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6 years ago

HTC Gratia is announced, brings the Aria to Europe


 HTC Gratia

HTC today announced the Gratia, a new handset destined for Europe. The Gratia is basically an Aria, but the international version. (check our Aria review)

Aside from having the same specs as the Aria, the Gratia will release with Android 2.2 and unfortunately not include the new HTC Sense. It offers Europeans a solid, mid-range Android device to compliment the higher end Desire lineup.

Find the official announcement from HTC after the break. [via Phandroid]

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6 years ago

Sprint expanding 4G to New York, San Fransisco and Los Angeles


 More 4G!

WiMax is about to come to three of the largest cities in the United States, as Reuters is now reporting that Sprint, along with partner Clearwire, is planning to expand their 4G coverage to New York City, San Fransisco, and Los Angeles. New York will see the switch flipped on Nov. 1 - that's in less than two weeks for those keeping track. Los Angeles will be next on Dec. 1, followed by San Fransisco "around the end of December."

We are sure Sprint would just love to open up these huge new markets just in time for the massive buy-a-thon that is Christmas. Sprint said awhile back that it wanted 4G to blanket 120 million by the year's end, and these new additions should go a long way to putting it over the top. Sound off in the comments if you plan on having your face blown away by 4G in one of the new cities. [Reuters]

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6 years ago

Android plays big in T-Mobile's net neutrality arguments


T-Mobile's G1

Net neutrality is more than just one of the current industry buzzwords, and according to T-Mobile, Android is smack dab in the middle of it all.  After reading a great article over at Fierce Wireless, I got to thinking about just how the outcome of the whole net neutrality issue can and will affect Android as a platform.  Hit the break to see my thoughts on the whole issue -- as well as an interesting tale about how some badly coded app nearly took down T-Mo's network. [FierceWireless]

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6 years ago

HTC Desire Z coming soon to Bell



It looks like our friends over at Bell Canada will getting the HTC Desire Z soon. Bell has created a new page on their site for people who want to sign up and recieve more info about HTC's new slider phone. No word as to when the phone will actually hit though. And that's why you should sign up, right? [Bell]

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6 years ago

Crackle launches first full movie service application on Android



Part of being on the go all the time is learning to deal with delays, and being properly prepared for them. Sometimes you are caught off guard and only have your Android device with you while stuck between locations and at times games just don't cut it. While on the go, TV shows and movies can be far more entertaining then a game, and until just recently there was no way to accomplish watching these on your Android device easily.

Crackle is a great application that allows users to download and watch movies and tv shows right from their device for a small monthly fee. $4.99 will get you one month of unlimited service, $12.99 for three months, and $24.99 for six months of unlimited service. Users can download the free application to browse the selection that is available and then chose to upgrade right from within the application. If you enjoy movies and tv shows, and carry your Android device with you everywhere you go, be sure to check this application out for those times you are stuck with nothing else to do. [Crackle]

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6 years ago

Motorola Flipout available today on AT&T


Motorola Flipout

Been waiting for the Motorola Flipout on AT&T? It's available today (just like Android Guys said it would be) for $79.99 on two-year contract, or $349 outright. Either way, no messy rebates to deal with, which is nice. Go back and check out our Flipout hands-on from CTIA if you're still on the fence, the pull the trigger and get your flip on. [AT&T]

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6 years ago

Froyo (2.2.1) leaked and modded for the Motorola Milestone [video]


Milestone leaked froyo -- about Milestone Froyo leak, quadrant

As proof that you can't keep a hacker from besting anything you design, the G.O.T. team wrangled themselves a leak of the upcoming Android 2.2.1 update for the Motorola Milestone, made it better, stronger, and faster, and then released it for the community long before Motorola and the carriers ever will.  And as you can see from the benchmark above, they did an amazing job on the year-old hardware.  In the words of someone who's been running it for a bit "I've been running it for 6 hrs now with no problem. And it's really fast!!"

A few things do need saying here -- there doesn't appear to be a version available for the Cellular South Milestone, and the installation instructions aren't for the timid -- thank the locked-down bootloader for that one fellas.  Have a look at the source link and digest the instructions and decide for yourself if its something you can work out.  There's video (in Korean) of it in action after the break.  [G.O.T.] Thanks for the tip, Sean!

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6 years ago

Verizon's Q4 global lineup: HTC Merge, Droid Pro, LG enV Pro, Droid 2 Global


Verizon Global lineup

We've had our hands all over the HTC Merge, but we haven't really heard when it's due on Verizon. Looks like the fourth quarter may be pretty well nailed down (along with the "Merge" name), at least according to this leak that just hit our inbox.

Four Android smartphones -- "world phones" that will work on Verizon in the United States as well as on networks overseas -- are listed as coming in the fourth quarter. There's the aforementioned HTC Merge, the Motorola Droid Pro (see our hands-on at CTIA), the Droid 2 Global (which is still unannounced but pops up from time to time) and the LG enV Pro (largely a rumor until now).

