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4 years ago

T-Mobile to offer truly unlimited data on Monthly 4G prepaid plans


Just a few months after debuting its truly unlimited data plan for contract customers, T-Mobile will begin offering the same service option to Monthly 4G prepaid customers as well. Prior to this, the highest tier of the Monthly 4G service was $70 for unlimited talk, text and data -- with a throttle after 5GB of usage. It seems that this level will be replaced by a plan of the same price with truly unlimited, unthrottled data. This is a great move for T-Mobile, especially as it moves more of its spectrum to the 1900MHz frequency for HSPA+, which opens up possibilities to a whole host of new unlocked devices. Monthly 4G plans are prepaid, require no credit check or contract and can be used with any unlocked GSM device that supports its frequencies.

TmoNews claims the service will go live just a few short days from now on January 9th, and we'll be sure to check back in and see if that is the case. We've got a picture of the marketing materials for the plans for you to check out after the break. There's another image and more information at the source link below as well.

Source: TmoNews

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4 years ago

AT&T launches several more 4G LTE markets in Michigan


AT&T is continuing its nationwide 4G LTE rollout today with several new markets going live with the service. As was the case with Verizon before it, AT&T is reaching the point where it has expanded its network to many of the major markets in the U.S. and is now rolling out to some of the lesser populated areas. Users in the following markets in Michigan should see the service live now:

  • Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Beverly Hills, Michigan
  • Birmingham, Michigan
  • Monroe County, Michigan
  • Kent County, Michigan
  • Ottowa County, Michigan

We'll start to see more and more of these small rollouts throughout 2013. Have any of you in these areas noticed AT&T LTE go live yet? Let us know in the comments.

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4 years ago

Jelly Bean update now pushing out to HTC One X on O2 UK


A quick heads up to our friends in the UK rocking a HTC One X on O2. A tasty treat has begun to push out in the form of the much awaited Jelly Bean update, confirmed today by HTC UK on their official Twitter feed. As is so often the case with these things, the update is being pushed out in batches, so not everyone will get it right away. To check if you're one of the lucky ones be sure to head into Settings>About>Software Updates>Check Now. 

The update is pretty hefty in size at 365MB, so you'll want to be connected to WiFi. The 4.1 update for the One X has been rolling out internationally for a few months now, and while O2 customers will no doubt have been chewing their fingers off in anticipation, at last their patience has paid off. In addition to all the benefits of Jelly Bean like Google Now and Project Butter, the update brings with it the latest version of HTC's Sense software, known as Sense 4+. If you've managed to snag the update today, be sure to share your experiences with us in the comments below. 

Source: HTC UK (Twitter), O2 Customer Support Forums

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4 years ago

Oh noes! Google Maps isn't working on Windows Phone


Our Windows Phone-loving pals at WPCentral have found themselves in quite the pickle. First there's the whole to-do over YouTube and the fact that Google's not opening up its metadata to Windows Phone, so third-party apps can't search videos as well as we can on Android. (Or in the iOS YouTube app, for that matter.) Now they can't even use Google Maps. Not that there's been an official Windows Phone version of Google Maps -- nor do we really expect one anytime soon -- but for some reason pointing Internet Explorer to redirects back to the mobile verison of Google's home page.

Shenanigans? Or Gremlins? We're willing to bet it's just a hiccup and that Google's not shutting out Windows Phone from Google Maps, but it's an inconvenience, to say the least. And Gizmodo says this actually has been the case from the start. (Though that's apparently not true.) On the other hand, WPCentral's Daniel Rubino questions "why you would want to use Google’s less-than-awesome mapping service through a browser." With an attitude like that, pal, don't expect the boys and girls at Google to bend over backwards for you on a Friday.

More: WPCentral

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4 years ago

Pebble smartwatch to be officially unveiled at CES, ready to be shown off to the world


Kickstarter has spawned some pretty interesting products over the past 12 months, one of which is the Pebble smartwatch. It's some time now since Pebble first hit Kickstarter with a $100,000 goal that eventually became $10million. Having originally been slated to ship in September, this was missed, with seemingly no end to the wait in sight. 

Press invites have started to roll out to a Pebble event on Jan. 9 at CES in Las Vegas, where we're promised that the company CEO, Eric Migicovsky, will not only unveil the much anticipated product, but will also offer a full walkthrough of the finished article. 

The Pebble smartwatch is an intriguing device. Featuring an electronic paper display allowing for great viewing outdoors, the watch will pair to your Android device via a downloadable application. The app will allow you to choose a watch face to match your tastes, and will also push notifications to the watch for email, phone calls, Facebook notifications, calendar events, Twitter, weather and alarms. Additionally Pebble will have the ability to receive text messages from your phone. The watch itself will also be able to run specially designed applications, opening up a whole world of possibilities. 

