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5 years ago

Comcast Xfinity Android app first look


Comcast Xfinity Android App

Waiting on the Comcast Xfinity Android app and tired of seeing it on the iPhone and iPad? No worries. We've got you covered. Here it is running on the venerable Sprint Hero. We're told it's plenty snappy and has the myDVR management built in, which is nice.

We still don't know exactly when it'll be available for Android, but it's currently in testing, so that's a good sign. We've got more pics of it in action after the break. [Xfinity] Thanks, anon!

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5 years ago

HTC named 'Technology Brand of the Year' by UK's T3 magazine



HTC has been on quite a roll this past year, and UK-based T3 (a technology and gadgets magazine) has rewarded the company with their prestigious "Technology Brand of the Year" award. Editor Luke Peters cited "solid handset performance" alongside a "determined yet humble brand personality" as leading reasons for the award, which doesn't come as a surprise as the company has nabbed smartphone of the year awards the past two years (HTC Hero last year, HTC Desire this year). Last year's brand was none other than Google's Android OS, so HTC is certainly in good company. "Quietly Brilliant", indeed. [HTC]

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5 years ago

Giorgio Armani and Samsung set to release a Galaxy S handset, will carry hefty price [from the forums]


Giorgio Armani Galaxy S

The Galaxy S phones keep coming, as a device has popped up showing off the Giorgio Armani brand name. From the pictures the phone looks exactly the same as the Captivate, which is the AT&T version of the device. To differentiate it from the rest of the bunch, it seems that it will release with some more multimedia options pre-installed along with the trendy props users will get once sporting a phone with the Giorgio Armani name. As expected, it will carry a hefty price tag, rumored to be €700. If you are a huge fan of Giorgio Armani and Android, your dreams are about to come true. Hands-on video's after the break. [via Engadget]

More on the Armani Galaxy S in the Android Central Forums

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5 years ago

LG Star: Dual-core Tegra 2 in 2011


LG Star

We've always said that its U.S. offerings notwithstanding, LG really can crank out smartphone hardware when it wants to -- see the Optimus Z for a current example. What's coming next? Why, that's a 4-inch dual-core Tegra 2 phone you see above you, according to Engadget's tipster. It's sporting an 8-megapixel camera, front-facing camera, 1500mAh battery, 1080p video recording -- and needs to be in my hands, like, now. OK, OK. But it's said to be coming in early 2011, so here's to hoping it makes an appearance at CES in January. [Engadget]

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5 years ago

Android Central & Android Fan Store sticker giveaway! [contest]


Android Central & Android Fan Store giveaway.

Sometime early last week I decided it was time to add a bit of Android flare to my car.  After a quick bit of Googling, I came across Android Fan Store.  In search of a vinyl Android bumper sticker, I began browsing their inventory, looked at some buyer feedback, and within minutes had placed an order for this guy here, in the 6.5" x 5.55" flavor.  Five days and $6.32 later, it arrived in my mailbox (along with a couple free stickers, one of which being a four-inch CyanogenMod logo).  I (carefully) tore into the envelope like a kid on Christmas, and shortly after, had its contents stuck to the rear window of my car.

Android window sticker.

I was so impressed by the quality of the decals, added freebies, low cost, and speedy free shipping, that I simply had to share these stickers with our awesome readers.  So that's what we're going to do.

Android Fan Store and Android Central have teamed up to give away some assorted Android stickers and decals to three lucky forum members.  Not only that, but one of the three winners will also receive an Android t-shirt!  They may even surprise the winners with some extra goodies as well, so don't drag your feet!  

How to enter?

All you've gotta do is head over to the forums, reply to this thread, and tell us where you'd place your Android stickers.  They come in varying sizes and colors, so let's see what you've got.  Good luck! Contest ends at 11:59 p.m. EST Saturday, Nov. 20

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5 years ago

Meet Google Hotpots -- (Local hot spots, only missing a letter)


Google Hotpots

Tucked into Google's official blog post on the most recent update to Google Maps is a little bit about Google Hotpots. No, we didn't misspell that. Head to and you can rate local places -- restaurants and the like -- from the safety and comfort of your Web browser. And they go with your on your smarpthone, too.

There's a five-star rating system and smiley-face/frowny-face options on food, service, atmosphere and value. Next step: Check-ins. (By the way: If you're even in Pensacola, don't miss McGuire's.) [Google Lat-Long blog]

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5 years ago

Google Maps, Street View updated


Google Maps update

Google Maps just got itself a little update to Version 4.7. And as you can see above, you can now rate plates (as in Google Places) to get personalized recommendations, and add a widget to your home screen to make it that much quicker. (How long before you let us check in, Google?) Street View also got itself a little bump, which is nice. We'll have to poke around this one and see if there are anymore Gingerbread Easter eggs, too. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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5 years ago

LG Optimus One sells 1 million units in its first 40 days


LG Optimus One

LG has announced that the sales of its Optimus One (check out our hands-on) line has hit the 1 million mark -- in just 40 days.  That's a huge milestone, and it's worth noting the phone hasn't hit the shelves on Verizon just yet (though variants are on Sprint and T-Mobile).  Ask anyone who has used one, and it's likely they won't be surprised.  It's an extremely solid phone, the software is well designed and works just as intended, and the price is right.  Add in a budding hacking community and the Optimus line is one worth looking at.  The full press release is after the break.

