; so far we've only seen the black variant in two leaked renders that emerged last week.

Anyway, here it is: The Google Pixel in white and silver:

The tagline reads "Introducing Pixel™, Phone by Google. Order yours today." There's no mention of the larger Pixel XL on the page. (Nor, in case you were wondering, can you actually order a Pixel today.)

So Bell's not revealing too much, but that Pixel name seems all but confirmed at this point. We'll have more Pixel goodness following the October 4 launch event, in the meantime check out our roundup of everything we know so far.

Update: By guessing the filename of the image, we've also pulled a fresh render of the larger Pixel — in black, with the same wallpaper — from Bell's website. Here's the Pixel XL:

Pixel XL

Google Pixel + Pixel XL

Google Store Verizon

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3 weeks ago

Scare the pants off your friends with these Gear VR experiences

It's time to scare the crap out of your friends.

October is Halloween season, which means it's the season for scaring yourself silly. The next time you invite friends over to fool around in VR, you should definitely have a few frightening games and experiences ready. After all, who doesn't want to watch their friends get spooked when they're stuck in a Gear VR.

Read more at VR Heads!

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3 weeks ago

Best U.S. Cellular Phones

Here's a list of the best smartphones offered by America's fifth largest network.

Chances are that you're looking at this page precisely because you're a U.S. Cellular subscriber. The carrier isn't the biggest, but it's number five in the regional United States. And fortunately, it offers the latest smartphone models for those of you who just don't want to deal with what Big Red, John Legere, and the rest of the carrier corral have to offer.

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3 weeks ago

From the Editor's Desk: Pixel pushing

Google logo

Some last-minute thoughts on Google's big hardware event.

Besides two very obvious things that are definitely coming, it's difficult to know exactly how hyped to get about Google's October 4 event. Sure, new Pixel phones are on the way. As I've already said, Google needs to show us not just two great phones — that's table stakes — but also why two great new phones matters, and more broadly why Google can become a tier-one hardware brand. It's a tough ask.

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3 weeks ago

How to change your Google Calendar view, change the color of events, and return to today's date


It's super easy to adjust your view from within Google Calendar.

Goolge Calendar is one of the easiest ways to keep track of all the moving parts in your life. From upcoming birthdays, to meetings and even tasks that you need to complete. Now the default view on Calendar will show you your schedule, and what you've got coming up next. Sometimes you want to check on things further out on your schedule though, and for that you may want to change your calendar view.

That includes changing the color of events so that they pop out when you take a quick look at your schedule. We've also got the details on quickly returning to today's date with just a tap, so you can ensure you're always looking in the right place. Thankfully Google has made this really easy, and we've got all the details for you here.

How to change your Calendar view

  1. Open Google Calendar
  2. Tap the Overflow icon in the top left corner of your screen.
  3. Choose from the list which view you would like to use.

Change a color in Calendar

  1. Open Google Calendar
  2. Open the event that you want to edit
  3. Tap the blue pencil icon to edit the event
  4. Scroll down and tap on Default color.
  5. Tap the new color you want for your event.

How to quickly return to today's date

  1. Finish whatever you are doing on a future or past date.
  2. Tap the calendar icon at the top of the screen

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3 weeks ago

Best deals and offers from Flipkart's Big Billion Day sale


Flipkart has kicked off its Big Billion Day sale, and it is already turning out to be better than what Amazon is offering with its Great Indian Festival. Today's sale focuses on lifestyle, fashion, and home appliances, and as such there aren't a lot of tech-related deals to cover. However, there are a few notable wearable deals that are too good to pass up, including a flat 40% discount on Fitbit products. These are the best wearables deals from the Big Billion Day sale:

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3 weeks ago

You can pre-order the BlackBerry DTEK60 from NCIX Canada


If you're interested in the BlackBerry DTEK60 — and you're good with picking it up in Canada — You can pre-order it right now for $699.99 Canadian Loonies at NCIX.

The listing says the phone should be available on October 11, 2016, but no information we didn't already know is there. On the NCIX USA site, the phone's nowhere to be found so we're not sure what's up. Since BlackBerry hasn't even announced it officially, there might be some sort of magic inside to justify the price. Or maybe a $200 gift card.

All kidding aside, while we're hoping that price is just a placeholder, chances are it's not as the $699 number has been floating around BlackBerry rumour land (yes, that exists) for a while now. We won't tell you that's too much to pay, but that is totally too much to pay. Wait for it to see the inevitable price drop.

In the meantime, you can go hit CrackBerry to see some more pictures and read what Bla1ze and everyone else thinks of the phone and the price tag.

Read more at CrackBerry

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3 weeks ago

Best Accessories For Honor 8


What are the best accessories for the Honor 8?

The Honor 8 is a great Huawei phone, featuring stylish design and a dual-sensor camera for taking amazing photographs. But you'll definitely to invest in some accessories to make your phone that much more awesome.

We've broken down some of great accessories — from cases and car chargers to connected devices — that will make your Honor 8 experience that much better.