The event goes down at 09:00 PST on Jan. 9, and Android Central will be on the ground to bring you all the news. The event will also be live-streamed over on the Pebble website.

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4 years ago

Acer Iconia B1 pictured in the wild ahead of any official announcements


We saw the first official looking news of a new budget tablet from Acer, the Iconia B1, just yesterday. Expected to be shown off at CES, and coming to market as just the Iconia B, it looks to be a budget Jelly Bean tablet that so far we've heard is heading to India. A Bulgarian tech site called has laid their hands on one of the pre-release versions of the tablet and has put it through its paces. 

As you might expect, the Iconia B doesn't set the world on fire. We'd already seen from Acer's website listing for the tablet that it would be a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, with 8GB of on board storage, 512MB of RAM and a 1024x600 resolution display. According to the software on board is Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, so not the latest version, but not far off and it looks pretty much like stock Android too. The front facing camera is a 2MP shooter capable of 720p video, so potentially not bad for video chat. 

While the reasonably low end specs might scare some away, the review goes on to praise the software performance. They say it works perfectly smoothly, and there's no noticeable lag. The low RAM will no doubt become an issue in some regards, but it sounds like Jelly Bean's enhancements in the form of Project Butter may not be lost. 

The price in Bulgaria doesn't look that favorable when converted to Dollars or Pounds, as it looks to be the same price as the Nexus 7. However, we should remember that this may well be targeted at markets where devices like the Nexus 7 aren't available, or are extremely expensive due to importing costs.

Source: (Translated)

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4 years ago

CEO Peter Chou talks about HTC's future


It's no secret that HTC's worldwide market share in smartphones is small -- and declining -- but CEO Peter Chou seems optimistic for the future of the Taiwanese manufacturer. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Chou expressed that although HTC has been outpaced in smartphones by the likes of Samsung and Apple since 2010, the worst is behind the company now. With international market share of about 2.2-percent, the numbers just don't reflect the high-quality products Android OEM has to offer. HTC's relatively small size and cash holdings put it at a disadvantage to the larger companies out there, but the Chou explains that a refocusing on proper marketing -- with a new marketing chief -- will be the key to improvement in 2013.

"Although we don't have as much money to counter [Samsung and Apple], the most important thing is to have unique products that appeal to consumers."

The quote from Mr. Chou fits with what many HTC fans have been saying continuously, but unfortunately the general consumer market hasn't reflected that. He hopes that the upcoming changes and reorganizations (no specifics given) inside the company will let it react quicker to changing markets to bring more compelling products to consumers in the future.

Source: WSJ

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4 years ago

Amazon adds more TV content to Prime Instant Video service


Amazon is working to improve its Prime Instant Video service today by signing a content deal to bring more TV shows from major networks. The latest deal with A+E Networks will bring previous seasons of popular shows from A&E, Bio, History and Lifetime to the service. Amazon says it has more than doubled the number of show and movie offerings on its service last year, with over 33,000 available in total.

There's still no proper Amazon Prime Instant Video app in the Google Play Store for Android devices, but if you happen to be using a Kindle Fire -- or another device such as a set top box -- with the service you can go enjoy these newly added offerings.

Source: Amazon

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4 years ago

Google confirms ASUS Google TV device for CES


ASUS Qube Google TV dongle coming next week?

In an update on the official Google TV blog, Google has confirmed that ASUS will be joining the Google TV fold with a new device at next week's CES in Las Vegas. In addition, the company says we can expect new Google TV products from Chinese manufacturers Hisense and TCL, as well as LG, Vizio, Sony, and "others." (You might recall we went hands-on with the Hisense Pulse Google TV in Berlin last August.)

There's a strong chance that the device from ASUS will be the "Qube," a Google TV dongle which passed by the FCC last month. The nature of this product remains a bit of a mystery, but given ASUS's strong track record with Android-based mobile devices, we're curious to see what the manufacturer's been able to do with its GTV add-on.

Stay tuned in the coming week for full coverage of everything Android at CES 2013.

Source: Google TV blog

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4 years ago

SwiftKey Flow beta updated with performance improvements, bug fixes


Four weeks on from the original SwiftKey Flow beta launch, a new version of the app is available. The new version of the trace-enabled keyboard features improved performance, as well as fixes for a number of bugs identified over the past month --

  • Flow-through-space autocommit: if you flow-through space but mess up your last word, all the prior words will be inserted (instead of losing all the words)
  • Flow in landscape on tablets (not on split layout with numpad)
  • Battery usage improved (when flowing and when not in use)
  • Performance of flowing and tapping improved
  • Longpress of bottom-right (smiley/enter) button now works
  • Fixed some force close issues
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Predictions not lost when changing keyboard layout (e.g to symbols)
  • Fixed DOuble CApitalization issue

The new version is available for tablets and phones over at the source link below. Remember that SwiftKey Flow is still  in beta, so the app won't be as stable as the current version of SwiftKey 3.1 on Google Play. (A list of known issues can also be found at the source link.)