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5 years ago

Google Shopper updated to version 1.3 for better filters, featured lists


Here in the states, we are about a week-and-half away from one of largest shopping days in America: Black Friday. The day after people stuff their faces with Turkey, crowds of people bum rush retailers just to get that "big" TV or "in" toy for half price. But instead of running the risk of being trampled by raging soccer moms at 5 a.m., a wise team over at Google just made shopping a bit more easier. 

Google has just updated the Google Shopper app in the Android Market. The new update brings the app to version 1.3. As noted on the Google Mobile Blog, the update carries new search filters that allow users to filter by price and brand. In addition, the app now features -- well, a new "featured lists." The lists let you browse suggested gifts and let you know where the best place to get them at. So instead of trying to fend of some women swinging her purse at you for that microSD card -- remember, a Googler made shopping for the cheap deals a bit easier for you. [Google Mobile Blog]

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5 years ago

Sprint Galaxy Tab updated to address Exchage policy?


Sprint Galaxy Tab update

Sprint's version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab -- all of one day old at this point -- has already gotten its first over-their-air update. MR0 DJ30 "will address the Microsoft Exchange IT Admin policy compliance and SMS Short Code messaging." It's a 6.2-megabyte download and takes just a few minutes to download. Installation, however, has failed for myself and at least one other person. Not a huge deal, unless you're counting on this fix, and we'd rather an update ... you know ... not fail. Thanks, Chuck!

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5 years ago

Google CEO teases Gingerbread on Samsung Nexus S


Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Google CEO Eric Schmidt this afternoon gave a sneak peak at Gingerbread -- Android 2.3 -- on "an unannounced" Android device that sure looked a lot like the Samsung Nexus S. It's all going down as we type at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

Will we "get" Gingerbread today? Doesn't sound like it. Schmidt said Gingerbread is on its way "in the coming weeks." And as we've said before, we still have to see the SDK and what-not before it starts rolling out to phones, with the Nexus One likely among the first.

What there has been is a bunch of search talk, natch, plus a bunch on NFC, or near-field communication. Basically using your smartphone to complete real-world actions, such as payments. Exciting stuff, to be sure. Be we know what you nerds want. Gingerbread. [Web 2.0 Summit]

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5 years ago

Blogger teases time with Samsung i9100, MotoTab



You know how bloggers are -- gotta take us all with a grain of salt (and some of us more than others). But when Mobile-Review's Eldar Murtazin teases that he's seen something, chances are better than average that he's actually laid eyes on the unicorn. And that brings us to a couple of recent tweets. First was the one where he he mentioned playing with the Sony Ericsson Anzo and Samsung Galaxy 2 (or Galaxy s) i9100. An a tweet today says that Motorola's working on a 7-inch "Motopad" that will be the first to sport Honeycomb, which is believed to be Android 3.0.

Tweets -- even from Eldar -- are still usually a ways form us mere mortals having devices in-hand, so we'll see. [Twitter 1, 2]

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5 years ago

Bootlace creators bringing Froyo to iPhone 4, iPad


 OpeniBoot bringing Froyo to iPad?

If you found the news about the iPhone 3G running the latest version of Android depressing, you might want to stop reading now.  The team that brought us the OpeniBoot Bootlace for the iPhone 3G is working hard to bring Froyo to the iPhone 4 and iPad.  

OpeniBoot is an Application downloaded through the Cydia app store (Jailbroken devices only) that allows users to load unsigned code, such as Android, onto their iOS devices.  The application currently only works with the iPhone 2g, 3G, and first generation iPod touch, but should work on the iPad soon(tm).

 One more image and a short video after the break. [Via Redmond PieThanks Brad!

More at TiPb: OpeniBoot set to unleash Android on your iPad and iPhone 4
| Install Android on iPhone using Bootlace

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5 years ago

Droid Pro benchmarked, Samsung Galaxy Tab going strong and a new contest [from the forums]


Android Forums at Android Central

The forums are hot today, we're still talking about the Samsung Galaxy Tab as it spreads across carriers. Droid Pro benchmarks are in and the HTC Mecha/Incredible HD release date is certainly on our minds. Also, we got another great contest happening with more on the way! Join us in our discussions!

If you're not already a member of the Android Central forums, you can register your account today.

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5 years ago

Pulse news reader now free


Pulse Reader Now Free

Pulse, a popular news reader by Alphonso Labs, is now available for the low, low cost of free on your Android smartphone.  Pulse allows you to select up to 20 feeds and arrange them in an image-based grid.  Check out our Quick App Review.

Previously the app was available for 99 cents, but thanks in part to those who purchased the application, the development team had the time and resources needed to bring the app to it's current release.  If you're in the market for a news reader (or you just want to give another one a try) check out the video and market links after the break. [Alphonso Labs]

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