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Android Game Review: Ozzy's Odyssey


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Everyone, meet Ozzy. Ozzy, meet everyone. Ozzy is your typical robot (almost looks like a long lost cousin of Andy/Bugdroid), just floating around and doing his robot thing. Unfortunately for him, whoever built him left off that whole "ability to jump" thing. In its place, they gave him the power to suck things into his head using some robot technology, then dump it out at will. It is this that powers the engine that is Ozzy's Odyssey.

Ozzy's Odyssey is a physics-based platformer that puts you in control of the aforementioned Ozzy. Your goal in each level is to reach the exit while collecting as many batteries as you can. Batteries are what contribute to your score, so without them, you're just a jumpless robot bouncing from level to level.

The physics come into play namely when you've sucked something into that noggin of yours. The first one you come across is a barrel or a coin. (Something brown.) There's a switch somewhere you need to activate, but of course, you're either too tall to fit in the passage or you can't jump. Simply drop the item, push it, and sweet physics will send it careening into the switch, opening your path.

Like all games, the challenges and levels start off simple then become more and more difficult as advance through the levels. A few levels in you're presented with deadly spikes on the ground, but seeing as you can't jump, you've got to come up with a more innovative way to not get impaled.

If you do happen to lose a level, you're treated to a sad but goofy animation of Ozzy's head popping off, then you're free to restart the level. As far as I can tell there's no limit on how many lives you have, so you're free to try and fail as many times as you want before you inevitably succeed.

Ozzy's Odyssey looks great on phones and tablets both, and while you might feel silly holding a tablet while playing this, it really shines on the larger screen. The graphics are simple, but everything looks good, colors are nice, and it's really just a great gameplay experience. Plus, it's on sale.

Ozzy's Odyssey is 99 cents in the Android Market. We've got download links after the break.

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2 years ago

HTC releases source code for Desire S Gingerbread update, and Sensation XL world versions


HTC has released the kernel source and other GPL bits for the Desire S Gingerbread update, and for the various Sensation XL versions across the globe.  As usual, average and well-adjusted people have no need for this, but for the true Android Geek and kernel developer, it's time to party.  They can use these sources to further customize ROMs and streamline the kernel for better performance, which everyone loves.  More importantly, it shows HTC is honoring their commitment and the terms they agreed to when using GPL software, which makes an old *nix nerd warm and fuzzy inside.

If you're in need of these sources, grab them at the link.  If you're using a Desire S or Sensation XL, hang tight while the magicians do their magic now that they have the tools.

Source: HTC Developer Center

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Available from Verizon Dec. 15 ... the white Motorola Droid RAZR!


See what we did there?

Yes, folks, the white Motorola Droid RAZR will be available from Verizon on Dec. 15 for $299 on contract. Or, you can get it for $199 if you pony up for a Droid XYBOARD for another several hundred dollars -- and yet another two-year contract.

Source: Verizon

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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II getting fixes for caller ID, battery life, Wifi calling


T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S II is getting an update today to Android 2.3.5, software version T989VUVKL1. You're getting a trio of "enhancements" (read: bugfixes) with this update, including caller ID, battery and Wifi calling. T-Mobile notes that the update's not mandatory, but we can't think of why you wouldn't want a better phone. 

You can get the update over the air, or use the Kies Mini desktop app thingy if you're a glutton for punishment.

Source: T-Mobile; More: T-Mobile Galaxy S II forums
thanks, Burt, for the tip!

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Samsung Galaxy S II (I-9100) Ice Cream Sandwich ROM leaks out


Youtube link for mobile viewing

Whatdaya get when you slap TouchWiz on top of Ice Cream Sandwich on an original Samsung Galaxy S II? Something that looks very much like TouchWiz on top of Ice Cream Sandwich on an Original Galaxy S II. The enterprising folks at SamMobile managed to score themslves an early Android 4.0 ICS build for the I-9100 (that's the original international version of the GSII). And just like with thie jump from Froyo to Gingerbread, we're not seeing any huge differences in UI. After all, it's TouchWiz On Top™.

Where you do see a little bit of a dfference is in menus, of course, as well as with features like Face Unlock. Check out the video for the whole thing, and hit the source link if you're up for some experimental flashing.

Source: SamMobile; thanks, Romeo!

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LG Prada 3.0 sneaks out of Germany ahead of today's launch


Update: And the official press release has gone live in Germany.

Feast your eyes on a phone most of us will likely never own -- the LG Prada 3.0 announced late last month. That little slice of sexy is being officially unveiled in London in a few hours (we'll be there, of course), but it's sneaked out of other parts Europe ahead of time. Specs are said to be a 4.3-inch NOVA display at 480x800 resolution, TI OMAP 4430 dual-core processor at 1 GHz running Android 2.3.7 with a custom UI, 8GB of internal memory, an 8MP rear camrea, NFC and a 1540 mAh battery. 

No word on pricing, but Prada ain't cheap, no?

Source: BestBoyz; via Engadget

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Plants vs Zombies finally available in the Android Market, brings Peggle with it


Plants vs Zombies coming to Android was big news, albeit big news if you lived in the US and could access the Amazon Appstore. All that changes this week though, with the announcement from Popcap Games that Amazon's exclusivity on the title is over. 

And today, Plants vs Zombies along with other Amazon exclusive, Peggle, is in the Android Market for all the world to enjoy for $2.99

If you've yet to come across the game, and wondering what all the fuss is about, check out our hands on way back in May when the title first appeared. 

Here are some download links:

Peggle (North America, Rest of World); Plants vs. Zombies (North America, Rest of World)

 Via Android Central Forums; More: Popcap Games

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Day 9 of Google's 10-day, 10-cent, 10 billion app download celebration


Two days left, folks, in what's become Google's 10 days of top premium apps for 90 percent off. Here are the apps that are discounted on the penultimate day:

One more round to go, folks!

Also: Day 1 appsDay 2 appsDay 3 appsDay 4 appsDay 5 apps, Day 6 appsDay 7 apps, Day 8 apps


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A video tour of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus from another lucky Android Central member


Youtube link for mobile viewing

If you recall, over the weekend a few lucky Android Forums members were able to squeeze a Verizon Galaxy Nexus out of Best Buy a bit early, and guinnkevinr was kind enough to fire up his camera and shoot a few minutes of video for us to drool over.  We know what the engine is under the hood of this one, namely a dual-core TI OMAP and 1GB of RAM, but this shows us how she handles.  Nice and smoothly, that's how.  Kevin shows off how fluid and quick it is, loads up a game, and we get the see the web browser in action.  It's well worth checking out while we wait, and when you're done watching it (over and over) hit the source link and tell Kevin thanks!

Source: Android Central Forums

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Japan getting the LG Optimus LTE on NTT Docomo


LG tonight announced that its first 720p Android smarpthone -- the LG Optimus LTE -- is coming to Japan on NTT Docomo. That follows launches in Korea and (surprise, surprise) the United States, with the latter enjoying phone on AT&T as the Nitro HD. (Read our full review)

NTT Docomo's also getting a uniqe version of the Optimus LTE. Along with an optional red paint job, it'll have 1seg digital TV and NFC. 

We've got LG's full presser after the break.

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