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T-Mobile launches Android tablet rental program with the Los Angeles Angels



Baseball fans in Anaheim will like this news for sure. T-Mobile and the Los Angeles Angels have just announced a partnership that will allow fans to rent either a Samsung Galaxy Tab or T-Mobile G Slate during Los Angeles Angels games, The tablets, when rented will come pre-loaded with some goodies:

  • Free game-day program, optimized for viewing on the tablet — an instant $3 added value.
  • Free content from the Zinio magazine app, with the ability to read from a sampling of magazines during the game, including ESPN and many other popular magazines, drawing from Zinio’s library of more than 4,500 magazine titles.
  • Free T-Mobile TV (on the T-Mobile G-Slate only), providing content from popular TV shows. All regular free content, plus the “Select” package, regularly $4.99, is available as part of the game-day tablet rental.

Pretty awesome! Hopefully, T-Mobile will be able to expand the program in the long run and bring it to many other venues. Just don't go rooting the tablets should you decide to go ahead and rent one during a game.

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3 years ago

Amazon outs Motorola Droid Bionic desktop dock, car dock [updated]


Update 2: ... And Amazon's pulled the pages.

Might we be getting our best look at the Motorola Droid Bionic here, from Amazon? If a pair of product pages are to be believed, we most certainly are. And is that a chrome ring we see around the phone?

At the left is the desktop dock, which is billed as "A station with an extra sense. With ESP technology, you decide which apps and short cuts to keep on your home screen and the dock remembers." In addition to charging the phone, it's also got a 3.5mm audio jack for outputting music, or taking calls.

And on the right is the vehicle navigation dock with rapid vehicle charger. It's also said to have that same ESP technology, which really is just a fancy way for saying the phone knows when it's docked and will switch to car mode -- just like other docks.

No pricing or release listed on either, though you can sign up to be notified when they're available.

Source: Amazon (car dock, desktop dock); via Droid Bionic forums; Thanks, sfay93!

Update: Droid-Life spotted a nice rear shot of the desktop dock, showing three USB ports and an HDMI out port. Pic's after the break

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3 years ago

Sprint rolling out Nexus S 4G update on July 25


Since its release, Sprint customers have had quite a number of complaints about the Nexus S 4G and have been patiently awaiting an update that they hoped would fix some of these issues. Earlier this month we saw that the update was delayed, but Sprint has come out and confirmed that the update will begin rolling out on July 25, only three days away.

These enhancements should increase 4G data speeds and signal strength for users. The software update also improves Wi-Fi connectivity, speakerphone audio quality and adds TTY support for the deaf and hard of hearing.

This should come as warmly welcomed news by all Nexus S 4G owners, and while the update is scheduled to start on July 25, it will be a staggered roll out as usual, and should reach everyone's device within three weeks from then.

Source: Sprint

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3 years ago

Revive old software on your device with some emulators


Youtube link for mobile viewing

Looking to kick it old school and play some Contra on your Android device? There's an emulator for that. Since the release of Android, emulator apps have come and gone -- some pulled by Google, some just simply no longer supported any more by their developers. However, if you're looking to replace some of those that have disappeared you can check out some of the ones available from Marat Fayzullin.

  • iNES - iNES emulates classic NES and Famicom videogame consoles from Nintendo. It plays NES, Famicom, DiskSystem, and VS System games in a desktop window or full screen. Save game at any time and restart from that point later. You can also use GameGenie cheat codes, make screenshots and save game music in MIDI format.
  • MasterGear - The MasterGear emulates several 8bit videogame consoles from SEGA. It plays Master System, GameGear, Mark 2, Mark 3, SG1000, SC3000, and SF7000 games in a desktop window or full screen. You can save game at any time and restart from that point if you get killed, make screenshots, and even save game music in MIDI format to play it later.
  • VGB - VGB emulates Nintendo GameBoy handhelds and their accessories. It plays GameBoy, GameBoy Pocket, GameBoy Color, and Super GameBoy games in a window or full screen. VGB also supports the Pocket Printer, GameGenie cheat codes, and more. Please notice that VGB will not play GameBoy Advance games: you will need VGBA for that.
  • VGBA - VGBA emulates the Nintendo GameBoy Advance handheld. It plays GameBoy Advance games in a desktop window or full screen. Please notice that VGBA will not play classic GameBoy games: you will need VGB for that.

Marat has quite a few others available for more obscure systems as well, if you're looking to check them out you can hit the source link for more details and download links to all listed.

