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Introducing our 'Member Favorites' forum


Android Central forums Member Favorites

For most of us, the best part about having a smartphone is the applications.  From its humble beginnings a year and a half ago, to today's 90,000-odd apps in more than 30 countries, the Android Market is filled with apps that offer just about anything you or I will ever think of.  Sorting through them all looking for the hidden gems can be a daunting task for even the seasoned smartphone vetran.

Sure, tools like AppBrain and our weekly editor picks help, but now we're going one step further with our Member Favorites forum.  It's chock full of polls and posts that feature what you guys think is the cream of the crop in almost every category, and we're counting on you to make it the first stop on the 'net to see what people like ourselves think about apps, which ones are favorites, and why.  Check out the Member Favorites forum, and let the world know what you think today!

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4 years ago

Docs to Go 3.0 for Android now available


Documents to Go 3.0

Weren't we just talking about Docs to Go 3.0? And sure enough, it's now available in the Android Market. Version 3.001 will run you $14.99. But judging by the number of e-mails we've already gotten, that likely won't be that big a deal for many of you. Download link after the break, folks. Thanks to everybody who sent this in!

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4 years ago

Blurry Gingerbread pic now a blurry video, shows blinking power-off


Android Gingerbread

Remember that really blurry picture that reportedly shows Gingerbread? It hasn't gotten any clearer, but now it's moving. Phandroid has the video it apparently was ripped from, and it shows a pretty cool old-school TV-like blinking of the screen when you press the power button. Check it out after the break. [Phandroid]

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4 years ago

Epic 4G modded to charge on Palm Touchstone


I think we can admit that we're all just a bit jealous of Palm's Touchstone charging station. The act of simply plugging your phone into its charger doesn't pose any real challenge, and it's nothing new in the world of electronic devices. But there's no cool factor there, and fumbling around for your charger in the dark is no fun.

Perhaps that's what drove forum member d94 to sacrifice his warranty, time, and potentially his Epic 4G to bring us this impressive mod. In the nine pictures posted in his thread, it almost looks like an easy mod with minimal soldering and "Oh god I hope I don't break this" moments. Perhaps an easy task for the seasoned modder.

According to d94, not a single one of the Epic's basic functions had to be sacrificed for this mod either. The charging LED still behaves the same way, and when mounted in his car, GPS is fully functional.

So if your Epic 4G has had to sit on the sidelines while the Evo 4G got comfy on the Touchstone, here is your chance! Get into his thread and get to work. [Android Central Forums]

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4 years ago

Hands-on with Winamp for Android: Great music app, easy wireless syncing


Winamp for Android

I've never really gotten into playing music on my phone, for one reason or another. That ends today, with Nullsoft's Winamp hitting the Android Market in a beta version. That's right, the same Winamp that was my very first desktop player some 13 years ago (back when a 6-megabyte music file didn't seem to make any sense).

So what do we get here? A simple but powerful multimedia player, complete with widget and homescreen music controls. And, best of all, is the ability to add music to your phone over Wifi. Syncing music (or anything, for that matter) has never been terribly easy on Android. With Winamp, it's just a few clicks.

You really have to see this in action. Full video review of Winamp and Wifi sync is after the break, folks, along with download links.

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4 years ago

Select users testing Android 2.1 on Cliq


Motorola Cliq testing

The wait for Android 2.1 on the Motorola Cliq continues, but we've gotten word that field trials are about to get under way, with a couple of thousand users asked to give Eclair a go. We've already seen Eclair leaked and running on the Cliq, and Moto's own update list still says it's slated for the new software in late Q3/early Q4, so we should be seeing it any time now, hopefully. Couple of more shots after the break, and you can try to get in on the testing here.

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4 years ago

HTC Bee and Desire dummy units arive at Alltel locations



What have we here now? Looks like that HTC Bee leak that we saw with Alltel branding that just surfaced should have been a clear sign that it was coming, but we wouldn't have realized it would be just this soon! Shots were sent in from an Alltel location showing off the HTC Bee and the Desire dummy units, which is great for everyone still on Alltel waiting for some new Android choices. [via Droid-Life]

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4 years ago

Galaxy S Froyo updates will return sometime in November, Samsung says


Samsung Galaxy S Froyo

Remember how the source code for the Samsung Galaxy S' Froyo update was released a few days ago? It actually was pulled pretty quickly, and now Samsung UK says it'll be back "from early November" and that "all operator versions to be available by the end of November." Chances are they mean European operators, but that's OK. Because November's just a week and a half away, and any release of source code puts us all a few steps closer to official updates. [Twitter via BGR]

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4 years ago

T-Mobile to introduce tiered data pricing


 New T-Mobile data pricing structure

Earlier this month, T-Mobile reduced its "unlimited" data cap to 5GB, but took the unusual (and welcome!) step of merely throttling users that go over this limit, rather than charging them fines. It seems that change was in preparation for a whole slew of bigger ones at America's number four carrier -- tiered data is in. Phones will now be put into one of three categories with the following data plans:

  • Feature phones: (nothing running Android will fall under this category) no data plan required, 200MB or 5GB optional
  • Standard smartphones: (think Motorola Charm) 200MB plan minimum, 5GB plan optional
  • Premium smartphones: - (G2, myTouch 4G, etc) 5GB "unlimited" plan required

As for pricing, the 200MB plan will run you just $10 per month for both Even More and Even More Plus plan holders. For the 5GB plan, Even More users will fork over $30 per month, while Even More Plus owners will get a slight discount at $25 per month. [TmoNews]

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4 years ago

Docs to Go 3.0 will be released soon, says Dataviz


Docs to Go

Docs to Go 3.0, the heavily anticipated update to the popular Microsoft Office viewing/editing app may finally be released in the next couple of weeks. Yes, we write this knowing full well that Dataviz, the company that develops the app, was purchased by RIM. had this to say in their official forums:

Sorry for the delay everyone... we are hoping to release this week/beginning of next week!!

We were able to get a sneak peak at the upcoming release at Google IO back in June. Here are some of the features to look forward to:

  • Support for Microsoft Office 2010
  • Desktop application with two-way file sync
  • Enhanced file browser and manager
  • Pinch-to-zoom for Adobe PDF files

And the good news, at least as it was last relayed to us: If you purchased the full paid version of D2G previously, your upgrade to 3.0 will be free.  [Dataviz Forums via Android Central Forums] Thanks, Cory! 

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4 years ago

Joe Hewitt, open source software, and the benefit of a good night's sleep



Since Steve turned Apple's earning report into a rant against everyone and everything Google, followed by Andy's sniper-style snarky response on Twitter, you can't shake a stick without hitting someone involved in the industry sharing their views on what is and isn't open.  (Hey, look! Here are ours!) Joe Hewitt, of Mozilla and Facebook fame, is no exception.  On Tuesday he, too, had his five-minute meltdown via Twitter, bashing Google for its definition of open compared to his, with remarks like "Point I am trying to make is, Rubin bickering with Jobs is a farce, because both refuse to share the one thing that matters: control."  

Joe has taken the opportunity to make his views clearer, and in a much more tame fashion on his blog.  He makes some really valid points, and you should read it.  If you're any type of FOSS (Free Open Source Software) supporter or detractor, you should definitely read it.  I read it, and can't argue his points too much.  One of our favorite Googlers, Tim Bray, read it, and according to Tim "Joe Hewitt is OK by me."  Don't disagree with Tim there, either.  The one question that isn't answered -- is there really a Facebook Android phone in the works, and did that influence Joe Hewitt to clarify his opinion? Tinfoil hats on, everybody! [Joe Hewitt via @timbray]

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4 years ago

More details on Verizon's new data prices


 Verizon Tiered Data Pricing

It's only been a couple of days since we brought you details of Verizon's new data plans -- recap: $15 a month for 150MB, with $15/150 MB overage; and $29.99 a month for unlimited use -- and here's the full breakdown. It's worth noting that Verzion is still pushing hard for the unlimited route, and chances are that's what you'll end up with if you change your plan or are new on Verizon. For you current customers, hope you like being grandfathered (you should!). As for when this goes into effect, we're still hearing a week or so. [Submitted via the Android Central App]

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4 years ago

Hands-on with the new and improved YouTube app for Android


 YouTube frontpageYouTube browsing

A new YouTube app has hit the Android Market. That's right, it's been broken out of the ROM and is in the Android Market, part of that whole break-out-of-the-ROM-and-into-the-market movement that's going on.  And it only takes a couple of minutes' use to see that it's much-improved over its predecessor. The new app is only for those devices sporting Android 2.2. Some of the new features:

  • Much improved UI
  • In-page playback so users can read comments while watching videos
  • The ability to watch videos in portrait or landscape mode
  • Personalized home-screen video feed
  • New player controls

If you have Android 2.2 already, go try this much improved version of the YouTube app in the market. Find the download link, more pics and our hands-on video after the break! [via Droid Life]

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4 years ago

Android Case Review: OtterBox Commuter Series for Droid Incredible


OtterBox Commuter Series Case

The OtterBox Commuter Series Case for the Droid Incredible is truly a tank of a case. It wraps your precious DInc in two protective layers: a hard outer shell and a soft, shock absorbing inner layer. Join me past the break to get a closer look. 

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4 years ago

Motorola Defy to hit T-Mobile on Nov. 3


The Motorola Defy (see our hands-on here) is coming to T-Mobile on Nov. 3, according to T-Mobile USA's official Twitter account.  No price has been announced yet, and I'm not even going to venture a guess.  While it may not win any beauty awards, and it's not quite the top of the line, it seems more than capable -- and the Mil-Spec toughness factor is surely going to appeal to many.  The Defy ships with Android 2.1, a 5 MP shooter, a 3.7-inch capacitive screen at 480x854, Gorilla glass and the usual cadre of Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS with DNLA support tossed in for good measure.

If you weren't lucky enough to get one from Oprah, you'll soon have you chance at this one. [T-Mobile via Twitter]

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