Of course, this is still subject to change, and we don't actually know release dates, so stay tuned, folks.

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6 years ago

Motorola Cliq to receive 2.1 update soon


Cliq 2.1 update

The Motorola Cliq is set to receive the Eclair (2.1) OTA update in a couple weeks, as the T-Mobile employee training guide for updating has leaked out. No word yet on specific dates, but Cliq users should be happy that they will finally receive 2.1. 

Even though there are no dates, there is some information Cliq users should be aware of. The update will require 30MB of internal memory as well as 100MB on the SD card. The update should also take about an hour to complete. (Unlikely, but that's what they say.)

We will keep you updated with the more information we hear. Rest assured Cliq users, Eclair is coming! [TmoNews]

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6 years ago

Ice Cream to follow Honeycomb in the Android dessert lineup, Forbes says


Ice Cream will be the version of Android following Honeycomb, Forbes reported today. We haven't even gotten to Gingerbread yet, but that doesn't mean we can't look to the future. 

Google has taken to naming different iterations of Android after desserts, in alphabetical order. Beginning at "C," we've had Cupcake, Donut, Eclair and Froyo. Gingerbread and Honeycomb have been confirmed to be next and are expected to be announced later this year and early next year, respectively. Google has not said anything about what delicious desserts will follow Honeycomb, but that doesn't prevent hardware partners from doing so. 

Tudor Brown, the President of ARM, mentioned the codename to Elizabeth Woyke of Forbes. ARM, which manufacturers processors, integrates with a wide variety of electronic devices, many of which run Android; in other words, he would be in the know about future Android versions. 

All that said, we haven't really had an official official announcement from Google about anything past Froyo, so we'll just have to see. [Forbes] Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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6 years ago

New HTC Lexikon RUU leaks, is Verizon HTC Merge just around the corner?


Verizon Merge

Our favorite Muscovite Football leaked out the latest HTC Lexikon RUU (that's geek-speak for the Verizon Merge), so I just had fire up lil' Hal and get to cracking it open.  What's better than spending a Friday evening with your main squeeze having dinner and seeing a movie?  Sitting in a basement, slugging down diet Mountain Dew and tearing into leaked Android software, of course!  There are no big surprises -- it looks like it's still "old" HTC Sense, is Binged out with search and maps, and all your favorite VerizonWare is on board. That's all stuff we've seen in our exclusive hands-on preview and video walkthrough with the Merge (whose name might still change).

What is music to my ears is that this appears to be a full release version of the software, so the engineers at Verizon and HTC might be done with this one and it's ready for Big Red to decide to start selling it.  If you're like me and are compelled to tinker, grab the RUU from the source link. [XDA-Developers]

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6 years ago

GetJar says Angry Birds release drove traffic some 8 to 10 times higher


 Angry Birds

The decision to initially publish the full version of Angry Birds this morning on instead of the Android Market raised a few eyebrows, and it showed what can happen when an immensely popular Android app doesn't have the might of Google's servers behind it. GetJar went down almost immediately, leaving us all scrambling for mirrors and apks.

Just how bad was the traffic crush? GetJar says traffic was eight to 10 times higher than a normal daily load, and it could see 10 million hits by the end of the day -- far more than its usual 3 million. Chris Dury writes on the GetJar Developer Blog:

"In the past few months, we’ve built the team up to nearly 60 people and we’ve been focused on scalability on many fronts. We were unfortunately not done yet, and couldn’t handle 8x to 10x higher peak load. GetJar normally does 3 million downloads a day and we may have hit more than 10 million today if all went well. In 2 weeks, we’ll complete many of the scalability projects, and we’ll be able to manage 10+ million downloads a day."

The popularity of Angry Birds was only bolstered by today's down time, to be sure. You can look at the decision to (attempt to) publish exclusively with GetJar as a damning of the Android Market. But you can't deny there likely was a mad dash to Angry Birds up in the Market just as soon as things went sour. [GetJar Developer Blog]

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6 years ago

Droid 2 bug allows anyone to make calls at passcode screen [updated -- Droid X, too]


A little security bug apparently is plaguing the the Motorola Droid 2. Tipped off to the lads at BGR, the bug allows anyone to activate Google's Voice Action feature when the phone is locked with a security passcode. While holding the search icon (the little magnifying glass), users can essentially bypass the security screen and tell the phone to dial a number, or any of the other commands. All this is done without any visual cues or audio cues.  We're not on red alert here, but it's something that should be fixed. Make the jump to see it in video form. [Boy Genius Report]

Update: Kellex over at Droid-Life shows us that this happens exactly the same on the Droid X, even when running custom ROMs on either phone.  He's whipped up another great video showing all the ugly action.  Be sure to check it out. [Droid-Life]

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