Huawei Honor 8 Case

One of the first accessories most people seek out for their new phone is a quality case. Here, we're inclined to recommend the one made by Huawei.

Made of clear TPU, you can still show off the color and design of your phone while keeping it protected. Since it's made by Huawei, you can be assured everything has been precisely designed for the Honor 8, with cutouts on the back for the camera and fingerprint sensor.

For other case recommendations, check out our list of the best Honor 8 cases.

See at Amazon

AUKEY 30W 2-Port USB Car Charger

When you're heading out the door, the last thing you need to be worrying about is whether your phone's battery is topped up. That's why a quality car charger is always a good accessory to have.

With the AUKEY 30W 2-Port USB Charger, you'll have a trustworthy way to charge your phone in your car without having to worry about excessive current, overcharging, or overheating. With two ports, you can charge your Honor 8 in the 2.4A port safely while a passenger charges their phone in the second port. It's a small and well-built car charger that's backed by a 24-month warranty.

See at Amazon

Belkin Certified 2.0 USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable

If you end up getting the car charger above, you're going to need at least one extra USB-C charging cable so you're not relying on carrying around the one that came with the phone. Whether you'll be using it solely in the car or leaving it at work, it's never a bad thing to have an extra charging cable kicking around.

This cable supports transfer speeds of up to 480MB/s and supports up to 3A of power output. Belkin is one of the most trusted brands in smartphone accessories, so buy with confidence.

See at Amazon

Honor Band Z1

If you're looking for a wrist accessory to go along with your new phone, you may want to consider the Honor Band Z1. Featuring an elegant design and a simple interface, the Band Z1 is a small, lightweight wearable with fitness and sleep tracking capabilities, as well as notification alerts. It has IP68 certification for dust and water-resistance and can pump out four days of usage on it's 70mAH battery, or 14 days on standby.

At well under $100, it's a stylish fitness tracker that will pair well with your Honor 8.

See at Honor


Chromecast is a fantastic accessory that we can safely recommend alongside any Android phone.

This little dongle connects to your TV via HDMI and lets you cast all sorts of media from your phone over Wi-Fi. You can choose to mirror your phone display, or stream content from a growing number of Chromecast-enabled apps such as YouTube, Netflix, HBO Now and more. With its portable size and ease of setup, it's simply one of the best accessories you can buy.

See at Google

Spigen Style Ring

Given the Honor 8's design, it's a perfect candidate for the Spigen Style Ring.

If you place of the ring just off-center on the back of your phone, your finger should slip perfectly through the style ring and land right on the fingerprint scanner every time, giving you added peace of mind every time you go to pick up your phone. Beyond that, it's also an amazing kickstand and also works as a car mount with the included hook mount for your dashboard.

See at Amazon

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3 weeks ago

Android and chill: Google hardware could be about taking control


Google getting serious about selling phones could be a way to show how good Android can really be.

On October 4 we all get to see Google's plans for the next year when it comes to Android and the phones (and other stuff) that use it. That's only a few days away. We'll see flat screens and phone-shaped slabs of metal and glass that some will love and some will hate. Basically, the same thing we see every year. But I think we're also going to see something new from the company. In fact, we've already seen a glimpse of it during Monday Night Football and rumored the rest to death — Google cares about making phones people want to buy and selling as many of them as they can.

Also, a moment to express how lucky we are to have Alex Dobie. He is all over every Pixel rumor in ways that could be illegal in the Bible Belt and sorts through them so you know what's worth talking about without having to wade through the crap. Thanks, Alex!

A Chromebook-style experience is what can happen when Google gets their own way. Android needs some of that.

Not that Google didn't care before. They surely wanted the Nexus phones to meet the expectations of the people buying them, and no company likes to lose money. But the few phones sold with the Nexus brand on the back were a drop in the bucket when it comes to Google's business model and the money they make from every phone from Apple, Samsung, LG or the rest of the companies selling them. Google is everywhere and in everything it seems, and they're going to make money from ads and marketing whether you're using a Nexus 6P or an iPhone 7. That isn't going to change if they get serious about selling their own phones. This might be about taking control.

I've spoken many times (far too many times, probably) about why Google can't do a damn thing when Samsung won't update a phone or when HTC doesn't deliver on promised dates for security releases. Their hands are tied because Android is not something they sell or license like Google branded apps and the Play Store are. And using those as leverage will likely get Google in even more hot water over the monopoly they enjoy in the mobile space. The Play Store isn't a soccer ball that they can grab and take home when they don't like the way things are going. Google is doing things to make Android a little more modular, yet we're still seeing companies make 100 or more different models and only really caring about one or two of them. For the people who bought those other models, the idea that Android sucks is very real. Making their own high-end consumer hardware gives Google their own space where they are in charge of it all and will let people see that maybe it's the company name you see on the back that sucks and not the software they use for free.

