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Home launchers, Manually update your Droid Pro [From the forums]


Another fun filled Monday is just about over but we've got the rest of the week to look forward to. If you were busy over the weekend, now is your chance to get all caught up on the events that happened. Check out the Android Central forums and some of the posts below to get started:

If you're not already a member of the Android Central forums, you can register your account today.

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3 years ago

More Droid Bionic pictures leak, show a 4.5 inch display


Seems like there were more Droid Bionic pictures to the set that we told you about earlier, as a user at PhoneHK has posted a slew of them, bringing even more news about the upcoming offering from Motorola.  Along with the new pictures is some more information about the specs: Android 2.3.4 (as pictured above), 4.5 inch qHD display, 1750 mAh battery, and 1080p HD video out.  Very nice to see Moto ship a phone with the latest version of Android on it, I tip my hat to them.  Of course, there's no word on just when to expect this one, or what kind of damage it's going to do to your bank account. 

Hit the break to see a side-by-side comparison with the Atrix, and the source link to see the rest of the pictures.

Source: Phone HK (Chinese) via Droid-Life

More discussion in the Droid Bionic forums!

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3 years ago

Android Quick App: Buffer


Do you love to use Twitter to share all the cool and interesting things you find on the Internet?  Me, too.  The problem comes when you start oversharing and flooding all your friends timeline with things that you think are great, but they might not.  We've all done it, and until now there was no easy way to meter out those tweets so they aren't so annoying.  Or maybe you've just launched the best idea ever on the Internet, and need a way to organize what you send out on Twitter, and how you send it.  That's where Buffer comes in to play.  Buffer is a web service that stores all the pages, links, and random thoughts you think are important enough to share with the world, then sends them to Twitter at intervals that you set up.  It works nicely, and there are Chrome and Firefox plugins to make it seamless.  Now, there's an Android app too.  It's super simple to use, effective, and makes you a whole lot less spammy on Twitter -- which are all good things.  Hit the jump to see how it works and find the download link.

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iOS5 announced, everything old is new again [the competition]


If you were on the Internet today, you couldn't help but be inundated by the iOS 5 announcement at WWDC.  Rene from our sister site TiPb was there on the floor, and they have done a great job covering it all -- and there was a lot to cover.  But all the new announcements leave Android (as well as other smartphone OS) fans feeling a bit of deja vu, as we've already seen most of it. Hit the break and have a look.

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CyanogenMod coming to the Galaxy S 2, thanks to Samsung



Atinm, the developer responsible for maintaining CyanogenMod on the Samsung Vibrant and Captivate, recently received a free Galaxy S 2 to develop for. (click to see our hands-on).  Don't adjust your screens, you read it right the first time: Samsung gave a phone to a CyanogenMod developer because they want them to work with it.

It seems that Samsung is starting to see the value of having an active development community on their devices, becoming the latest manufacturer to start working with these developers instead of against them.  This doesn't mean Samsung will do this with every device, remember Carrier's have a big say in how locked down they want their devices to be, but it's great to see these first few positive steps from one of the world's largest Android manufacturers.

No official word on when nightlies for the Galaxy S 2 will start pushing out (let alone a stable release), but Atinm mentioned that serious development should start tonight.

Via: [Twitter]

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Samsung Exhibit 4G and Gravity Smart coming June 22?


When we first covered the Exhibit 4G and the Gravity Smart, all we knew was that June was the month they'd be released. There was nary a launch date in sight, but today, that's been rectified.

Both the Samsung Exhibit 4G and the Samsung Gravity Smart are slated for a June 22 release, so if you're aiming for more of a mid-level phone, this is one to consider. (Plus, it comes out two days earlier than that other phone people have been talking about.)

Source: TmoNews

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3 years ago

Latest Fring update adds support for Galaxy S II, Droid Charge and more


If you picked up a new device as of late, you may have been stuck in that dreaded area where some applications may not have worked as soon as the device was available. It happens every now and then and developers are usually quick to go ahead and roll out an update with the support needed. Such is the case with the latest build of Fring now available in the Android Market. Aside from some bug fixes, the latest version also adds new device compatibility as well. Check out the full change log below:

  • Make free Group Video calls with up to 4 friends
  • Improved voice quality
  • Now on a bunch of new devices like: HTC Flyer, Samsung Droid charge, Nexus S (Running Android 2.3.4), Samsung Galaxy S II, LG G2X
  • Bug fixes making it stable

You can jump on past the break for a video of the four way group in action calling as well as the Android Market download link.

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3 years ago

Viewsonic announces 7-inch ViewBook 730 Android tablet


Viewsonic has announced the release of their budget friendly 7 inch ViewBook 730 Android tablet today.  While their tagline of "changing the face of tablets" may be stretching things a bit, this one looks to be a great new product in the multi-purpose eReader category, and appears to have the market currently dominated by the Nook Color  directly in its sights.

The ViewBook runs Android 2.2 on a 1GHz CPU, 8 GB internal memory and microSD card support, 1080p playback via its HDMI out port, a VGA front facing camera, and uses a stylus much like the HTC Flyer.  On the software side, it comes with the Amazon Appstore and Adobe Flash 10 preinstalled.

The ViewBook will be available the end of June, and carries a MSRP of $249.99.  Read the full press release after the break.

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3 years ago

New Motorola Droid Bionic spotted in the wild



The Droid Bionic saga continues, with the latest incarnation of the phone we first saw at CES now appearing in the wild, in pictures snapped by tech blog MobileGearz. The LTE-equipped Bionic now sports a redesigned chassis that's a little different to what we've previously seen, and the presence of a 8MP camera and the new version of MotoBlur has been confirmed in these latest images too.

There's also a connector for Motorola's laptop dock, which shouldn't come as too much of a surprise -- Moto has been promising more "lapdock"-supporting phones for a while now. Hit up the source link for some more photos of the new Bionic.

Source: MobileGearz

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3 years ago

Droid X2 review


Motorola's dual-core Droid X2 is a solid sequel to the 2010 best-seller


When the Motorola Droid X first hit Verizon Wireless last July, it was thrilling in a number of ways. Not only did it represent Verizon's commitment to a high end line of Android smartphones, but it also marked Motorola's next step in reclaiming its throne atop the mobile industry. As an early adopter, I grew to love the X, which I feel grew into one of the best smartphones on Verizon to date. So how does its successor, the Droid X2, live up to the original? Less than a year after the X's release, is the X2 as thrilling as its predecessor? Here, we'll look at how the X2 has improved on the foundation the X had laid, and whether or not these improvements are enough to get excited about.

Let's go, after the break.

Droid X2 SpecsDroid X2 ForumsDroid X2 Accessories

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