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9 hours ago

Xiaomi's Mi Drone is a 4K quadcopter that retails for $460


Xiaomi isn't shy about venturing into new segments, and that is exactly what the Chinese manufacturer did earlier today with the launch of its first drone. The Mi Drone is a quadcopter with a ball-shaped camera that can shoot 4K videos, all for ¥2,999 ($460). There's also a variant that offers a 1080p camera, which will retail for ¥2,499 ($380).

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11 hours ago

Latest 2016 Moto X leak suggests exciting swappable back modules may be coming


Details on the 2016 variant of Motorola's Moto X (or is it Moto Z?) line are scant, but the latest one is both exciting and fitting with earlier looks at the new hardware. The new image shows three accessories that presumably clip onto the back of the new Moto X, which aligns nicely with original leaks that show an array of pogo pins on the back that could let such a set of modules attach and augment the phone.

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14 hours ago

Google announces winners of the Android Experiments I/O Challenge


Google has just announced the winners of its Android Experiments I/O Challenge.

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15 hours ago

University students take on 360-degree video with VR film contest


As the interest round VR and 360-degree video heats up, students from the Rhode Island School of Design and New York University are competing in a "first-of-its-kind" VR film contest.

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16 hours ago

Pattern your home screen this Wallpaper Wednesday


Don't let your home screen fall into a rut — switch out your wallpaper!

You don't have to pull out a complex new theme like Deadpool to bring a breath of fresh air to your home screen. A new wallpaper can do wonders, and launchers like Action Launcher can re-theme your entire home screen around a good wallpaper. In our effort to help brighten your device — and maybe your day — we're compiling some wallpapers for you to try out.

If you've got a wallpaper you use everywhere, share it in the comments below! We're always looking for something new. Now get your wallpaper picker ready and see what's in store this week.

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19 hours ago

Verizon is currently offering $100 off the HTC 10


Verizon is currently offering $100 off the HTC 10 when you purchase it on a new device payment plan. You will need to make your purchase online, but Verizon is also waiving the activation fee online, and shipping is free. Normally, Verizon charges $648 for the phone, so with this savings you'll be able to grab one for $548.

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19 hours ago

Opera Mini review

Opera Mini review

Are a few new features and data savings enough to make you switch?

Opera Mini for Android is first and foremost for those of you who want and/or need to conserve data, just like its "bigger" counterpart, Opera Max. Maybe you have a very limited allotment or maybe you're on a pay-as-you-go plan. Either way, Opera Mini's High and Extreme data saving modes can save you gigs and cash.

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19 hours ago

Snapseed update makes it easy to copy recent edits between images


A fresh update is rolling out to photo editing app Snapseed, bringing along an easier way to apply the same edits across multiple photos.

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20 hours ago

Sonos is offering up to $140 in gift cards with purchases to celebrate Father's Day


Sonos is running a new promotion for Father's Day on both its own website and Amazon. At either location, you can score a free gift card (amounts vary depending on what you buy) with your purchase. Sonos is offering up to a $50 gift card while Amazon is offering up to $140 when buying a whole system.

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20 hours ago

Google I/O 2016: In pictures

Shoreline Amphitheater

A unique photo tour of Google's biggest, most spectacular developer event yet.

Google changed the game with its I/O 2016 conference, held last week in Northern California. In contrast to the traditional indoor conference of past years, the outdoor, festival-themed event brought not just the usual sessions and presentations, but quirky demo areas outdoor meeting spaces.

As such, the traditional firehose of news posts doesn't quite convey the spirit of this year's I/O, and so we've put together an extensive photo tour of this year's developer festival. Read on to get a look at I/O 2016 from the inside.

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21 hours ago

Google is building a self-driving car development center near Detroit


Google is currently constructing a self-driving car development center in Novi, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. The location happens to be in the backyard of Motor City, which is where GM and other large car companies also have production facilities.

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21 hours ago

Duo is Google's attempt at the most human video chat service ever


Video chat needs to escape its current social limitations, and Duo is the first attempt.

The act of communicating in real time through video hasn't really changed in nearly 20 years. Two devices with the same software initiate a connection, you wait for the video to load, and if you're lucky the connection is good enough for a conversation to happen at a close to real world cadence. The technology surrounding video chat has changed in amazing ways, but the act of starting that conversation and having that conversation remains mostly the same.

For years we've been sold on the idea that smartphones with great front-facing cameras would enable the ability to simply pick up your phone and call someone through video, but rarely does that experience go smoothly even between two people who are familiar with how the tech works.

This is where Google wants its new video service, Duo, to shine. Google is positioning Duo to make video chat a human experience, and from what we've seen so far they might just pull it off.

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22 hours ago

Pokémon GO beta invites are going out to U.S. testers


Niantic Labs is now sending out invites in the U.S. to players who wanted to beta test its upcoming Pokémon GO augmented reality game.

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23 hours ago

Should you use the Android N Dev Preview 3 (Beta) on your phone and tablet?


Just because the status of the software has been upgraded doesn't mean it's ready for every phone or tablet. (But it is better.)

We knew plenty about Android N heading into Google I/O 2016, but most of us rightly stayed away from installing it on a main device due to its Developer Preview "alpha" status. There were bugs. It was unstable. Features were missing or broken. Even the die-hard Nexus fans had reason to stick with something more stable on their main phone or tablet.

But with the announcement that Android N is now available as a "beta" release, purportedly with daily use stability, is it time to load it up on the Nexus you carry in your pocket every day?

After using it on every compatible device ourselves, we have some definitive answers for you.

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1 day ago

TripAdvisor is offering a two month trial of Google Play Music for using its app


If you are not already a Google Play Music subscriber, you'll want to check out this offer from TripAdvisor. The travel planning company is offering two free months of the music streaming service just for checking out its Android app. That's right, download the app, tap on the Play Music badge and it will redirect you to the Play Music app for your two months of free service.

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