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5 years ago

Droid Pro update now available, brings slew of bugfixes and improvements


Droid Pro updateDroid Pro update

A update for the Motorola Droid Pro is now available for all users, but does not seem to be pushing quite yet. Good news is you can install it yourself. The changelog for version 2.26.60 is as follows:

  • Improved audio on voice calls.
  • Improved stability and performance.
  • User interface display now refreshes when user switches from GSM/UMTS communication to Global Mode.
  • Device now prepends 011 to Country Code to send SMS messages.
  • Global Mode no longer resets when connecting to a USB charger.
  • Visual Voice Mail now detects airplane mode while Wi-Fi is active.
  • Prompt return to full screen brightness after wake-up.
  • Upgraded Bluetooth firmware.
  • Improved interoperability with Microsoft Internet Application Gateway (IAG) configurations.
  • Device string format for Exchange changed to include device name and version number.
  • Upgrade to Google applications Release 7
  • Improved audio during voice calls.
  • Reduced user interface lock-ups.

Run, do not walk, into Menu > Settings > About Phone > System Updates to download the update manually. Rooted users are reporting that the update removes root, but that z4root works just fine afterward. Get the full rundown at the source link. [Android Central Forums] Thanks, Ron!

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5 years ago

HTC Thunderbolt: The first to 4G, again



Hmmmm. According to this picture on HTC's mobile site, the manufacturer will be unveiling a new 4G phone on Jan. 6. Hmmmm. And according to my ridiculously overloaded CES schedule, Verizon's having a press conference Jan. 6, where they'll talk about LTE handsets. Hmmmm. Plus there's that HTC Thunderbolt (aka the Mecha and/or Incredible HD) that's been dogging us for weeks now.

So, we've got Verizon, LTE and HTC as "The first to 4G, again." Hmmmm, indeed! You can sign up for text message notification of whatever it is (*cough* Thunderbolt) at the source link. [HTC via Android Central Forums]

Update: Folks, this is a legit HTC site. If it wasn't, we would have said so. Dunno why people are saying otherwise.

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5 years ago

Blur 3.0 update for the Droid 2 leaked and customized


Droid 2 leak

If you have a rooted Droid 2, you're going to love this.  Team BlackHat has released version 3.0.0 of Froyo for the Droid 2, completely deodexed, with Busybox installed, rooted and ready to go.  This one is available to all, for free and you can grab it at the source link.  Better hurry, you know how Motorola feels about this sort of thing.  For those of you who have the TBH app, just use it to grab this one instead.  It's in format, and is ready to flash from either ClockWork Mod or SPrecovery. 

Once you get it up and running, let us know how it's working out for you in the Droid 2 forums. [MyDroidWorld]

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5 years ago

Market gets new app categories, AT&T users can charge apps to bills


Charge Android apps to AT&T bill

Google just announced that AT&T customers with Android phones can now charge apps to their AT&T bills. (That's something T-Mobile customers have been able to do for a while now.) So if you have an Android smartphone on AT&T, you'll soon have an updated Market app that lets you charge apps to your bill. Huzzah.

Also, Google mentions that new app categories are live, including "Media and Video," "Music and Audio," "Business" and "Sports," among others. Look for the AT&T billing and new categories with your updated version of the Android Market app. [Google]

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5 years ago

Verizon Thunderbolt actually is the LTE Incredible HD/Mecha?


Verizon Thunderbolt

The name "Thunderbolt" has been whispered for a little while now in regards to the phone that we've been calling the HTC Incredible HD or the Mecha. And it looks like Droid-Life has heard that as well, so we might well see the Verizon Thunderbolt (or will it be Droid Thunderbolt?) in the coming weeks. It's also mentioned that the Thunderbolt may carry the ADR6400 designation, which would sequentially follow the original Droid Incredible, which is ADR6300.

So whatcha think? Would the Verizon Thunderbolt be a better name than Incredible HD? Hate to see the Incredible name die after one phone, 'cause it's a hell of a phone, but Thunderbolt would certainly fit in with Big Red's whole LTE-lightning mantra.

And besides, think of all the horrible headlines that inevitably would be written: "Thunderbolt strikes Verizon!" or "LTE's quick as a flash on the Thunderbolt!" and so on an so forth. Feel free to use either of those. We've got plenty. [Droid-Life] More in the rumored devices forums

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5 years ago

Verizon Samsung LTE device outed, sporting front-facing camera


Samsung Verizon LTE Android phone

When it rains LTE devices, it pours, apparently. Above is what purportedly is a Samsung LTE device on Verizon. Gizmodo's tipster notes that it's running Touchwiz atop Android 2.2.1, and that Bing is nowhere to be found.  There's also a front-facing camera, which would be a first for Verizon.

Yes, folks. LTE phones are coming. Soon. Simmer down -- CES will be upon us all too soon. [Gizmodo]

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5 years ago

Nexus S gets its first OTA update


Nexus S

Just six short days after its release, the Nexus S is getting its first over-the-air update, bringing the system to GRH78.  The update apparently "contains important bug fixes plus the latest version of Maps."

If you don't feel like waiting for the OTA (and who does?) here's the manual method.  Note you'll need to be using the stock recovery image if you want to go this route.