They're good at it, too. Anyone who uses a Chromebook knows that having Google dictate how things on the software side will be and how they will change can be better than having ASUS and Acer and HP and everyone else just doing their own thing. The experience is solid and consistent across a wide range of hardware because of it. If HP (for example) doesn't like it, they are free to take the Chromium source and build their own better vision of it. Canonical does, as do many other independent Linux software teams. I wish HP or ASUS would do it, too, but that's another article for another day. But to get that Chrome logo, they need to play ball and follow strict guidelines. Android needs an injection of this, but that won't happen. The next best thing is Google doing it as an example.

A Pixel phone gives Google a space to show the world how to do it right. It's their Lumia.

Making two high-end phones with all the bells and whistles, just as ready for the future as they are today is a step in the right direction. Buying billboards and commercial space during sports events so people know you're doing it is another step. Speculation about having a well-trained support staff that you can reach anytime from anywhere through the phone's settings points to yet another. If Google builds a better mousetrap and makes sure everyone knows they built a better mousetrap, the world may beat a path to their door.

I'm still not convinced that Google will go as far as publicly shaming partners (as was rumored earlier this year) when it comes to not caring enough about security or your experience or if that would even be necessary. This does fit right in with a Google that's serious about showing people what Android can be, though. (And I would love to see it happen.) The Pixel brand can be Google's Lumia. It could fail as hard as Microsoft's Lumia did. But if they can position themselves as the leader when it comes to making Android phones, other companies will be inclined to follow them or compete in a different way. Or just step out of the way.

Now all they need to do is actually build a better mousetrap. We'll find out in a few days.

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3 weeks ago

AC roundtable: Which Nexus was the best?


The AC editors get all nostalgic, reminiscing about their favorite Nexus products over the years.

The Nexus line has always been for enthusiasts, but has occasionally broken into the mainstream, often by finding the right balance between price, performance and software accessibility.

Now that we're on the verge of a new era, one potentially without the Nexus name, we asked our editors to reminisce about their favorite model, and to think back to how it improved their lives over the years.

So here's the big question: Which Nexus product was your favorite?

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3 weeks ago

Win a free HTC 10 from Android Central and HTC!


Celebrating customers and fans, HTC kicks off a week of Green. Join in the celebration with a chance to win an unlocked HTC 10!

From October 1st through October 8th HTC's "Green is Good" celebration is underway, with the sweetest deal ever on the HTC 10. This week only, get $150 off the purchase of an HTC 10 from!! This price includes UH-OH Protection, a free service where HTC will replace the phone if there are accidental screen cracks or water damage during the first 12 months of owning. Also be sure to take advantage of $80 off the HTC Desire 626 and HTC Desire 626s, $100 off the UA Healthbox, and $60 off the UA Band. All promos are valid in the US only and while supplies last.

Green is Good week is all about celebrating loyal customers. Make sure to visit the Green is Good page to enter for additional chances to win prizes throughout the week, fun activities, and see all memorable moments allowing you to win awesome HTC prizes, including an HTC VIVE.

Keep reading to learn all about the HTC 10, and for all the details you need to enter the contest!

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3 weeks ago

Here are the best deals from Amazon's Great Indian Festival


Amazon has kicked off the Great Indian Festival sale, where the retailer is discounting thousands of products over the course of five days. We're looking at price cuts on best-selling phones for the first time, heavy discounts on Bose and Sennheiser audio products, and so much more. Here are the best deals from Amazon's Great Indian Festival:

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3 weeks ago

Android Central 308: The Andromeda Strain on Google


Audio-only stream below

What is Andromeda? And how does it fit into Google's Android and ChromeOS strategies?

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3 weeks ago

Daily brief: Google Assistant is angry with you


It's Friday, September 30, and this is the Android news you need right now.

OMG you guys are writing about Pokémon again. This site used to be so good. You used to write about exactly what I wanted to read every day, but now all I see are crappy posts about the best toenail clippers for Android users! Seriously, I'm never visiting this site again.

OK, that review Andrew wrote was actually pretty good. And I'll admit that Jerry knows his stuff. And I shared on Facebook that piece Alex wrote because my friends were curious about that phone I've been talking about. And I loved that themes piece from Ara, and I actually ordered a PS4 Pro after reading Russell's comparison, and that Jared guy sure spots good deals, and Flo's choices were so on point.

This place was so much better when Phil was in charge.

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3 weeks ago

Action Launcher 3 update adds Android 7.1's launcher shortcut feature


New "Quickcuts" capability rounds out the list of Pixel Launcher features in the popular app.

Ready to try out some of the features from the Google Pixel's home screen launcher (without sideloading a leaked APK that doesn't quite work right)? Action Launcher has just been updated with a new "Quickcuts" feature, which recreates the launcher shortcuts feature from the unannounced Android 7.1 Nougat release. Spotted in certain Google apps by enterprising hackers, these shortcuts let you perform a gesture on an icon to access shortcuts to different areas of that app — similar to 3D Touch on the iPhone.

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