4 years ago

Nexus One photographed with what looks like Android 2.1, running on T-Mobile


Not that there's any doubt what the Nexus One looks like, but there's a nice fat gallery of the phone over at Engadget, and it's very much running on T-Mobile, and it's very much running Android 2.1. New appears to be a grid icon at the bottom of the home screen, which likely is just new UI candy for the drawer. Engadget also notes a quick-start link that points to a currently dead page at google.com/phone/support. Check out their entire gallery. [Engadget]

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4 years ago

Nexus One slips through the FCC, brings T-Mobile 3G with it


And ... Lookie what's slipped through the FCC. The ol' Nexus One. There's been a big of a tiff over exactly what U.S. 3G bands are on board, but T-Mobile is definitely there at 1700MHz. Still up for debate is whether AT&T's 850MHz and 1900MHz are supported for 3G, though it does look good for EDGE. But that would take some wind out of the "one phone to rule them all" argument.

Otherwise, the standard WiFi b/g, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and MicroSD slots are there, and we learn that the FCC model number is PB99100.

Stay tuned, folks. Undoubtedly there's more to come.

[FCC (2) (3) via Engadget]

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4 years ago

HTC Legend brings AMOLED, Snapdragon goodness


Welcome back, to the land of sunshine and smartphone renders. Today we have another look at the HTC "Legend," which we first saw in that massive HTC leak a week ago. Now we have a much better render to go along with it, courtesy of ai.rs. And here are the specs, to refresh:

  • Size: 112x56.3.11.5mm
  • 3.2-inch HVGA AMOLED capacitive touchscreen.
  • 5-megapixel camera with autofocus, LED flash.
  • 512MB flash, 256MB RAM.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon processor at 600MHz.
  • 1300mAh battery.
  • MicroSD.
  • Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR.
  • aGPS.
  • G-sensor.
  • FM radio.
  • Optical mouse.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • MicroUSB for charging/sunc.
  • People II/Footprints II.

A few things of note here. One: AMOLED screen. Yum. Another: The trackball's given way to an optical mouse, which means no moving parts to break down. The Snapdragon processor is only at 600MHz, compared to the full 1GHz we're seeing elsewhere. But if it can keep up, then we can overlook the underclocking.

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4 years ago

Who will sell the Nexus One?


One giant question regarding the almighty Nexus One/Google phone is which carrier -- if any -- will be selling the darn thing. The prospect of the phone being sold sans carrier is alluring, if it's available in both CDMA and GSM flavors, and with 3G support for all.
That's fairly simple on the CDMA side. But on GSM -- and we're talking AT&T and T-Mobile here -- there are radio frequency problems at work. AT&T uses the 850MHz and 1900MHz frequencies for 3G (and it's been switching everything to 850MHz of late), while T-Mobile is the only U.S. carrier to use 1700MHz. And that basically defeats one of the main reasons we love being able to swap SIM cards.

Now, back to how the Nexus One may be sold. Say carriers aren't involved. For as often as we wish they'd keep their cotton-pickin' hands off hardware, you can't deny their advertising power. To wit: The recent war between Verizon and AT&T, and Verizon's Droid ads. HTC, as a manufacturer, has recently begun advertising. But other than that, all the PR money comes from the carriers. T-Mobile has Whoopi and Jessie and Phil (and don't forget Catherine). And Sprint has done more than its fair share of advertising in the past couple years.

So, if Google goes it alone, with no carrier support, it would have to break into the advertising game. And despite its worldwide domination in the online advertising world, it's never done its own advertising before. (It was a big deal when Google even mentioned the Droid on the otherwise Spartan Google.com home page.)

Now there's word that T-Mobile's in play. And there's also whispering that Verizon passed on the Nexus One. [both via All Things D] Remember that there's long been talk that Verizon passed up the iPhone. If the Nexus One turns out to be a hit, that could be a gaffe that's at least in the same ballpark.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves here. All we know right now is that a lot of Google employees have a new phone. We don't know whether it's in mass production, what it ultimately will be called (Nexus One's like a code name, and Google phone and Opus One us totally unofficial), and when it might see the light of day.

But you can bet that as soon as we know, you will, too.

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4 years ago

Best of Smartphone Experts, 13 Dec 2009

4 years ago

Google has in-house holiday game for Nexus One


Who's ready for more Google phone news? Apparently the Big G has gotten into the holiday spirit with a Nexus One (that's the supposed code name, btw), with an online game that only shows up at android.com/holidays if your browser identifies itself as the one of the Nexus One. As you know, Google employees were given the phone to dogfood as internal testing.

Of course, browser IDs -- or User Agents, as they're known in the biz -- are easy to spoof. And so, you get what we see above. A little memory game. How quaint.

See you in a few hours with more Nexus One news, no doubt.

[via Nexus One Blog]

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4 years ago

Droid update, Eris update, Google phone and other gadgets and platforms


From the Forums is a great way to get the inside scoop of what's going on within our forums. To participate you must first register. To do so it is free and will only take a moment of your time, so what are you waiting for?

See you in the forums!

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4 years ago

Picture Of Nexus One aka Google Phone Pops Up



Thank you Twitter. Or more specifically, thank you Cory O'Brien's Twitter for snapping a picture of the Nexus One aka Google Phone and posting it for all to see. The Nexus One (doesn't exactly roll off the tongue) looks exactly like the HTC Passion/Dragon we saw months ago, which gives credence to the idea that the Google Phone is simply a re-branded HTC Passion/Dragon.

Interestingly enough however is that the 4 Android hardware buttons are in a different order from what we previously saw in HTC-built Android devices. The one above goes 'Back, Menu, Home, Search' while the one that originally popped up went 'Home, Menu, Back, Search'. Other HTC devices are ordered like the latter, so it's a noteworthy switch. Delving deeper, the menu button carries the same look as the Motorola Droid, unlike HTC devices which have simply said 'menu'.

The details don't particularly have to stay consistent with HTC's previous efforts, given it's supposed to be a Google branded phone and not a HTC branded one, but it's definitely something worth pointing out. Either way, the design of the Nexus One basically hinges on the quality of the screen, if it's amazing the look is amazing, if it's not, well let's not go down that route yet. What do you guys think?

[via engadget]

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4 years ago

Google phone is called the Nexus One, newspaper reports


What, thought we'd go the rest of the night without more Google phone rumors? Nahhhh. The Wall Street Journal — Apple's Google's PR company — says the fabled phone, now in the hands of a good number of Google employees, will be dubbed Nexus One and sold unlocked sometime next year. HTC again is said to be the manufacturer. Other than that, not a lot of meat there. You may now go about your Saturday evening. [WSJ (pay site) via Phonescoop]

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4 years ago

Qik releases Android update, officially brings high-res recording


Good news for those of you who love video (we're told it's all the rage with the kids these days): Qik has officially released version 0.1.56, bringing 720x480-pixel recording to its Android app and, more specifically, the Droid.

Previously in an invite-only beta, that means that you can use your Droid, which already captures video at DVD res. But now you can do so through the Qik interface. Also, the new version is easier on your battery, which is always a good thing.

If you were using the beta version, be sure to uninstall it first before installing this one. And peep Qik's demo video after the break. [Qik blog]

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