6 hours ago

T-Mobile hands out free phones to existing Verizon customers to test-drive its network


T-Mobile is going on the offensive against Verizon by launching a "Never Settle" campaign that allows existing Verizon customers to try out T-Mobile's services for free.

The carrier is giving Verizon customers the ability to port their numbers to a new T-Mobile smartphone (while retaining their existing Verizon phone), which they can use free of charge for up to 14 days. After the trial, if the customers wish to stay with T-Mobile, the carrier will cover Verizon's Early Termination Fees:

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9 hours ago

Inside Opera and Opera Mini


Whether it's more important that your browser get you where you're going as fast as possible or using as little data as possible, Opera has you covered.

Most people have used a version of the Opera browser without even realizing it. The company has been responsible for embedded, white-label browsers in hundreds of devices, and Opera has had that business sewn up for years because they are so good at building products that run on next to nothing when compared to the powerhouse smartphones and tablets so many of us rely on nowadays. With that in mind, there's a reasonable chance a company that can squeeze every drop of performance from a Nintendo DSi could make an amazing browser for the average Android device.

In point of fact, they make two. Opera and Opera Mini look and work similarly, but the underlying software targets two very different types of users.

Let's take a look.

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9 hours ago

Pebble talks day one features of the Pebble Time as it begins mass production


As the Pebble Time gears up for mass production, Pebble has provided an update on what features the device will ship with, as well as those that are planned for a later update.

In its update, Pebble provides some videos of the Pebble Time in action and notes that users will enjoy a new timeline interface, expanded app storage, a new sports app, and more when the device launches later this month.

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12 hours ago

Amzer Pudding TPU case for the Galaxy Note Edge


Protecting the curves of a Note Edge isn't easy, but the Pudding TPU case is a simple way to do it.

Just like its Pudding cases for other devices of any size, Amzer's offering for the Galaxy Note Edge is a simple way to add some basic protection to this big phone with a funky curve. There aren't any fancy features, but when you just need some durable rubber and plastic to protect your Note Edge from occasional bumps and small drops, this one will do.

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12 hours ago

Motorola to offer up the Moto X (2014) at up to $225 off on May 5


Motorola has announced that it will be offering the Moto X for up to $225 off tomorrow, May 5.

According to an email sent out by Motorola, you'll be able to snag a 32GB 2014 Moto X off contract at $349.99, or upgrade to the 64GB version for $374.99.

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13 hours ago

Lollipop closes in on 10 percent of active Android installs, KitKat and Jelly Bean each fall under 40 percent


Google has just released its May report on Android platform versions, showing growth in Lollipop.

The monthly report, which shows how many active Android devices are running on each version of the software, shows that Lollipop has grown significantly to 9.7 percent of installs, up from 5.4 percent last month. KitKat dropped subtly to 39.8 percent from 41.4 percent, while Jelly Bean moved to 39.2 percent from 40.7.

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13 hours ago

U.S. Cellular announces the $100 LG Logos for Simply Connect prepaid customers


U.S. Cellular has announced that it is offering up the budget-friendly LG Logos for $99.99 starting today.

The budget-friendly LG Logos is a 4.7-inch device that, while a tad on the low-end side of things, offers a pretty decent deal for U.S. Cellular's prepaid crowd.

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14 hours ago

Microsoft's latest slam of Android forgets one little thing ...

Google Play Services

From Microsoft's "Windows Update for Business" blog post, lauding all the security features it's put in place for Windows 10:

This level of commitment and support is far different than Android, for example, where Google refuses to take responsibility for updating their customers' devices, leaving end-users and business increasingly exposed every day they use the device.

Some things have changed at Microsoft. And some things, apparently, haven't.

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15 hours ago

Humble Mobile Bundle 12 offers Monument Valley and more


Humble Mobile Bundle 12 has just launched and this time the "pay what you want" Android game bundle includes the acclaimed puzzle title Monument Valley.

Yes, the fantasy-themed game from developer ustwo can be yours, along with five other games, for a very cheap price.

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15 hours ago

Camera showdown: LG G4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. iPhone 6

Which has the better camera? The LG G4, the Samsung Galaxy S6, or the iPhone 6?

It's time to really compare: just how good is the LG G4's camera?

LG's talking a big game about the quality of the LG G4's camera, and in the time we've been playing with it, it's certainly produced some impressive images. But it's also up against some impressive competition — smartphone cameras have never been better than they are today, and today they're really good. So we're pitting the LG G4 against the competition, namely the iPhone 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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15 hours ago

WeMo app update will bring IFTTT recipe support for connected LED bulbs


Belkin has announced an update to its WeMo app that brings IFTTT recipe support to its connected LED lightbulbs.

In the coming update, WeMo LED lightbulb users will be able to create IFTTT recipes for a wide variety of situations, such as turning the lights on when a user pulls into their driveway, or flashing the lights when you receive a tweet (yes, that's a thing).

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16 hours ago

Google to make Inbox, Calendar, and more smarter with the recent purchase of Timeful


Some Google apps may soon see the addition of intelligent scheduling thanks to Google's purchase of the Timeful team.

Several Google apps might be getting a whole lot smarter in the coming months thanks to Google's acquisition of Timeful, Inc. Currently, Google's apps offer a great deal of productivity improvements already, like adding calendar appointments from Gmail, or getting started on your to-do list from Inbox, but it all has room for improvement.

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16 hours ago

MyFitnessPal adds premium subscription option for $9.99 per month


Popular calorie-tracking app MyFitnessPal has launched a premium version of its service that brings an ad-free experience along with some added features.

MyFitnessPal Premium runs $9.99 per month, or $49.99 a year, and removes advertisements, adds premium content such as original recipes and meal plans, and lets subscribers jump ahead in line for customer support.

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17 hours ago

Collections begin arriving on Google+, lets you group your posts by topic


Google+ is getting yet another new feature, Collections, which allows you to group your posts by topic.

Collections is the latest feature to be added to Google+, allowing you to group your posts by topic instead of posting at random. Grouping posts by topic is nothing new; Pinterest has been doing it for quite some time, and this feature brings a very similar feel.

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18 hours ago

In pictures: LG G4 versus Nexus 6

LG G4 and Nexus 6

How does the biggest Nexus phone we've seen thus far compare to the latest from LG? Bigger phone is still bigger.

Behold, the new LG G4 alongside the venerable Nexus 6. Neither is what we'd call a small smartphone — the G4 display is 5.5 inches. But as often is the case when we've put anything up against the latest Nexus, Motorola's monster definitely towers over it.

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