Source: KomKon

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3 years ago

Android Quick App: Domino Run


YouTube link for mobile viewing

We were all kids once (right?), and a staple of kid-dom was stacking up dominoes only to knock them down. Easy, dumb simple, clean fun. Now we're old and haggard, but there's an app out there that will not only keep your mind sharp, but also help you relive your younger days. For the kid in all of us, there is Domino Run.

Domino Run is pretty straightforward. You have dominoes you need to shuffle around to knock down a special blue domino, known as "the Finisher." Don't knock down the blue one, you lose. Oh, and did I mention you need to knock all of the other dominoes down before the Finisher falls? If you don't do that, you lose again.

Gameplay starts off simple, but gets progressively more difficult, adding mechanics like you dropping dominoes off of ledges to knock down other dominoes, or the introduction of the red domino, which I believe is called the Stopper. The challenges don't end there, as there's an entire list of uniquely powered dominoes that come in the later levels (that I didn't get to see in my time with the game).

Scoring is done medal-style, with gold, silver, and bronze medals being awarded to you based on moves spent and the time it took you to complete a level. The easiest way to game the system get gold medals on everything that I've found is to take your time plotting out a successful move, then immediately replay the level and use your plan as fast as you can. Instant gold medal!

Overall, Domino Run is a fun, calming, throwback-to-an-older-day kind of game, and I dig it. There's both free and paid version in the Market, and the free version lets you play a full 20 levels, so it's not a bad deal. If you feel like taking the plunge into 70 levels of domino madness, the full version only sets you back a buck.

Download links to Domino Fun Run are after the break.

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3 years ago

Good Technology teams with T-Mobile USA to offer enterprise-class security for business customers on Android


As the adoption of Android continues, the amount of people looking to use their Android devices in enterprise environments is increasing along with it. T-Mobile and Good Technology have now teamed up to bring enterprise-class security to business customers on Android through Good for Enterprise. Through the agreement T-Mobile business customers now have access to Good for Enterprise on the Galaxy S 4G, the HTC Sensation 4G, the T-Mobile G-Slate, as well as the Dell Streak 7.

"As more employees start to use personal devices at their places of work, and as more companies adopt Android for business, we want to provide the best services to support their needs," said Britt Wehrman, vice president of B2B marketing for T-Mobile USA. "With Good's solution, now IT administrators can help make sure company information is secure when employees are using T-Mobile's powerful array of Android devices." 

If you find yourself in the enterprise environment the agreement with T-Mobile could be just the thing you need to have your employer welcome Android into their systems. Looking for the full details? You'll find them past the break in the press release.

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First CyanogenMod nightly builds available for Galaxy S II


Good news for Galaxy S II owners looking for a bit of custom firmware action. Samsung's excellent flagship device has taken its first step towards being fully supported by CyanogenMod, with early Galaxy S II nightly builds of the popular custom ROM now rolling out. The nightlies are based on the CyanogenMod 7.1 branch, which in turn is based on Android 2.3.4.

As ever, these builds are considered highly unstable and are likely to contain bugs and missing or broken functionality. Still, if you're rocking a shiny new Galaxy S II and fancy a change from TouchWiz, then you can grab the latest nightly for your device through ROM Manager, or the source link below.

Source: CyanogenMod

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3 years ago

Lenovo 7-inch IdeaPad caught on camera


Lenovo has been hard at work on its Android offers, as we most recently saw with the IdeaPad K1 and ThinkPad but a new 7-inch tablet has just been spotted. Confirmed details for the 7-inch IdeaPad are rather slim still but rumors are suggesting this one will be powered by a TI OMAP3621 processor, a 7-inch 1024 x 600 touchscreen and various other goodies like 3G connectivity, SDCard slot, front and rear-facing cameras all rounded out with a 3700mAh battery. Not great but not bad either, you can find one more pic after the break.

Source: Engadget

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3 years ago

Android Quick App: Talk2All

3 years ago

Bouncy Mouse - Cut the rope meets Angry Birds


Youtube link for mobile viewing

A new game has popped up in the Android Central forums and after having been playing it for past few days now, we think you should check it out. Available for both Android smartphones and tablets for free, if you're a fan of Angry Birds and Cut The Rope -- Bouncy Mouse is the best of both. You get to shoot, sling, and fly Bouncy Mouse through 30 levels in 3 different Worlds that are superbly designed. The developer, Eric -- is looking for feedback on the game so if you decide to give it a shot, make sure you let him know how you like it. The download link can be found past the break.

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