Source: SwiftKey blog

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4 years ago

What I used in 2012: Andrew Martonik


We cover a whole lot of news here on Android Central, from phones and tablets to apps, accessories and a whole lot more. We put these products and services through their paces harder than most, so when something stands out enough to be used by one of the writers daily, it's usually the cream of the crop. Stick around after the break and see what I used throughout 2012.

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4 years ago

Agenda for Android: The iOS calendar favorite makes the leap


Looks like I just found my new calendar app. Agenda -- long a favorite on iOS -- has made its way to Android. (It's currently $1.99.) It ties into your Google calendars, of course, but it's the interface that's much improved over what Google's given us. The basic UI is much cleaner in black-and-white (the colors you see here are my custom label colors) and moreover you can swipe left and right to change from a year-at-a-glance view, to monthly, to daily and agenda, to single events.  There's a clear button for adding events, the bullseye takes you to the current day, and you can pick and choose which calendars to display.

It's still slightly rough around the edges -- the odd crash, and vertical scrolling could be a little smoother. But for form and function, Agenda's among the best we've seen, though we'd love to see some sort of agenda widget to go along with it, and developer SavvyApps says one is in the works.

We've got more screenies after the break. Hit the link above to give it a go for yourself.

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4 years ago

Android Central 121: CES preview, Ubuntu is back(ish)


Audio-only stream below

Jerry, Alex and Phil catch up from the holiday break, preview what we're expecting from CES next week in Las Vegas, and take a ride on the Ubuntu train. Join us!

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4 years ago

Android Central Stocking Stuffers final winners, including the Nexus 4 winners


We're wrapping up the huge Stocking Stuffers giveaways, and we've got the final list of winners to announce. That'd be 16 winners of $10 Google Play gift cards, one Stocking Stuffer Nexus 4 winner, and one person who wins a bonus Nexus 4 because we felt like giving a second one away.

We had a great time handing out all the goodies, and we want to take one more chance to tell you guys that you're pretty damn awesome. Without you guys and gals we wouldn't be the biggest and baddest Android blog on the planet. Above all, we're here to have fun and socialize with like-minded folks who love them some Android. 

Enough of the emotional stuff, let's get down to announcing some winners!

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4 years ago

First alleged Samsung Galaxy S4 render emerges


Early image claims to show upcoming Samsung flagship, but there's reason to be skeptical

It’s that time of year again, boys and girls -- the first purported Samsung Galaxy S4 render has emerged online. This morning Samsung fansite SamMobile posted a photo of a render showing what it claims is the next flagship phone from the Korean manufacturer. The image, which the site says was passed to it by a Samsung insider, appears to be a photo of the render as displayed on a monitor or other LCD display.

The alleged Galaxy S4 (or Galaxy S IV, if you prefer) shot shows a Galaxy Note 2-like design, with accentuated, rounded corners and no physical buttons. The device also has an extremely minimal horizontal bezel, along with the usual assortment of buttons, ports and sensors in the usual places.

There’s no way of verifying the authenticity of this image, but SamMobile has a pretty decent track record when it comes to Samsung leaks. Nevertheless, given how many inaccurate Galaxy S3 renders did the rounds last year, we’re inclined take this latest pic with a hefty dose of salt for the time being.

Even if this image is a legitimate Samsung creation, there’s no guarantee that the device it shows will become the Galaxy S4. Samsung is notoriously secretive with its flagship products, even going as far as designing and developing multiple variations of the Galaxy S3 to reduce the likelihood that the real thing would leak. So there’s a chance this design might be just one of many on the table at this early stage. (Remember that buttonless Galaxy S3 we saw just weeks before the announcement?)

In a related post, the site reports that Samsung will show an early Galaxy S4 prototype to a handful of partner executives and other big-wigs behind closed doors at next week’s CES. If Samsung ships the S4 this spring, as is expected, we wouldn’t be surprised if a few VIPs got an early look at what the company’s cooking in Las Vegas. CES has always been a big business-to-business show, after all.

For now, all we have is an image that may or may not be an upcoming Samsung phone. But if this is the Galaxy S4, we know a few Android nerds who’ll be celebrating Samsung’s new-found affinity for on-screen buttons.

Source: SamMobile (2)

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