  • Download the file from Google right here
  • Rename it to, and place it on the root of your internal storage
  • Shut down your phone, and reboot into the bootloader by holding volume up and powering back on
  • Use the volume buttons to choose "recovery" from the list, and select it with the power button
  • When you see the triangle on your screen, press volume up and power once more and you'll have a list of options, choose to update

Now we get to tear it apart and try to find what has changed, discuss it all in the Nexus S forums. Thanks mojonation1487!

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5 years ago

Firefox 4 beta for Android is updated


Firefox for Android

The Firefox browser for Android (aka Fennec) is still in the beta stages, but beta 3 was just shipped with a number of fixes and improvements. They include:

  • Improved support for Android keyboards, both hardware and on-screen
  • New Android-style menus
  • Fixed a bug in opening links from other apps
  • Support for uploading files
  • "Save as PDF" command in the site menu
  • Fixed rendering of Arabic and Farsi text (on devices with Arabic/Farsi fonts installed)

Slowly but surely, it's coming along, and the install size is at 13MB, for those of you worried about such things. The folks at Mozilla recommend uninstalling any previous betas before this one.  [Mozilla via Android Central Forums]

Update: Mozilla's Madhava Enros has done a really good walkthrough of the beta. Check it out.

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5 years ago

Gingerbread feature: The Android 2.3 keyboard


Android 2.3 keyboard

On any phone without a physical set of keys, the on-screen keyboard is one of the most important parts of the operating system.  Android has a leg-up over other platforms here, as third-party replacement keyboards (like the crowd favorite Swype) are easy to install, and many of them are excellent in their own right.

That doesn't mean the keyboard that comes with the operating system should be a slouch, though.  With Gingerbread (Android 2.3 for those keeping score at home), Google has really outdone itself.  The new multitouch keyboard is easy to use, offers most everything we've been asking for, and is a huge improvement over the previous versions.

You don't have to wait for your phone to get it's Gingerbread upgrade to try it out, either.  XDA member hotaru has worked a little magic and you can load up the Gingerbread keyboard on most any device running Android 2.1 or higher -- check that out right here, and check out the video of it in action after the break.

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5 years ago

10 LauncherPro Plus licenses up for grabs

LauncherPro Plus by Federico Carnales.

It wouldn't be the holiday season without us offering up some free goodies for our readers, so many thanks to Federico Carnales for his participation in this giveaway.

LauncherPro -- one of the most popular replacement launchers for Android, and one that I use exclusively -- provides for a ton of customizations to your home screen. With LauncherPro, you can apply custom icons, use up to seven home screens, tweak your app drawer settings, add up to 15 apps or shortcuts in a scrollable dock, and much more.  I've tried several home replacement apps, and some may offer more in terms of customization (re: themes), but LauncherPro's silky-smooth animations and UI are what keep it installed on my Evo.

Head into the forums and post in this thread for your chance to win.

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5 years ago

Droid 2 Global update begins rolling out


That OTA for the Droid 2 Global we talked about the other day looks to be rolling out right on schedule, as we just got a report from a reader who is now running version 2.4.330 on his world enabled flavor of Droid goodness.  It's a bit too soon to see if all the fixes work as intended, but we've got out fingers crossed.

If you have a D2G and are waiting patiently, or already got the update and have some thoughts to share, get into the forums and discussThanks Mike for the tip!

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5 years ago

Howard Stern channels have gone live on Sirius XM for Android


Howard Stern on Android

A couple weeks ago, Howard Stern inked a new contract with Sirius that enabled him to broadcast on mobile devices, including Android. What was unknown was when his channels would be made available. See where this is going? The Stern channels have gone live on the Sirius XM app for Android!.

If you're interested, go into your Sirius XM app and browse or search for Stern, then you're ready to listen to the controversial personality. Thanks, Jay and Gary!

For more on the Sirius XM app, check out our Applications Forum

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5 years ago

Another shot of the HTC Incredible HD appears


HTC Incredible HD 4G

It was only yesterday that we saw leaked pictures of the rumored HTC Incredible HD 4G for Verizon. Gizmodo now has another front picture of the device (not much different than the one we had a month ago) that is obviously sporting 4G LTE.

An increase in the amount of leaked pictures is hopefully a good sign that we'll see this device actually be announced soon. [Gizmodo] More in our rumored devices forums

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5 years ago

Eleven new games join OpenFeint army (Also: enter to win their holiday giveaway)


FaceFight Gold for Android

OpenFeint -- the gaming network that lets you compete against your friends on other platforms -- has added 11 new titles to its roster. They are (and links to go AppBrain, if available, or you can find them in OpenFeint's Game Spotlight app.):

That makes 158 or so games that are now OpenFeint-enabled. And if you download any of the above games between Dec. 23 and Dec. 25, you'll be entered to win one of two gift cards, or a Barnes & Noble Nook Color. Not too shabby.

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5 years ago

Gameloft's Hero of Sparta free today


Gameloft's Hero of Sparta -- free for 24 hours.

Just like I predicted earlier this month, Gameloft is offering up another one of their high quality Android games -- Hero of Sparta -- absolutely free.  But you gotta act quick, because the giveaway ends in less than 24 hours.

Featuring eight levels to explore in full 3D, Hero of Sparta provides an excellent action/adventure experience on your Android phone.  It's not available in the market, so you'll have to hit this page to see if your device is compatible, and begin your free download.

While you're over there, make sure you check out some of their other HD Android titles.  Most (possibly all) of their games come with a trial version that can be unlocked for $4.99.

Check out a trailer for Hero of Sparta after the break.  [Gameloft]

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